Road Closures Planned for Weekend Bike Races

by ARLnow.com June 9, 2011 at 3:05 pm 6,371 121 Comments

The Air Force Cycling Classic will bring exciting races and extensive road closures to Arlington over the weekend.

The nationally-recognized pro cycling event will kick off early in Clarendon on Saturday, then head to Crystal City on Sunday. Here’s the official schedule:

  • Saturday, June 11 (Clarendon)
    • 8:00 a.m. — Amateur races (for licensed riders)
    • 10:05 a.m. — Women’s Pro/Am race
    • 11:35 a.m. — Kids race
    • 12:00 p.m. — Clarendon Cup Pro/Am Invitational
  • Sunday, June 12 (Crystal City)
    • 7:30 a.m. — Crystal Ride (open to all, registration ends Friday)
    • 11:15 a.m. — Kids races
    • 11:35 a.m. — Crystal Cup Pro/Am Invitational
    • 1:25 p.m. — Women’s Pro/Am race
    • 2:30 p.m. — Amateur race (for licensed riders)

The races will result in a long list of road closures. See the list, after the jump.

  • Saturday (approx. 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
    • Wilson Blvd from 10th Street to Barton Street
    • Clarendon Blvd from Washington Blvd to Barton Street
    • Washington Blvd from 10th Street to 13th Street
    • Highland Street from Wilson Blvd to Washington Blvd
    • Garfield Street and Fillmore Street from Wilson Blvd to Washington Blvd
  • Sunday (approx. 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
    • Joyce Street from Army Navy Drive to Columbia Pike
    • Columbia Pike from Oak Street to Pentagon South Parking
    • EB Washington Blvd at I-395
    • WB Washington Blvd from Memorial Bridge
    • Boundary Channel Drive
    • Crystal Drive from 23rd Street to Army Navy Drive
    • SB Route 110 ramp to I-395 (reopens at noon)
    • Various Jefferson Davis Hwy (Route 1) ramp/exit closures

  • ArlLiver4

    And if one lives on a closed road? Are they SOL with regard to their car?

    • CL

      Now that you have advanced notice, you could park your car on a street unaffected by these closures on Friday night.

      • ArlLiver4

        Let’s think about this for a moment. You live in a Condo or apartment. Therefore you do not get a zone permit. All the streets around there are zoned 8am-1am, all days. Tell me where one will park?

        • CL

          In my part of Clarendon, there are no street parking restrictions on the weekend. I obviously can’t speak for all zones in Arlington. But thank you for your condescension. I apologize for trying to be helpful.

          • CW

            I just got an email literally 10 minutes ago telling me that I am SOL. My car is stranded in my apartment building’s garage between FOUR EFFING A M and 5 PM. I am supposed to run the Lawyers Have Heart 10k at 7:30 in Georgetown, and have been planning to do this for months. Pray tell how in the world I am supposed to get to Georgetown at 6 AM on a saturday with no car.

          • Easy
          • LyonSteve

            Take the Taxi and submit the receipt to the event organizers. Problem solved.

          • LyonSteve

            Capital Bikeshare… o wait, Arlingotn has delayed that for months.

            You can always walk. At 6am, it probably will be only 90 and 80% humidity.

          • Greg

            I will buy a frogurt for anyone who blows through the barrier on a Capital Bikeshare bike in the middle of this race.

          • Glebe Roader

            Walk, run, bike, cab, friend pick you up.

          • taytay

            Your apartment didn’t warn you? That sucks.

            You can’t go park your car tonight outside? There is unrestricted parking in the county. You could run to it to warm up.

            Or just take a cab – then you won’t have to park in Georgetown.

            Or ride a bike? Great warmup and only a couple miles, all downhill.

            Or get a ride with a friend?

            You;re an adult who lives in an urban area, you should know how to do this stuff yourself.

