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Prom-Bound Wakefield Students Learn About DUI Risks

by ARLnow.com June 2, 2011 at 3:02 pm 4,731 17 Comments

Wakefield High School held its annual Prom Promise anti-drunk-driving event today, but it was a bit different than years past.

Instead of a large indoor assembly with PowerPoint slides, a speaker and staged demonstrations, the police department decided to take things outside. Groups of students lined up to try their hand at driving golf carts around a cone course while wearing “drunk goggles.”

“This year I wanted to do something that’s more interactive, where all the kids get to participate,” said Cpl. Kyle Anderson, who helped to organize the event.

With the goggles simulating the distorted sense of reality and slowed reaction time of 3-5 drinks, students invariably found themselves driving slower than usual and, often, veering well off-course.

“It’s not to train them how to drive drunk,” Anderson said. “It’s to give them an idea just how bad they drive when they have a drink.”

Anderson said prom promise is held this time of year because teens are “statistically more likely to get into DUI situation” around prom and graduation season. Golf carts for the simulation were donated by Army Navy Country Club.


  • So jelly right now!

  • It would have been much more fun if they’d have worn beer goggles. The ladies would have looked much better too.

  • JamesE

    they probably drive better drunk than normally when they are texting every 5 seconds.

    • CW


      Also, the picture of them using the floor jack to try to get the traffic cone dislodged from the golf cart while the sad-faced teen looks on is PRICELESS.

    • TGEoA

      Suffice it to say, there are plenty of drunk drivers who are better than sober ones.

    • When you are drunk at least you have distorted vision on the road. When texting, you are not even looking at the road.

  • jan

    Congratulations Cpl Kyle!

    This is a great idea! Should be incorporated into all driver’s ed classes. Could be expanded to driving while texting.

  • Chainsaw

    Fact: you know why so many drunk drivers get in wrecks? Because they don’t learn how to drive drunk.

    • Maria

      Oh, for goodness sake, driving around one obstacle course does not equal “learning how to drive drunk.” You’re taking a good idea that is probably showing a lot of kids the truth about driving while intoxicated and perverting it into some silly, exaggerated scenario.

      • PhilL

        Yeah, but how many opportunities does a high school student have to have any positive, sustained and meaningful interaction with a police officer? That by itself is probably the biggest benefit of the activity.

  • jjbug

    Excellent attempt to educate! Thanks to Cpl Kyle Anderson and the Army Navy Country Club. Now, if only kids could learn that in addition to alcohol’s power on our abilities, the same can come from distractions. If you forgot an appointment and set out to get there in less time than is possible, you become an inadequate driver. Distractions of all kinds affect our driving skills.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Where can I get some of those “drunk goggels?” I think they might be useful on some of my dates.

  • doodly

    So why don’t they just let teens wear drunk goggles instead of drinking? That way, they can get the same effect as being drunk, but when it’s time to drive home they can take them off.

    • Great idea. It would cut down on the urination in public too.


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