Harry’s Tap Room in Pentagon City to Become Harry’s Smokehouse

by ARLnow.com April 29, 2011 at 10:48 am 6,969 20 Comments

Arlington’s favorite watering hole for midwestern tourists is getting a new identity.

Harry’s Tap Room at Pentagon City Mall (1100 S. Hayes Street) is being transformed into “Harry’s Smokehouse-Burgers & BBQ.” The newly-branded restaurant will get a menu makeover that will include in-house hickory-smoked spare ribs, pork butt, pork sausage, whole chickens, salmon and beef brisket, as well as “the area’s very best buttermilk fried chicken.”

Diners will get to choose from six different types of meat for their burger: Whitewood Farm corn fed beef, Grayson Farms grass fed beef, Whitewood Farms beef short rib burger, all natural bison burger, all natural turkey burger, and a vegetarian buckwheat chipotle burger.

“We are raising the bar in iconic American food,” Harry’s co-owner Michael Sternberg said in a statement. “We challenged Executive Chef Alex Reyes to create a menu based on a simple premise: really, really good burgers, barbeque, fried chicken and addicting sides. He has, and now we are opening a place dedicated to it.”

The change-over will happen on Tuesday, May 3. So far, no changes are planned for Harry’s Tap Room in Clarendon (2800 Clarendon Blvd).

  • OX4

    How’s about “Harry’s Heart Attack Shack”?

  • SoArlRes

    Hahaha! Midwestern tourists. 😀

    I like crowds usually, but when I was in P-city mall on Wednesday evening doing a little shopping, it was a mad house. All these tour bus groups seem to use the mall as a spot for school tour groups to kill time. It’s too much. It was hard to walk around in there.

  • CW

    Quick, somebody tell Steve!!!

    Oh, wait…

    • dynaroo

      Great minds think alike.

      Why would midwestern tourists come all the way to DC to eat the same stuff they eat at home? Someone send them to a Thai place or something. Or cupcakes – they don’t seem to have cupcakes where they come from, since they’ll wait in line for hours for one.

      • Idi Amin Dada

        And why the hell do they go to a shopping mall? “Let’s spend the money to go on vacation and do the EXACT SAME THING we do at home!”

  • dynaroo

    For a second I thought it was going to be a place where you could smoke. Sorry, steve.

  • Arlingtonian

    lmao at steve comments. the harry’s makeover sounds interesting … might encourage me to visit the mall for more than just the metro sometime

  • Rebecca

    ARLnow – do an investigative report on why tourists go to the mall instead of real tourist things.

    • Steve S

      From my experience living across the street from the Mall and working near Union Station, both locations are used by school groups as a place to eat rather than a place to shop. The food courts give out vouchers that the kids can use and it’s simply just easier for the schools to plan meals into their itineraries that way. Not to mention the dedicated bus parking along Hayes St.

      • PhilL

        Yeah, I thought that part was obvious. They go there to eat, not shop.

    • CW

      They go to the mall because that is where the buses throw them out.

  • Tim

    Is this the restaurant that Gordon Ramsay chose for the DC episode of Kitchen Nightmares? I’m not saying they serve bad food (never eaten there myself), it’s just that this kind of makeover seems like something Kitchen Nightmares would do.

  • Harry’s Clarendon

    I think harry’s in Clarendon could do much better by redoing their upstairs space….it’s cavernous and their lighting is too bright for night atmosphere dining. Just my thoughts.

  • Aaron

    Will the Harry’s Tap Room at DCA and IAD be following suit?

  • dynaroo

    “Midwestern tourists” and “pork butt” in the same story. Well done, Scott.

  • Pikester

    “Diners will get to choose from six different types of meat for their burger…” the vegetarian option is not a meat. Maybe “diners will get to choose from six different types of patties for their burger..” It’s good to know they’ll include a vegetarian option, some burger joints do not!

    • CW

      Will they include a burger made from the ground porky butts of midwestern tourists?

  • Librarina

    I hope they keep the roasted red pepper and crab soup on the menu!

  • It sounds like a good change for them.

  • Appropriate choice!

    I believe this is a smart change for the restaurant. The mall is an entirely different atmosphere than the Clarendon of their original location. It’s higher/faster turn over, it’s not exactly a romantic setting, it’s for the folks that may have a limited time but that doesn’t mean they want to eat junk. The food previously was good quality (as good as Clarendon) but their menu had to be altered so differently to fit a completely different atmosphere it really was never the same restaurant. Nice idea to give it it’s own identity and fit it’s location best while still tying it into the “Harry’s” family.

    Good luck, guys!


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