          • CW

            Ok, thanks for lambasting me because my landlord gave me 36 hours notice that i would not be able to drive to an event that I’ve known about for 6 months and which metro will not be open in time to get me to. Sorry that blowing $40 round-trip in cab fare is not nontrivial to me. Sorry that I don’t want to run 3 miles before running a 10k. I guess I will bike it real slowly as a good warmup. The ride back will be less fun.

            You don’t need to resort to the “you’re an adult” nonsense. Yes, I am an adult. I live in a building, make my money, pay my rent, pay for my parking, and plan my schedule. I was momentarily P.O.’d because the lovely landlord to whom I pay $2k a month gave me all of 1.5 days notice in throwing a wrench into the works of my plans. Hope it never happens to you, or, when it does, you’re just a complete saint about it.

          • doodly

            Okay, 36 hours isn’t enough for you to figure this out?

            You think a cab to G-town will cost $40?

            You couldn’t take the Metro home instead of riding a bike?

            Yes, you’re mad because of the short notice from the landlord. Which is perfectly reasonable. And I said so in my post to you.

          • doodly

            P.S. I meant jog to your car, not to G-town!

          • CW

            Round trip cab fare should be close to $40, especially with the road closures. I could take metro back except…Clarendon station is in the middle of the race course…could get off in court house, fair. Even so, on principle, $20 spent in taxi fare instead of $1 in gas and free parking peeves me. Maybe I don’t like leaving my car in residential neighborhoods to begin with where it will get all beat to hell.

            Also, who is “doodly”? I didn’t see any previous comments from a “doodly”. Hmm…the sock puppet era continues.

            I never said that I couldn’t figure this out in 36 hours. Stop being an @ss just because you can be. If your dog dies and you’re upset, should I say you’re incapable of not being upset for the rest of your life? If they raise the property taxes, should I say you should be an adult and figure out how to pay them? No, it’s called human nature and reacting to something.

          • CL

            If you are riding there, could you metro back with your bike? I will say up front that I do not know the rules about when you can take your bike on the metro.

            Also, the 38B bus starts running at 5:30 on Saturdays and goes through Georgetown: http://wmata.com/bus/timetables/va/38b.pdf?n

          • CW

            Thanks – I will probably just ride my bike round trip. I realize that it’s only a couple miles! I just hate changes of plans, and I don’t usually ride my bike before a running race.

            You bring up a good point – I wonder what the 38B route will look like with all the road closures in Arlington?

          • NOVApologist

            Isn’t doodly the poster fka dynaroo?

          • Wildhair

            You live in Clarendon and can’t figure out how to get to Georgetown without a car? How about a 30 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride? There’s a BikeDC rack on Rhodes and 16th……$5 and drop it off in Georgetown.

          • CL

            I am mildly amused that you are upset about an event closing streets in our neighborhood because it will restrict your ability to get to another event that will close streets in a different neighborhood. That aside, I am sure you can come up with a solution (perhaps one suggested here) in the next 36 hours, just as I am sure residents along your race route will find ways to go about their day. Good luck!

          • CW

            I do not believe that the race route to which I am alluding will prevent anyone from getting out of their garages; certainly not for 13 hours.

          • CW

            maybe the paper mill people…

          • Waaaaycroft

            Two whole miles? Park somewhere the night before, take the Metro or a bus, bike, jog (consider it a warmup), kayak down your river of tears…

          • CW

            Right, the metro that won’t be open yet. Genius.

            Sorry I came across as a little whiny. Jeez, when you guys plan something to go one way and then someone changes plans on you, doesn’t it peeve you a little bit? So sorry that I had a reaction that no one at all could sympathize with. Also note that I was replying to the comment by the one who started the thread about residents being SOL.

          • Glebe Roader

            Thanks for the laugh!

          • doodly

            We could sympathize completely with the fact that you got short notice and it screws up your plans. But your plans aren’t that hard to fix.

          • CW

            Didn’t say they were. I said it would be expensive, inconvenient, and/or physically tiring to fix them, and that 36 hours notice was lame.

