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“Discriminatory” Rolling Thunder Checkpoint? — The American Motorcyclist Association has a beef with Arlington County. The group says that Arlington police conducted a “motorcycle-only checkpoint” on Saturday during Rolling Thunder. Calling the practice “discriminatory,” the association has sent letters expressing “concern” to Gov. Bob McDonnell, Arlington Police Chief Doug Scott and Virginia legislative leaders. [Speed TV]

Mormon Singles Gather in Crystal City — Crystal City’s new 23rd Street Chapel is a place for young, single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to gather. The chapel claims hundreds of single members, many of whom are specifically on the look-out for a wife or husband. The Washington area reportedly has one of the highest concentration of Mormons outside of Utah. [Washington Post]

Last Call for Crystal Ride Registration — Today is the last day to register for Crystal Ride, a non-competitive bike ride held on a 7.8 mile closed circuit around South Arlington during next weekend’s Air Force Cycling Challenge.


    What happens when Freddie’s Beach Bar patrons and the church members mingle. FREDTERP

    • Michael

      Gay plural marriages. 🙂

  • I’ve been at client sites in Fairfax County during rush hour to see Fairfax County police performing a rolling roadblock, looking for infractions. It served to only slow gridlock more, other than to provide a nice revenue stream for the county. I suspect Arlington County likely was looking for revenue since they had to have the police presence anyway.

  • I love the plate frame, btw.

  • Arlwhenever

    Rolling Thunder Checkpoint — Jim Moran protects the horses but not the hogs.

  • BoredHouseWife

    yeah yeah yeah, and If someone detonated a bomb or shot up a bunch of people there would be an outcry.

    remember everybody is a criminal now.

  • SoCo Resident

    1.) What infractions did the motorcycle checkpoint reveal? There were plenty of noise violations? 2.) Given that many police actually participate in Rolling Thunder, there must have been a reason for setting up this particular roadblock. 3.) America Motorcycle Association and Rep. Sennsbrenner would like to outlaw motorcycle checkpoints; how about truck or bus checkpoints then? 4.) Rolling Thunder has become the massive “Sturgis” of the East, completely overpowering the sanctity of Memorial Day, with enough disrespectful noise to wake, not honor, the dead.

    • Cranky Crankypants

      Looking at motorcycle-specific infractions – loud pipes, improper licensure, fake helmets. Looking at riders – outstanding warrants, DUI. Police activity also chills stupid behavior. I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of outrage if there were rider deaths and no police presence.

  • Chris Wiz

    I don’t see any irony.

    • Aaron

      I think the “irony” is that all Prius owners are inherently socialist and the owner of this car apparently likes America.

      If you don’t hold that basic assumption about identity politics, then you won’t get the humor.

  • Thes

    ArlNow – I think you meant “reportedly” not “repeatedly”, unless the Mormon crowds have been coming and going?

    • CW

      Or unless they, say, performed a census more than once, in which case the results would be, as one might say, “repeated”.

    • Yes, thank you.

  • CW

    So are seat belt checkpoints discriminatory because they only target drivers, not motorcyclists? And are DUI checkpoints discriminatory because they assume that people who have been out on New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July are drunk? Probable cause, or whatever watered-down version of it is needed for a checkpoint, can be stretched pretty far, or so it seems from the precedents out there.

    • doodly

      Thanks for pointing out that the word “discrimination” has come to mean “improper or illegal discrimination”.

      • CW

        “Discrimination” doesn’t have an inherently negative definition, only negative connotations. So yes, discrimination in this context only refers to improper or illegal discrimination, as opposed to, discriminating between ripe and unripe melons at the grocery store.

        • doodly


    • Actually, you can’t have a seat belt checkpoint in VA. A seat belt infraction can only be issued if the vehicle is stopped for some other reason. (Make sure your lights are on if you put on your wipers…..)

  • LyonSteve

    The article about the motorcycle only checkpoint doesn’t say what actually happened. Can someone fill us in?

