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Cafe Pizzaiolo Coming to Shirlington

by ARLnow.com May 24, 2011 at 1:21 pm 6,084 19 Comments

Cafe Pizzaiolo will be opening a location in Shirlington Village.

This will be the pizzeria’s third location. It also has restaurants in Crystal City (507 S. 23rd Street) and Fairlington (1623 Fern Street, Alexandria).

“Café Pizzaiolo will serve authentic Neapolitan and New York Style pizzas,” says the Village at Shirlington web site. “They combine natural, high quality local ingredients with imported Italian products to create our distinct style.”

No word yet on an opening date.

  • Maybe they’ll buy some of that oil and vinegar from their neighbor to help keep them in business.

  • Dutch McAllister

    I really hope the service at the new location is better than that at the Fern St location.

    • Z

      I go there often and find the wait staff to be friendlier than average and certainly fast to respond. You must have had an off night, which every establishment has from time to time. The food is awesome too. Not sure why they’re opening another location so close to the other two though, seems like farther NW would make more sense.

  • Ugh

    I know all the pizza, cupcake and bakery jokes are coming but seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Can’t anyone come up with a new idea? I think we now rival New York with the amount of mediocre pizza places we have here now.

  • Shirl

    In the old Bear Rock place? I liked Bear Rock, what happened there?

    • 1234

      What happened was that it started taking 45 minutes to get an egg sandwhich. If you got it at all. Didn’t take more than a few months of that for people to just stop going.

      Real shame, too, as it was a standby for weekend breakfast in a kid-friendly environment.

      • Tabby

        When I ordered and paid for fries instead of potato chips, the cook pitched a fit because he didn’t have any started. I saw and heard him arguing with the server to try to get me to change my order.

        That was in its final weeks.

    • The Cafe Pizzaiola will be in the ground level of the Randolph Square Office Building, across from the Ping-Charlie Chiang carry-out. It will also be next to the Hardwood Artisans, which is filling in the large corner space of the building.

  • Eric

    Great news — Cafe Pizzaiolo is a great place with delicious pizzas — we’re big fans of the Diavolo. Comes close to equalling or bettering any other pizza in the DC area – including both the trendy ones that have opened recently and the traditional old-school places.

    The Shirlington location should effectively replace the Del Ray location, which closed a few months back as part of the Calvert Building renovations. Losing that space has definitely increased the crowding at the Fern Street and 23rd Street locations – per the owner, sometimes their limited oven space just can’t keep up.

    • Cool

      Love the Crystal City one, esp the Diavolo.

  • AllenB

    If you go to their website, you’ll see that they are much more than “just a pizza place.” Looks to be a full italian restaurant. We need more of those here.

  • ArlingtonCountyTaxpayer

    Market Economics. If demand is not there then the supply will cease. or something like that. it would be nice to have a good pizza place that delivers so I can blog on arlnow and not even get up. plus the papajohn guy is freaked out when i tell him to just come in because i can’t get up off the couch.

  • Scott

    just a casual pizza place I think will be cool

  • Chris

    Anybody tried the Gluten Free pizza here? I’m a fan of the GF crust at ZPizza and was wondering how it compared?

  • … as reported on the Shirlington Village Blog on April 2, 2011 http://shirlingtonv.blogspot.com/2011/04/more-on-new-businesses-coming-to.html

  • I forgot to mention that I am looking forward to the eggplant parm!

  • M-diva

    What Shirlington needs is a classy dance club/lounge to give it a proper nighttime.

  • Michael

    YAY another mediocre pizza joint! Thankfully I just moved closer to Piola and the Italian Store— the only decent pizza places in the area!

    It’s shocking all these pizza joins don’t franchise from a respected chain from NY or Chicago for that matter to get some street cred.

    • Michael

      Any “italian” restaurant that takes their sub bread out of a bag instead of bread cooked in-house will never be good and it means they cheap out on all the ingredients. These kind of stores belong in the ‘burbs where people block to them. Please stay out of Arlington/DC.


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