          • yequalsy

            Please tell me you realize that the 10k you’re running is closing roads in Georgetown, e.g., K Street, Foxhall, Canal. Yet you’re whining about the Clarendon Cup? Sheesh. The Clarendon Cup is an annual event that’s been going on for years.

          • CW

            Just to reiterate…

            1) I understand the 10k is closing streets. I do not believe that it is preventing anyone from exiting their homes. If it is indeed the case that it is doing this to people, then they have a right to be peeved, ESPECIALLY if they were only given 36 hours notice.

            2) Yes, the Clarendon Cup has been held for a long time. But my understanding is that in past years, even though the course was the same, the extent of road closures, especially roads leading to residences, was not as extreme.

          • charlie

            people who drive to the track and to the gym to exercise always befuddle me. WALK .

        • doodly

          Here’s another option – live without your car for a day. It’s not like you live in an urban area with lots of transportation options or anything. Go watch the race.

          • LyonSteve

            Another notch in Arlington’s war on drivers.

            Usually when a road is closed due to an event they still let local residents through to their house.

          • SD

            Not when its flooded by bikers. I’d take rolling thunder over this.

          • doodly

            It’s a race. With laps. Going very fast. You can’t just stop a race to let a car through the course every once in a while.

            This is true in every place that has a race. The “war on cars” thing is a lame cheap shot.

          • LyonSteve

            These are tax-paying citizens being denied their right to enter and exit their parking. They pay property tax, even on their parking spots as they are deeded as well.

            I can think of two buildings which have entrances on Garfield St and are affected by this. Looking at the race map (http://www.airforcecyclingclassic.com/index.php/2011-race-info) the course doesn’t even run on Garfield. What’s going to be on Garfield? Tents for the riders? So the event organizers are going to screw hundreds of citizens their right to access their building via their car. I swear, in this county, illegals have more rights than citizens.

            I say a TRO is in order. CW you should go to the county courthouse right now and file for one.

          • doodly

            Oh, for God’s sake, enough with the “taxpaying citizens” crap. No, you are not entitled to 24-hour 365-day unlimited use of the streets. There are going to be things that get in your way – parades, festivals, construction – and races. That’s life in the big city. Deal with it.

            Sure, it sucks extra that it blocks an entrance to a garage for a whole day. But a TRO? Get a life.

          • Clarendude

            The race map is the same course it has always run in years past, yet Filmore and Garfield had never been closed all the way to Washington. Also, there is no need to extend the closure of Wilson and Clarendon all the way to Barton as far as I can tell.

            Are we sure this street closure list is accurate ?

          • CW

            Agreed with Clarendude. This is why I’m surprised. And, this also happens to be the first year that Clarendon Center is open (with a garage on Garfield). I think the cops went and extended the region that’s shut down proactively.

          • Clarendude

            Someone needs to confirm the streets. Closing Clarendon Blvd all the way to Barton, and Fillmore mean the Market Common is completely shut down car-wise, as is Whole Foods for the entire day. I don’t believe it.

          • ArlLiver4

            @doodly. What the person is handicapped? Now what are you going to say? And I’m pretty sure that county zoning rules require a certain # or % of handicapped spots. Should they park far away and just huff it?

          • CW

            I think doodly goes by taytay now.

          • LyonSteve

            According to Arlington Police these street closures are accurate and they have no information for residents who may be affected.

          • Clarendude

            Someone will have some explaining to do if these road closures are accurate. This race have been successfully held yearly for probably over a decade and never have these roads been closed. It doesn’t make sense to me.

            I’m totally in support of street festivals and street events and using the public right of way for stuff like this, but this seems unnecessay and excessive.

            Closing streets is also expensive and the event organizer has to pay for the police. Although I’m not sure how the fee is determined (number of streets, intersections, length of street?)

          • LyonSteve

            If anyone is concerned, I encourage you to call the non emergency police line at 703-558-2222 and ask them. They will confirm the street closings.

            They will be able to confirm or deny these closings as well as list any alternatives for residents.

