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Crime Report: Young and Preyed Upon

In this week’s Arlington County crime report, a young woman was allegedly attacked by a man near Shirlington.

ABDUCTION-ARREST, 05/31/11, 2600 block of S. Arlington Mill Dr. On May 31 at 11 pm, a man grabbed a young woman walking and pulled her to the ground. The suspect covered her mouth with his hand, but she fought back and was able to run from the area. Police located the suspect. Marvin Mejia, 40, of no fixed address, was charged with Abduction and Assault and battery. He was held without bond.

In another incident, a teen girl was walking home when a man exposed himself to her.

EXPOSURE, 06/02/11, 1400 block of N. Jackson Street. On June 2 at 3:15, a 16 year-old girl was walking home when an unknown man sitting on the steps to a residence called out to her. When she turned to look at him, he exposed himself. The girl walked on and called her father to meet her.

The rest of the crime report, including a police chase and a bank robbery on which we’ve already reported, after the jump.

ATTEMPT MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST, 06/06/11, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. On June 6 at 4:25 pm, a man assaulted a mall security guard and left the area. He then returned with a knife and damaged some office items. When police first located him, he ran, but was apprehended. Deandre Davis, 30, of Arlington, was charged with Attempted Malicious Wounding, Assault and Battery, Destruction of Property and Trespassing. He was held without bond.BANK ROBBERY, 06/06/11, 3000 block of Washington Boulevard. On June 6 at 11:50 am, a man walked into a bank and gave the teller a note demanding money. He implied that he had a weapon. He fled after taking cash. The suspect is a white male in his 50’s, 6′ and 180 lbs. he was wearing a baseball cap, a red wig, glasses, a white and brown plaid shirt and khaki pants.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST, 06/02/11, 200 block of N. Glebe Road. On June 2 at 3 am, a man assaulted his former girlfriend. Lorenzo Johnson, 40, of Arlington, was charged with Malicious Wounding. He was held without bond.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 06/03/11, 4000 block of S. 8th Street. On June 3 at 9:10 pm, a 17 year-old male stated that he was assaulted by someone he did not know. He could not give a description.

ROBBERY, 06/02/11, 2100 block of N. 15th Street. On June 2 at 1 am, an unknown man stole items from a store. When the manager confronted the suspect, the suspect assaulted the manager and stole the victim’s cell phone. The suspect is an African American male in his late 30’s, 5’11” and 200 lbs. he was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with a collar, jean shorts and white shoes.

ROBBERY, 06/04/11, 2400 block of N. 14th Street. On June 4 at 2:30 am, two women were walking when a man rode by on a bicycle and stole a purse from one victim’s shoulder. The suspect is described as an African American male wearing dark clothing.

ASSAULT BY MOB, 06/03/11, 5800 block of Washington Boulevard. On June 3 at 3:15 pm, four teenage males assaulted another teenager outside a 7-11 store. The suspects are known.

ASSAULT BY MOB, 06/05/11, 3700 block of Fairfax Drive. On June 5 at 2 am, a large group of disorderly people left a restaurant. Two male victims were located who had been assaulted and robbed of various items. There is no suspect description.

ASSAULT ON POLICE-ARREST, 06/05/11, 4600 block of S. Four Mile Run Drive. On June 5 at 10:45 am, an intoxicated male assaulted a park ranger. Francisco Zavala, 46, of Arlington, was charged with Assault and Battery on Law Enforcement and Drunk in Public.

ASSAULT ON POLICE-ARREST, 06/06/11, 400 block of N. Glebe Road. On June 6 at 4 pm, a man was involved in a disagreement on a bus and police were called. During the investigation, the suspect refused to identify himself, and then assaulted two police officers. Mustafa Fazal, 30, of Vienna, was charged with two counts of Assault and Battery on Law Enforcement, Trespassing and Possession of Marijuana. He was held on a $10,000 bond.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 06/05/11, 2800 block of Wilson Boulevard. On June 5 at 2:30 am, an unknown man assaulted another man in the face after a “rap battle” at a local bar. The suspect is described as an African American male in his 20’s, 6’1″ and 150 lbs. He was wearing a light colored button up shirt and a black baseball cap.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 06/06/11, 400 block of N. Thomas Street. On June 6 at 3:30 pm, a cab driver transported three men from Maryland to Arlington. When he asked for his fare, one of the subjects assaulted him. All the men were African American, and the suspect that assaulted the victim was wearing a white t-shirt with dark pants.

RESISTING ARREST-ARREST, 05/31/11, 2800 block of S. Shirlington Road. On May 31 at 5 pm, officers pulled a woman over for an HOV violation. She refused to stay in her vehicle and would not comply with police at the scene. The suspect then called 9-1-1. She fought officers when they attempted to place her in custody. Juanita Maxwell, 28, of Alexandria, was charged with Resisting Arrest, False Summoning of Law Enforcement, and received two summons (an HOV violation and a window tint violation). She was released on a $1,250 bond.

BURGLARY (SERIES)-ARREST, 06/06/11, 900 block of N. Daniel Street. On June 6 at 2 am, two subjects were found in possession of property stolen from an apartment and a pizza restaurant. Kenny Dent, 25, and Craig Else, 18, both of Washington D.C., were charged with two counts of Grand Larceny, Burglary and Possession of Burglarious Tools. They were held without bond.

BURGLARY, 06/06/11, 1500 block of Colonial Terrace. On June 6 between 8:40 am and 6:45 pm, an unknown subject stole various items from an apartment. There are no known suspects.

BURGLARY, 06/06/11, 1600 block of N. Ode Street. On June 6 between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm, an unknown subject stole electronics and jewelry from an apartment. There is no suspect description.

GRAND LARCENY AUTO-ARREST, 06/01/11, 2500 block of Lee Highway. On June 1 at 11:50 am, a man stole a vehicle off an independent auto dealership lot. Police located the suspect and vehicle a short time later. Steven Murray, 23, of Washington D.C., was charged with Grand Larceny of an Automobile.

GRAND LARCENY-ARREST, 06/02/11, 1900 block of N. Lynn Street. On June 2 at 3:35 pm, a man was seen stealing a bicycle by cutting the cable lock. David Jones, Sr., 57, of Washington D.C., was charged with Grand Larceny, Possession of Stolen Goods with Intent to Sell and Possession of Burglarious Tools. He was held on a $5,000 bond.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES), 0603066/49, 1100 block of S. Joyce Street. On June 3 between 7:30 pm and 8 pm, an unknown subject entered two vehicles in a parking garage and stole various items.

LARCENY (SERIES), 06/06/11, 1400 block of N. Rolfe Street. On June 6 at 7:45 pm, two unknown African American men were seen stealing two bicycles from an apartment building. Both subjects were wearing baseball caps, and one subject had tattoos on his arms.


6/03/11, VA JMK3605, 2004 Mazda sedan, silver, 1300 block of S. Arlington Ridge Road
6/03/11, VA JVY1881, 2005 Toyota Corolla, silver, 2900 block of S. 24th Road
6/04/11, DC CS6579, 2001 Oldsmobile Alero, red, 800 block of Army Navy Drive

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