  • DC123

    Your “Morning Notes” photos really leave something to be desired. While today’s is pretty fun, you usually include a dark photo of some evening event. Why not include something to start off everyone’s day well?

    • danielobvt

      I enjoyed it as other than my Prius you don’t see too many Priuses out there with conservative bumper stickers or license plate holders….

      • The other day, I saw a big Chevy with a vanity plate DEMCRAT. I thought it would have been more appropriate on a Prius.

      • doodly

        I’ll bet if I did a quick search I could find some nutjob somewhere who insists that Priuses are socialist. But I won’t.

        • doodly

          Wait a minute! There’s already a guy on this forum who says all Prius owners are socialists!

          • Really? Point hm out.

          • doodly

            Aaron – look above.

            But I don’t think he actually believes it himself.

          • Ah. I missed it. Yeah, “all” Prius owners….. He should have used “many”, or “some”.

          • doodly

            Sure, “many” or “some” would have been soooooo much better.

  • TGEoA

    Are there Mormon missionaries roaming around Arlington?

    I keep seeing different pairs of young men dressed in black slacks, white shirts and skinny black ties roaming the neighborhoods. I kinda get a Christian vibe from seeing them.

    Not judging, just curious.

    • doodly

      Those are Republicans. Extremely rare in Arlington. They sometimes rest here on their way to their mating grounds.

      • Nah. The Republicans in Arlington are dressed like Democrats. You see them with cameras shooting stills and video, waiting for the Arlington County Board to be a bit passive. I hear some are even going to run for Board as a Democrat, then switch sides right after being sworn in.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          LOL, good one, Overgrown Bush!

    • Dan

      Men In Black…..whom or what do you think that they are looking for ???

    • CW

      There were some Mormons hanging out in front of crate and barrel last weekend. They had Mormon literature and were passing it out.

    • Josh S

      Yes, those are missionaries. That’s their uniform. They are frequently on bicycles.

    • SoCo Resident

      Actually, there’s a dormitory above the Clarendon Grill to house “conservative” kids. I remember them getting a zoning change for it when the building was remodeled.

  • Steve

    Funny how you can profile this way but not racially.

    • doodly

      You can “profile” racially too as long as you’re not a complete dick about it.

      • TGEoA

        How much to shine my Stacy Adams?

  • John Fontain

    It’s amazing to me that so many seemingly smart, level-headed people follow Mormonism, a religion started by a fortune-teller, Joseph Smith, Jr., who claimed to have found a set of gold plates written in Egyptian in the side of a hill in western New York in the 1820’s. He translated these gold plates (which he didn’t show to anyone) to English not by looking at the plates and but by putting two rocks into a hat and staring at the rocks. This is how The Book of Mormon was written. And no, I’m not kidding.

    Fascinating stuff…


    • doodly

      It’s amazing to me that so many seemingly smart, level-headed people follow…a religion….


      • novanglus

        It’s amazing to me that so many seemingly smart, level-headed people, who constantly talk in favor of tolerance and against discrimination, are suddenly hateful and intolerant towards religion.

        • doodly

          Me too.

        • John Fontain

          Where was someone hateful and intolerant towards religion in this thread?

          • Jordan

            I’ll proudly fill that void.

        • R0bespierre

          Being amazed and thinking the religious to be stupid is neither hateful nor intolerant, actually. It’s just being amazed and thinking. Opinions, impressions. If you wore a diaper everywhere you went I would probably form an opinion too. And you can’t stop me and it’s not illegal, and there is no hate or discrimination of any time involved. But know…just know…that we are always watching, waiting…laughing at you.

    • Josh S

      And then he “lost” them.

    • Westover

      Truth or not, the Mormon Church produces believers with strong work ethics, with good morals and a sense of community that pushes them to help their neighbors of any faith, or no faith at all. They have created a far better emergency preparedness/response program than what FEMA has produced. This Catholic has no problem with the Mormons.