      • LyonSteve

        Plenty of people are away for work and may not be returning until Friday or Saturday night. They will return and find they cannot leave via their car. If they had a prior engagement they are now screwed.

        I live close by and I have had no idea that all of these roads would be closed. This is pure nonsense by the County and the event Organizers. It’s great that they want to host the event in Arlington but you need to alert the people that is going to affect.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Mmmmm spandex!

  • Charlie

    Oh Come On – – – Live somewhere where nothing happens if you are incapable of being flexible. Don’t you know this is one reason why people want to live here? This is a progressive, lively place to live, things are happening all around you. Unable to be flexible? Maybe you should move somewhere else where the livin is easy.

    • CW

      Charlie – I very much enjoy living in a nice vibrant community. I am just mildly peeved when said community makes my residence, which had never been within the street closure zone in the past, part of the closure zone and with only 36 hours notice.

      • SD

        Actually Arlington Alert sent out a message about this early yesterday.

        • CW

          Thank you for a productive comment. I was not previously registered for it.

      • TGEoA


        • CW

          What brilliant commentary. Don’t like having your car impounded in your own garage due to the actions of a private event organizer? Move. Don’t like the artisphere? Move. Think property taxes are too high? Move. What great discourse, you know, using this venue as a way to discuss local issues and all. Really advancing the discussion here.

          Mental note: anytime TGEoA complains or disagrees with anything, post “Move.” as the response.

          • TGEoA

            You’re the one crying about your landlord giving you “only” 36 hours notice. Show him who’s the boss.

          • CW

            Yes, right, say “crying” one more time. Show how smart you are by trying to act like a schoolyard bully.

    • JamesE

      I moved to Arlington just for the once a year bike races !!!!!!! They don’t have those in less civilized rural areas.

      • yequalsy

        I don’t know if you’re joking or not but I really did move to Arlington due to the Clarendon Cup (then the CSC something or other). For quirky reasons I’d originally rented in the Franconia area (shudder). My first time in Arlington was to see the race and I quickly realized that this was the place to be. One of the better choices I’ve made in life.

  • Erin

    Luckily we don’t have these types of problems in South Arlington 🙂

    • Erin

      Well, outside of CC, that is

  • Clarendude

    OK, so if he street closures are accurate, then the race organizer’s map


    Indicates to Park in the public garage on Fillmore – but if Fillmore is really closed from Wilson to Washington, nobody can get to it !

  • well this annoys me – do not live walking distance from Clarendon and I have to drive to the grocery store (WF) and farmers market. Just seems weird to me that all these businesses are affected on weekend days and it’s OK. Lots of money is lost. (I can make it to the farmers’ market, but not WF).

    I know I’m in the minority here but it still bugs me. Arlington is not some little town in the middle of nowhere where you can just shut streets down to have a parade or a race. Yet we seem to do it several times a year.

    oh well . . .

    • Take it down a notch

      Actually the people who go to see the races spend money at those businesses.

    • MB

      I’d bet money that these closures aren’t exactly right, and that you can still drive to Whole Foods. But really, it never occurred to you that you could just park a block down the street and walk? How ever do you manage to get across the parking lot?

      One of the great things about Arlington is that it can – and does – shut its streets down to cars so that people can get out and enjoy themselves on Clarendon Day, for the Clarendon Cup, etc. The businesses clean up during those events, too.

      • Take it down a notch

        I haven’t been to the Clarendon race in several years, but when I did go I would park at my office in Ballston and walk to Clarendon. It was more pleasant than taking Metro. And then I would have blueberry pancakes at Silver Diner…

    • Josh S

      Wait, isn’t there a big parade down the streets of FREAKING MANHATTAN every year on Thanksgiving??!!?! And various other ticker tape parades there for sports teams, astronauts, etc? Uh, what else? How about the Boston Marathon? (Actually, marathons through just about every major US city you can think of…) Uh, I recall an annual bike race through the streets of Philadelphia when I lived there….on and on and on.

      Jesus Christ.

