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Where Food Trucks Go to Die

by ARLnow.com May 3, 2011 at 10:24 am 8,519 44 Comments

It appears that two District-based food trucks are dying an inglorious death in a Columbia Pike parking lot.

The trucks — Meathead Mobile Eatery and La Gloria Mexicana — were spotted cooling their heels last night in the parking lot of the former Bob & Edith’s Diner II location at 4707 Columbia Pike. Once free to roam the streets of D.C. and serve meals to hungry office workers, now they sit food-less on the Pike with “for sale by owner” signs in the window.

The trucks were both said to be a part of the Sauca food truck empire. Meathead Mobile served a menu of four meat-centric sandwiches. La Gloria Mexicana served quesadillas and other portable Mexican cuisine. The Twitter accounts of both trucks say they’re on “spring break.”

A third, unmarked truck sat in the rear of the parking lot — its potential for branded mobile food service thus far unfulfilled.

  • charlie

    first, this is a zoning violation (no, seriously, it is)
    second, EVERYTHING is for sale.

  • PhilL

    Does Advanced Towing know about this?

  • RW

    Many more out of commission food trucks are parked near by, along So. Arlington Mill Drive north of Columbia Pike. I don’t think any of these have moved in weeks/months, and yet there are no parking citations on them. This forgotten stretch of road between the creek and the county’s demolition project is an eye-sore and reeks of urine.

    • Jessica D

      @RW: It’s more than months. It’s years. There’s a severe parking shortage at the Park Glen complex long exacerbated by those trucks. In fact I came here to say, “This must be the graveyard annex. The main graveyard is on S. Arlington Mill.

      • South Arlington Ready

        Agreed Jessica. Let’s hope when they close this section of the road for good, this trash goes away. I hope they bill the dead beat owners for the tow job too.

    • JoshR

      You do realize that people are living in those food trucks on S. Arlington Mill right? That stretch has turned into an urban trailer park.

  • cheeseeater

    I’ve had the ribeye sandwich from MeatHead. There are much better food truck offerings out there, so I’m not too surprised.

  • LyonSteve

    Have they been parked in Arlington for 60 days? If so, I guess its time to pay the car tax!

    • NomNom

      Both trucks have Maryland tags. That means safety and emissions tests and fees, Virginia registration and Arlington decal fee and property tax!

  • Josh S

    Jeesus that first picture looks photoshopped, doesn’t it?

    • Jesus

      No, not really.

      • Josh S

        I stand corrected.

  • billy

    I really liked Meathead, but I’m a sucker for huge, greasy sandwiches purchased by the side of the road.

    Seeing those abandoned trucks in the parking lot of the empty Bob and Edith’s II is just too much sorrow and regret for one picture. Sigh.

    • FrenchyB

      Meh – I’m more sad that there isn’t a Roy Rogers at that location anymore.

  • Rebecca Krafft

    Any idea what’s going into the building? It’s been painted and is looking pretty spiff.

    Speaking of code violations, the use tire place a couple doors away is now advertising its wares on a bedsheet tacked on the fence. Nice.

    • Josh

      Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought used tires.

      Anyone? Anyone?


    • Chicagoan

      Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought used tires.




      • The food truck guys do.

      • Arlington, Northside

        Did ALL the time as a teenager and twenty something. Would still buy used tires if I was not carrying my kids around in the car, but that is not somewhere that I will skimp with them.

    • dynaroo

      It’s almost as if there is 8.8 percent unemployment and that’s a low-income area where people can’t afford nice signs or new tires.

      • It’s a quantity, not quality issue. There are perfectly tasteful signs at the business, but that’s not enough for this guy. The owner is simply trying to be more in your face than everyone else. That spells code violation.

  • SoCo Resident

    Such a sad ending for these food trucks after so many years of devoted service. Think of all the fine food that they served and how much joy they brought to so many lives.
    RIP Food Trucks.

  • NewsyMom

    More importantly – anyone know what’s moving into the old Bob & Edith’s restaurant??? I see they’ve painted the outside.

    • NewsyMom

      Ooops, didn’t see that someone else asked this exact same question a few hours ago. My bad…. 🙁

  • South Arlington Ready

    It’s OK, it’s South Arlington. It’s the county’s junkyard…look at the crap on South Arlington Mill and Columbia Pike…never moved, ticked often and never towed. One would think this county had endless land resources…

    • Lou

      True. South Arlington is pretty much one big dump. Keep the abandoned trucks down there.

      • South Arlington Ready

        tis true…the smallest county in the country and the largest divide in double standards in what is acceptable, under the law or around it, across that tiny county…

      • South Arlington

        Yes and keep the sexual assault, peeping toms, and tire slashings up there.

  • Farhad

    Thanks so much for all the interest in sauca and my other trucks. I am opening a sauca restaurant at 4707 Columbia Pike. It will be opened by the end of May. The Meathead and LGM trucks, while wonderful, were taking my eye off the sauca ball, so I decided to sell the trucks and focus on sauca; my original concept. So, as for the property; it is mine; and the trucks are parked there to be sold. So as you can see it is all rather simple and without intrigue. Just an entrepreneur simply making decisions that are in the best interest of the business. I hope this answers all of your concerns and questions but feel free to contact me any time for more info.
    All the best, Farhad

    • Farhad — good to hear about the new restaurant, since you’ve developed such a following for your trucks. I’ll be interested to check it out!

    • South Arlington

      A Sauca restaurant on Columbia Pike?!?! YES!!!!! This is great news!

    • Chuck

      Are they still 4 sale?


  • I’m noticing another food truck is parking on S. George Mason right across the street from Arlington Hall. Lots of employees park on the street and this food truck just started parking there too- must have been moved from another location on 4 Mile Run.

    This better not become a trend – to whom do we report this? It’s bad enough to have them on 4 Mile Run and on Col. Pike – don’t need this stuff spreading to Geo Mason.

  • Take it down a notch

    Any vehicle parked on the street for more than 10 days without being moved is considered abandoned according to Arlington County law. Call the police non emergency number and ask them to send someone from parking enforcement to check it out. They will have the vehicle ticketed and/or towed, as appropriate.

    BTW in Alexandria, a vehicle is considered abandoned if it’s not moved after 3 days.

  • Lacey Forest

    Calling the county police non-emergency number and making a report works well. A year or so ago, a food truck with a For Sale sign turned up on our street. I called the county police; the next day it had an orange sticker affixed to the driver’s side window and two days later the truck was gone. Don’t just let them sit there. If it’s your neighborhood being junked up by these parked trucks, take action.

  • Graham

    This looks like a parking lot. And if its true that the guy owns the lot, then he can park his trucks there. There’s no violation that I can see.

  • PhilL

    Not sure if the guy posting here owns the property, unless he is affiliated with the company listed as owner on the real estate records. It’s easily found on the County’s website.

  • Looking forward to Sauca: Mulligatawny, Mumbai Butter Chicken, Medi Veggie, Buffalo Chicken

    Spells YUM to me. How’s that pronounced, btw?

  • amb

    I saw 2-3 other Sauca trucks in a parking lot near the 7-11 by the intersection of S. Glebe and W. Glebe roads near 395…weird.

    • PhilL

      Maybe he owns that lot too.

  • Joe

    A Sauca Restaurant coming to Columbia Pike? Awesome!

  • debbie laubach

    how much are the food trucks selling for?
    have been looking into purchasing one.
    if you still have them for sle please respond.. thanks

  • Steven Deschambault

    I am interested in purchasing a food truck! 540-819-4801

    • Suggestion

      You should call it ” ‘Schambault: First Blood (Sausage).” But only if you’re going to sell blood sausage.


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