Woman Arrested After HOV Violation

by ARLnow.com June 7, 2011 at 12:05 pm 5,012 58 Comments

A woman was arrested last week after being pulled over in Shirlington for an alleged HOV violation on I-395.

Police say 28-year-old Juanita Maxwell ignored orders to stay in her vehicle, then refused to comply with other police commands. According to the police report, she called 911 and then fought officers as they attempted to place her under arrest.

Maxwell was charged with resisting arrest and false summoning of law enforcement. She also received summons for an HOV violation and a window tint violation. She was released on a $1,250 bond.

  • Pinko Commie

    That wasn’t smart, now she has a record.

  • brendan

    sounds like a demo of ‘worst things to do during a traffic stop’

    dashboard cam?

  • TGEoA

    False summoning? Talk about piling it on

    • Stu Pendus

      Anybody who ties up a 911 operator just because they are throwing a tantrum over being arrested deserves some piling on.

      • yequalsy

        Exactly. To me calling 911 is arguably even worse than the HOV violation.

        • Eric

          Not saying it happened here, but there are circumstances where calling 911 during a traffic stop is reasonable. Particularly if the stop is performed by plainclothes officers in an unmarked car, a woman alone may have a genuine need to verify that the stop is legitimate — there have been numerous instances, including in northern Virginia, of thugs impersonating police and conducting traffic stops as a way to catch their victims off guard. Probably more likely when it’s dark (which doesn’t appear to be the case here, if she was stopped for an HOV violation), but still worth keeping in mind. Something about the officers’ stop or appearance may have caused her concern.

          Or she might just be a tool.

          • doodly

            Good post.

          • brendan

            agreed. tho i’m guessing it’s the latter.

          • Marie

            It’s the later. Anyone concerned about being pulled over by an unmarked car/officer would not get out of the car. She’d call police from inside the vehicle.

          • brian

            The officer stands outside his car at the exit looking for violators and with in reasonable safety for him stands out in the lane and points you to pull over.

            I almost got a picture from the bus. She was sitting on the side of the road, the curb, with hands behind her back (obviously cuffed), almost in tears, and a tow truck was towing 1 or 2 cars away.

          • Stu Pendus

            Actually, if you are suspicious of the people pulling you over, they say to remain in your car until uniformed officers arrive. This woman apparently refused to get back in her car.

            I agree there are times you should call police if you are suspicious when being pulled over, but my comments were reflective of this particular story, and this woman obviously sucks at life for calling 911.

          • doodly

            In any event, it’s almost certain these were uniformed officers with a police cruiser nearby.

          • yequalsy

            Excellent point. I certainly wouldn’t blame somebody for calling in the circumstances you describe. Presumably a judge could sort it out though, of course, the person might use it as a post hoc sort of explanation her lawyer came up with.

          • Mr. Peanuts

            Only uniformed officers work traffic details like HOV enforcement. In the very unlikely instance an officer in plainclothes was at such a traffic enforcement site, (s)he would assuredly be in the presence of an officer who was uniformed. Anyone who has lived and driven in this area for any amount of time on either interstate during either rush hour has surely seen the routine HOV enforcement on the ramps.

  • Rosslynite

    She is showing the judgment of the average congressman.

  • mkjinva

    Ooops! I didn’t know 395 had HOV restrictions. I guess I have just been lucky.

    • doodly

      395 has separate HOV lanes in between the regular lanes, not restrictions on all the lanes like I-66.

      • Rick


  • Bard

    what, no south arlington jokes yet?

    • bb

      She was a product of her environment… being in South Arlington made her do it.

      That make you feel better?

    • charlie

      well she could have come from Alexandria since the express lanes are accessed from the City of Alexandria in the Shirlington area. someone from south Arlington would just go to Glebe and get on there since you cannot access the express lanes from Arlington and get pulled over in Shirlington.
      Maybe she was headed back to Prince George’s County?

      • bb

        It depends on the time of day when she got pulled over.

        • brian

          4:30-5:00 pm

          • charlie

            i see that now. well she was still exiting into Alexandria…
            which when you think about it, the ramp isn’t in arlington AT ALL.
            state police usually do that ramp.

          • brian

            not arlington?

            that is right smack in the middle of the line … easy access to shirlington/fairlington to the west and a little taste of alexandria to the east.

      • Bard

        analysis like this is why i read arlnow.com

        i feel safer already

  • How is this woman not representing us in Congress???

  • Josh S

    Sometimes the editorial point of view here at ARLNow really puzzles me. Why is this worthy of a blog post other than to encourage people to make fun of this person?
    In other words – so this happened – so what? Why should I care?

    • doodly

      It’s crime reporting. Perfectly normal.

    • Stan

      Well (a) HOV violations are rampant and (b) to the extent that HOV and other smart growth techniques fail… Arlington is gonna get paved into a superhighway.

      • Josh S

        Whut? It’s a non sequitor vis a vis (oooo, look at all the pretty Latin) my post, but I can’t resist answering –

        HOV lanes are not a Smart Growth strategy.