      • PhilL

        What’s your point? Every single person near those events is not inconvenienced in any way?

      • CW

        If I was living right on the Boston Marathon route, clearly I’d understand that the road was going to be shut down once a year. I think one of the key differentiators here is that people who are not really near the race route are having their buildings locked down for no reason. We’re talking a couple dozen cyclists and a couple thousand spectators, maybe, not tens of thousands of runners in the nation’s premier event. No need to shut down roads blocks and blocks away for 13 hours for events lasting a couple hours. And what in the world would be so difficult about having police control residents-only access to those blocks.

  • NOVApologist

    Virginia Is for Lovers

    Arlington Is for Whiners

    • CW

      1) Let me know when you are planning on taking a trip somewhere.

      2) I will lock down your building with your vehicle inside of it.

      3) Try not to whine.

      • 2 girls 1 cup

        sounds like someone needs to change their tampon

      • NOVApologist

        I love the word choices:


        If I had 36 minutes notice that the entrance to my garage was going to be blocked I could easily come up with an alternate plan. Like moving my car.

        Do you have tantrums like this every time your routine is mildly inconvenienced?

        • CW

          Moving your car to where? Lyon Village where the zoning prevents parking in front of the residents’ ivory towers? The side of washington blvd where my car is going to get beat all to hell by passing dump trucks and careless maryland drivers who can’t parallel park? Also keep in mind that we’re talking like 4 or more 10-to-12-story buildings that are affected. That’s a lot of cars for the area to absorb if those residents plan on going anywhere tomorrow.

          You and other posters, looking to show your virtual bravado and get a cheap laugh as always, have of course taken this to be the level of a “tantrum”, “crying”, whatever else you want to call it. I posted a simple complaint about how my plans were being impacted by events about which I was not told and which would cause me inconvenience. You cannot argue with that. At the end of the day I was needlessly inconvenienced for living in an area that is not at all on the race route and thus which they did not need to close down. Hate on me all you want; I’ll keep an eye out for the next time you complain about anything.

          • CL

            If you really want your car, park in Lyon Park. South of 10th Street, there are no parking restrictions on the weekend, starting, I believe, at 6pm on Fridays. You don’t have to park on Washington Blvd. You can park on any of the residential side streets with light traffic where your car will be at little risk (and there is no garbage collection in the residential parts Lyon Park on the weekends, that I am aware). I honestly doubt everyone in your building will want/need their car on Saturday, given how many around here use public transportation. You could always give it a try this evening.

  • TGEoA

    Take this opportunity and drive out to Wegmans. Whole foods sucksmin comparison

  • Charlie

    These streets ar closed because they dead end at th race. You will still be able to come and go. Closing full access just keeps every idiot of your street and making a u turn. Sheez.

  • yequalsy

    As much as we’ve beaten up on CW over his complaints I do think it’s a good idea to remind ourselves, especially those of us involved in different event,s about the need to get the word out about events like this. I’ll give an example. In recent months there have been two 5ks in my neighborhood, right down my street in fact. The first one — the Nottingham 5k — was held on a Saturday morning and organizers distributed flyers to every house along the route about a week out (IIRC). The second one — the Yorktown 5k — was held on a Saturday evening starting at 7. No flyers were distributed — at least not to my house. There was an Arlington Alert that went out about a day in advance but it was grossly incomplete about road closings. I figured out the actual course by going to the event website, so I planned accordingly, but it was real clear during the event that most folks in the neighborhood didn’t have the slightest idea this was going on and closing roads from 7 – 8 on a Saturday evening can really disrupt lives. In the end I doubt anyone was all that put out, but the problem here is that if you alienate residents they’ll complain to the press, the police, and county council. Eventually this can lead to events not getting permits. A little due diligence goes a long way.

    • Stu Pendus

      Here’s an idea, and I know Arlington loves technology and they have a big maps and GIS department: make some Google based map application where you have the map of the event area, and a time slider at the bottom, so when you move the time slider along the bottom, different road closures & transit detours etc are highlighted and shown on the map.

