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Web Site Provides Quick View of Capital Bikeshare Availability

by ARLnow.com May 9, 2011 at 3:23 pm 5,940 13 Comments

A new web site called Capital Bikeshare Tracker is providing a quick view of bike availability at CaBi stations in Rosslyn, Crystal City and the District.

The site uses pie chart-style icons on a map to represent the number of bikes available at each station compared to the number of available bike docks. Clicking on a station gives you the option of seeing historical usage data for each station.

A map on the Capital Bikeshare web site will only display bike availability data after you click on an icon for the station.

Officials are in the process of adding about 30 stations to the Capital Bikeshare system in Arlington County. They expect the expansion to be complete by the end of the year.

  • Don

    The iPhone app “Spotcycle” (free) does a nice job of giving you a better one-look display of available cycles too.

    • MB

      Yes, it’s an essential app for any CaBi user with an Android or iPhone. Can definitely save a trip to a full/empty rack.

  • ArlLiver4

    If only they’d bring them further west past Rosslyn…

    • 4Arl

      It sounded like the Courthouse station was coming soon.
      Longer term, items #24 and #26 on this Saturday’s consent agenda relate in part to CaBi expansion. Areas mentioned for potential CaBi stations include: Columbia Pike, Shirlington, neighborhoods along FMR, and infill between existing stations. Not sure what other stations have already been planned beyond Courthouse.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    Can we have an update on the Ballson Beaver Pond?

    • I’m looking at it from my office window right now… Yep, still there.

      • MB

        How about now?

        • I went home, but it’s still there this morning. There was a homeless guy on the bench, though.

  • cabi addict

    Interesting way of looking at availability of bikes and docks.

    The following complementary pages might be of interest:

    – Station bike and dock depletion detail since midnight: http://www.codeline-telemetry.com/maps/depletion.htm (updated hourly)

    – Station bike and dock depletion detail, previous (full) day: http://www.codeline-telemetry.com/maps/depletion_yesterday.htm (updated daily)

    – Station bike and dock depletion summary map, showing overall station availability over the previous seven days: http://www.codeline-telemetry.com/maps/depletion_summary.htm (updated daily)

    • 4Arl

      And now I can thank you personally!

  • 4Arl

    Thanks to a WashCycle commenter, I found a cool site that also tracks how long the stations are empty or full. They even note how many non-compliant stations(empty/full beyond 3? hours) there appear to be- does anyone know if the contractor is actually getting docked for these? Wonder how this works with multiple jurisdiction(DC/Arl) contracts.

    • cabi addict

      You’re quite welcome.

      The page is careful to stop at indicating where stations are possibly out of contract compliance, in part because the 5-minute sample interval could miss some bikes coming and going but also because it isn’t clear how the contract administrators actually interpret the relevant sections. One of the two tests doesn’t even make sense: three hours max from 06:00 to midnight is readily comprehensible, but exceeding six hours from midnight to 06:00 could only happen once a year during the switch from daylight savings to standard time. That probably isn’t what they had in mind…

      The point of showing stations potentially out of compliance is to encourage, however indirectly, the system operator to consider taking action to remedy these situations before the sanctions take effect. Presumably that’s why the contract is worded that way.

      The point the overall depletion map is to raise awareness on the part of all stakeholders (subscribers, sponsors and the operator) about which locations are most in need of attention. Since the daily update covers the previous seven one can check back to assess the extent to which conditions are improving over time.

  • rfb

    Any chance a simple list of stations could be mad available
    With #avail bikes/#avail slots as first text on each line so any browser can find a station?


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