      • bb

        There’s also a ton of Mormons in the DOD and the Intel community. Easy to clear people who don’t drink or use drugs.

      • John Fontain

        I have no problem with Mormons either. I was just commenting on how something that started as an obvious sham is now taken so seriously by people. No different really than the founding of Scientology.

        • skeptic

          Or that loony religion where they say some guy was killed, but then God magically brought him back to life and he went straight up to heaven and now he’s like everywhere and stuff. Oh, and you eat bread and wine and it turns into his blood and flesh when it’s going down your throat. Ridiculous stuff.

          • John Fontain

            Yea, the only difference is how long ago the tales were created. It seems the longer ago they were created, the more people are willing to believe them as fact.

            Gotta go, I just found some gold tablets in my backyard and they say that Xenu is opening a cupcake shop in Clarendon soon. Anyone who buys these cupcakes will live an eternal life. I must go spread the word.

      • doodly

        You can do all that without being a Mormon.

        • Westover

          Yet the bulk of most sub-groups do not. Joseph Smith might or might not have been scaming folks, but it did get him killed, while the believers contribute more to American society than the average.

          • doodly

            Nobody else believes in a strong work ethic, good morals and a sense of community?

          • John Fontain

            Mormon’s contribute more to American society than non-Mormons, on average? I’d love to see the evidence supporting that claim.

            Joseph Smith might not have been scaming folks? Really??

          • Westover

            Just saying your average Mormon is probably doing a bit more to contribute than the average American is.

            Joseph Smith might have been a delusional scizo, or a con man, or someone that God liked, have no clue really, but seeing as he was locked up and killed by a mob, so regardless, things did not turn out to well for him, yet for some reason his teaching lived on.

          • Westover

            To follow up on the more than average, not drinking, smoking etc. coupled to a strong devotion to family and community, while not exclusive to the religious, or to the Mormons, still put the bulk of the members as highly productive members of society. Plus there beliefs in the world coming to an end provides the rest of us with a decent Emergency Preparedness System.

    • Vinh An Nguyen

      LDS beliefs aren’t any more far-out than any of the fairy tales other religions believe.

      • doodly

        Like Obama faked his birth certificate, for instance.

  • Aaron

    I love the Prius-es? frame and the Express bag that’s clearly in the trunk

  • Steve

    Can Arlnow get a submit your own picture section so I can post pics of whacky liberal bumperstickers or of anything newsworthy or otherwise idiotic, like “3nd St N” in Arlington Or the intersection of 10th and 11th Streets in Arlington?

    • You’re welcome to contribute to our Flickr pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/arlnow/pool/

    • MC 703

      Can we also include wacky conservative bumper stickers like “Our Ancestors Left Europe to Get Away From This Crap” or “Osama and Obama Hate America Equally”?

      • Sure. Here’s one. Oh, wait…..

      • R0bespierre

        Can I get this bumper sticker?

  • Me ke

    The tow truck drivers have a scam and are protected by the cops and the district attorney. Why??? Because the owner is a former Arlington cop. He has towed illegally and complaints to the police and the attorneys office were always ignored. The guy is an arrogant s.o.b. On top of that. You should have called the cops and said either ticket him or I go public with the photo

    • Captain Krunchy

      Me ke- Huh? The owner of Advanced is not a former Arlington police officer. The owner of Frank’s, a now defunct tow company, was… and was ultimately arrested and convicted by the same police department and “attorneys office” you attempted to slander with your factless accusation. Next.

  • nota gain

    The Marriott’s, Mormons, when first in business, checked on employees honesty by looking through a hole in the ceiling down to the cash register area. This was done after they suspected their employees from sort changing management. They did catch the bad guys, women I think.
    Recently Marriott moved many jobs to TN to reduce costs and booted long time people out of jobs; Marriott cares for its employees. Good business practices and remember, Mitt’s not it.


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