    • charlie

      and accuracy.
      the 5k in my neighborhood did distribute fliers. but they had a route on it that wasn’t the same as the information given by the police.
      it was a good excuse to just stay home on a saturday morning and catch up on all the arlnow comments i missed during the week.

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  • Unicycle Lover

    You know if there is going to be a “bicycle” race this weekend (as there is every weekend in summer) I really don’t appreciate the Military excluding those who unicycle professionally. This so called “bicycle” race is a slap in the face to taxpaying unicycle professionals who risk their lives every single weekend (literally every weekend) to compete. Since the government Arlington has trapped us in our homes this Saturday I will boycott the race! I am calling on all unicycle lovers to come out this weekend and show your support for unicycles everywhere….oh wait that’s right we can’t go out because the STREETS ARE CLOSED! Thank you again Arlington stepping on the little people and forgetting those who ride unicycles, I will remember this when I pay my personal property tax on my unicycle…till next time!

    • LyonSteve

      Show me your PPT bill for your unicycle.

      If only the PPT applied to these bikes. These racing bikes can cost thousands of dollars, some more than a lot of cars registered in Arlington. And to think of all the money they will “raise” by selling the decal alone!

      Then they can funnel this to their illegal dream scholarships.

    • yequalsy

      Unicyclists are discriminated against but not nearly as much as pogo-stick riders. (We prefer the term Pogo-Americans.) If caught on the street we’re rounded up and thrown into concentration camps. Ever wondered why you don’t see many Pogo-Americans around Arlington? That’s why.

      On the other hand, we Pogo-Americans strongly endorse the indiscriminate slaughter of all segway riders.

  • LyonSteve

    WUSA just announced the same closings.

  • Clarendon Resident

    CW, please have no fear. Streets like Garfield and Fillmore should be CLOSED ONLY TO THRU TRAFFIC. AS A RESIDENT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR PARKING GARAGE, both departing to and returning from your event. I don’t know in which building you reside, but simply tell the officers that you are a resident and you should be able to access the parking garage, both departing and returning from your event.

    In years past, all of the thru-traffic from Washington Boulevard was diverted down Garfield and Fillmore to the small driveway between the two Station Square condo buildings…which is private property, not a proper two-lane county road. As a result, residents of these buildings were very nearly run over walking out the front door and could not access their loading docks safely. So this year, as in last year, the perimeter for thru-traffic (only) from Washington Blvd should be confined to public roads (the nearest of which is 10th Street).

    Nevertheless if you live in one of the residential buildings on Fillmore and Garfield, you should still have access to your parking garage and will be able to enter and exit the area. You will still have to drive around the actual race course to get to Georgetown, but getting in and out of your building should be easier. Enjoy your run!

    • CW

      Yeah, after all the BS and arguing, sanity prevailed. The cops are allowing residents to access the building garages. Fillmore isn’t closed at all from what I can tell. Of course, a lot of this stemmed from the fact that this originated in my case with an email from my building manager about the closures, which they were taking as gospel. This could have all been avoided if the building people had just asked the cops “hey, can our residents get in and our” and they said “yep”.

      In my case it didn’t matter anyhow as I’d not checked my email after work and didn’t find out until just now! But the bike ride to and from the race was a nice warm up and cool down anyhow, and I’ll still get to drive to my afternoon engagements.

      Sorry for the previous whining but I am glad logic prevailed.

      • G550
      • charlie

        CW, i went thru Clarendon to check and make sure you weren’t being arrested for disorderly. As you now know, Filmore is closed, but open to local traffic. They have to close the streets because the lemmings will drive down until the barrier and then make 12-point u-turns.
        enjoy the races.

        • CW

          Haha, that made me laugh. Yeah, I guess I’m now in the know. I don’t know what to say – misinformation was at fault here so all’s well that ends well.

          FWIW, at 6 AM this morning they hardly had anything closed off…only Wilson and Clarendon from highland to wash blvd.

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