        How does one get from the words before the dot dot dot in your sentence to the words after?

        Saying “Arlington is gonna get paved” implies that it is not already paved. If the comment somehow implies that development is leading to the “paving over” of Arlington, isn’t that about thirty years too late? I believe the vast majority of development happening in the county now is actually redevelopment – tearing down old buildings and replacing them with new ones. So there is actually very little new “paving” happening.

        Am I rite?

        • Suburban Not Urban

          Wow – major confusion. Tearing down low density and putting up high density is not redevelopment – its increasing density and lowering quality of life.

          • doodly

            Wow – major confusion. Density does not equal lower quality of life. It often improves it.

          • You’re the confused one…

            Density = more people = more noise, parking problems, higher commercial rents, leading to higher retail prices. And more crimes being committed. Why else are most crimes in N. Arl in the RB corridor but very few committed north of Lee Highway? Clarendon’s wonderful if you’re 23 with bazillions to spend and love noise at all hours.

          • Josh S

            Density has nothing to do with redevelopment. No confusion here. Move along.

          • madisonmanor

            tell that to the single family homes right next to EFC metro

  • novasteve

    I bet she speaks on her cell phone on Amtrak’s quiet cars.

  • BrightSide

    I’ll bet the 911 response time was pretty fast on this one, seeing how the cop was already there and all.

    • MC 703

      HA! My thoughts exactly. The call comes over the officer’s personal radio while he is standing there, he hears it, looks at the woman and says “You called?”

  • ClarendonGuy

    Someone should call 911 for some of the posted jokes!

  • Arlwhenever

    I’ve seen people get out of their vehicle when stopped for traffic violations and not get restrained or arrested. The Arlington Police escalated a situation with someone who was obviously upset — no good is coming out of this. This is the same police force that killed two people with tasers last year (one who had shop lifted and another who had freaked out in his own apartment). I hope the lady gets off scott free and I pray to God that Arlington County police learn how to treat people and situations proportionately.

    • Maria

      Oh, so you were there and saw exactly what happened?

    • Allan

      Yeah – they’re such idiots for telling the woman to calm down and remain in her vehicle in a situation where throwing a tantrum on a major highway could result in just a few deaths if she got even more out of control.

      Oh, the horror of their decision making.

      They should have just let her go and paid her money for using the HOV lanes instead of pulling her over.

      And, for that matter – they should never stop anyone because it might hurt their feelings.

    • Alexandrian

      “Pray to God that Arlington County police learn how to treat people and situations proportionately.”

      Really? Some people deserve the extra layer of brute force. Wish more jurisdictions in the area have the gut to pursue law-breakers like Arlington and Fairfax counties do. It would at least make places like DC and PG Counties a little safer for its residents/visitors.

    • doodly

      Well, you’re off the jury since you think you already know what happened.

    • Duh!

      You NEVER get out of the car. Who does that? You’re told in driver’s ed never to do this. Of course cops hate it. Sit tight with hands on the wheel. If you do otherwise, you’re an idiot and deserve what you get.

  • Arlwhenever

    I would expect that comment coming from Alexandria way. That attitude reminds me of the time that a uniformed Alexandria cop finest pushed my then three and four year old girls out of the way at a public event just because he wanted to move a table over to where they were standing. When I complained he told me to shut up or he would arrest me. Sure, go ahead and defend the impetuous, brutish thugs.

    This lady was a danger to no one. She was stopped in broad daylight for an administrative traffic violation; she wasn’t doing anything to hurt anyone. Letting her vent and leaving her alone (other than writing the violation) is the mature and measured response.

    • MC 703

      I love unsubstantiated anecdotes.

      Here is how you deal with the police when you are pulled over, even if you think it’s BS ->

      *Yes sir, no sir, thank you sir. (see you in court sir)*

      • Stu Pendus

        Alexandria police stole my dog.

        • doodly

          Youth culture killed my dog.

        • NOVApologist

          The dingo stole my baby

        • MC 703

          VA State Police pushed my three and four year old Yorkshire Terriers out of the way.

    • doodly

      You don’t know what happened in this incident.

    • Alexandrian

      Obviously that woman thought she was entitled to disobey orders from a police officer, refused to stay in the car when told to do so, and her sense of entitlement made her call 911. To me, the officer showed an amazing level of self-restraint because if it was me, or worse, if this was in another country, that lady would have had it a lot worse.

    • Alexandrian

      One more piece to the puzzle: “and then fought officers as they attempted to place her under arrest.”

      Just a thought…

      • Central Arlingtonian

        I find it’s best to run from the police, not fight them.

        • Maria

          They love when you do that.

    • Maria

      Apparently, you had one bad experience with AN “impetuous, brutish thug” and that has made you dislike the entire police force in Alexandria (and, apparently, Arlington). Do you do this often? If we all judged entire groups of people by the actions of one, no one would like anyone. What a crappy world this would be.

      And again, you were not a witness to this incident, so you have absolutely no idea if this woman was a danger to anyone or not. Also, maybe she wasn’t, but the police officers did not know that and had to handle the situation accordingly.


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