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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com April 29, 2011 at 8:37 am 2,065 21 Comments

Woman Falls into Hatch at Pentagon Station — Last week a 52-year-old woman fell through a hatch near an escalator at the Pentagon Metro station, injuring her knee and face. Two Metro workers have been fired for their role in leaving the hatch wide open. [WTOP]

GOP Praying for Candidates — The Arlington County Republican Committee is literally praying for candidates to challenge Democrats in the fall. So far, they only have one for more than a dozen local races. [Sun Gazette]

Arlington Wins Walkability Award — Arlington has received a “Gold-level designation for walkability” from the national Walk Friendly Communities program. “We welcome this recognition of Arlington’s efforts to create streets and paths that are safe, pleasant and interesting places to walk,” County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman said in a statement. [Arlington County]

Medical Office Opens Near Crystal City — Commonwealth Medical Center, a new primary care provider, celebrates its grand opening today at 3535 S. Ball Street, between Crystal City and Potomac Yard.

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  • dynaroo

    So if God doesn’t answer the Republicans’ prayers, will they conclude that God favors Democrats?

    • V Dizzle

      Or is the more logical hypothesis that he doesn’t exist, or at least not in the form of a personal assistant that would ever pay attention to politics, sports, …or religion? Although he did get me that bike I wanted when I was 10.

      • PhilL

        I’ve misused and abused his and his kids’ name way too much over the years. He’s not listening to me anymore, nor do I expect him to.

      • dynaroo

        I’m just following the logical progression of someone who would pray for politics.

  • bennynojets

    So what is the wait time for fired Metro employees to get their jobs back?

    • Mark L.

      Agreed, no chance they don’t get reinstated with back pay, then sue WMATA and get a hefty settlement

      • V Dizzle

        Man, I’m lucky I don’t get fired every time I make a mistake. Put those two in prison!

        • KalashniKEV

          They needs to call they Dehl-ug-get!!!

          • simon legree

            Ahhh, classic example of the use of dialect to denegrate an entire class of people, direct from the Rush Limbaugh school of racism. A++

          • Aaron

            Racism?!? What could barely intelligible broken English possibly have to do with race?

      • Ben

        Hahaha I was just going to say the same thing. File a grievance, get re-hired, get back-pay. It’s like a free vacation….

    • PhilL

      I think they get to lounge around and accrue back pay while their grievances are heard. Why rush this rehiring stuff!

  • KalashniKEV

    I could easily run and defeat these half-wit Dems we have in power now, I’m just waiting for God to call me to do so.

    • dynaroo

      I would pray for you to run.

  • NotChrisZimmerman

    Geography 101 (more boring than God): Everyone gotta be somewhere, and the new (and welcome) clinic “between Crystal City and Potomac Yard” is actually in Potomac Yard, the Arlington part thereof.

  • Burger

    What is funny. I would definitely run. I am certainly a fiscal conservative but I fail the GOP’s social views. I am liberally on social issues. I am the old world Rockefeller Republican that is being drummed out of the party.

    Granted, I’d I also have to join either party but I think anyone that toes a party line is a non-thinker.

    Oh…the other issue for the GOP is that why spend lots of your own money to lose by 25K votes because most of the county is a bunch of lemmings.

    So, I might have to work on my campaign speech and people skills. 😉

    • jan

      What do you mean by “being” drummed out? We were drummed out more than 30 years ago.

      • OX4

        Your views on fiscal and social issues are just distraction. What you really need to concentrate on is the loss of parking spaces from Capital Bikeshare stations.

      • Burger

        I would argue that the current views is an attempt to drum out those that remain.

        As i said, I don’t affliliate with any party because my view is that all politicans are scum and only out for their own good.

        • dynaroo

          Sounds like you’re drumming yourself out.

  • Hatch

    No doubt that leaving a hatch open after you clock out is maintenance 101, but I just gotta wonder what this lady was doing that she didn’t see the hatch.

    I hope Metro simply pays for her bills, makes sure she’s ok, and that’s the end of it – no lawsuit necessary.


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