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Tornado Watch Extended

by ARLnow.com April 28, 2011 at 8:35 am 1,744 14 Comments

Update at 12:30 p.m. — The tornado watch has been canceled.

Arlington has been largely spared from the wild weather affecting points north, west and south of here. But the possibility for dangerous storms remains.

This morning the National Weather Service extended a regional tornado watch until 3:00 p.m.

  • CW

    Site notes (figured I’d put them here):

    1) Is there any way to make the comment hierarchy more pronounced? I find that due to some people having the member avatar thing and others being anonymous, the text doesn’t line up at all. The member logo will be way to the left of the start of the name of an anonymous commenter for the same level of hierarchy. If you look some of the comment chains for the pedestrian hit article, you will see what I mean. There is a comment by ben and a comment by NArl, both members. Ben’s comment has responses by anonymous posters, while NArl’s has a response by a member. Both should be at the same level of hierarchy, but the alignment is completely different on the page. Further down, there’s a (mean and nasty) comment by Susan, a reply by Beth, and a rebuttal by Susan. The rebuttal has Susan’s avatar to the left of Beth’s post, even though it’s subordinate in the hierarchy. Imagine once we get our first 300-comment (i.e. parking or towing-related) thread!

    2) Secondly, the login system is really really weird. I’ll enter my password and username, and then it will act like I didn’t log in. I’ve reset it, and there’s a screen where you type in the new PW. Then, IMMEDIATELY after you enter the new PW, it will take you to a slightly differently-formatted screen that will ask you to log in again. And there, it will reject the password that you just typed (or just keep loading that screen over and over). But then if you go to the home page, you’re magically logged in!

    • Tre

      I agree. Maybe if the non-member just have a black gray Avatar it will provide the visual cue so that the level of thread can be identified more easily.

      I also have the login issues

      • Tre

        let me correct my errors: “Maybe if the non-members just have a blank gray Avatar”

      • Dan

        “I also have the login issues”

        Have you tried therapy ??


        (sorry couldn’t resist)

        • Tre

          No, I just went straight to self treatment a la hard drugs

    • Skeptical

      Also, if we’re going to all this trouble to have logins, icons and so on, will photos or other graphics uploaded as member icons every show up on the site?

      I provided one according to the parameters and it was saved but seems not to be visible. If you’re paying for this software you’re paying too much.

      • Skeptical

        “Every” = “ever” oops

      • We use open source software, so we’re not paying anything for it. As stated before, we’re still adding functionality and fixing bugs. Consider this a “beta” version.

        • Josh S

          That explains it.

          So far, it’s no better than before, and perhaps worse.

        • Skeptical

          Well, knowing it’s free makes it easier to be patient even if we’re not paying the bills. Whose software?

          • Linux and WordPress, among others.

          • Skeptical

            Odd. I use WordPress extensively in another matter and find it not at all balky. It doesn’t involve exactly this kind of forum though.

            I was kind of looking forward to using an icon.

  • CrystalMikey

    Yeah, tornadoes and stuff.

  • Hello ,

    There are several types user and they use different strategies.
    so, its not a big issue dear its all depend on user as well as system.


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