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Photos from Testicle Festival

by ARLnow.com June 13, 2011 at 9:22 am 13,443 38 Comments

About 500 people showed up at the American Legion post in Virginia Square on Saturday to chug beer, drink Crown Royal and sample bull testicles.

The Montana State Society’s 2011 Testicle Festival was a rousing success, said co-organizer Jed Link, who noted that last year’s event in the District — which lacked Crown Royal — only drew 200 attendees. Link also observed that the line for fried testicles was longer than ever.

Our photos from the event, for those who have already eaten their breakfast, are below.

  • CW

    The seated guy in the teal fishing shirt is my hero.

    • JamesE



    Where are higher resolution photos. FREDTERP

    • Just click on the photos to see higher resolution images.

      • FREDTERP

        AN solid coverage but after clicking those photos are still pretty small? FREDTERP

  • 22205

    Did Rep. Weiner make an appearance?


    • Michael H.

      He only likes taking pictures and sending them to strangers. He doesn’t want to actually touch them.

  • eat an animal’s gonads


    • CW

      Would you rather they go to waste?

      • eat an animal’s penis

        Would you?

        Same principle.

        • 22205

          Are we talking battered and deep-fried?

          • eat an animal’s lower intestine

            Fried, grilled, or blackened, your choice. Mayo or no mayo.

          • 22205

            Tripe, chitterlings, every real sausage “casing” ever made…I’m gettin’ hungry over here.

            It’s all fat/protein, and it’s all cooked into obliteration. Eating a bull’s billiards isn’t different from eating a chunk out of his hip, leg, etc.

          • doodly

            Um, yeah, not eating tripe either.

          • NrNy2ArlVa

            Just purchase a block of Scrapple and you can eat them any way you want.

        • CW

          Traditional in a lot of cultures. Supposed to bring vitality, etc.

          • not a chance

            you did not just say that. that crazy belief is what is bringing the worlds tigers to extinction. you are eating another beings sexual organs. stop already.

        • John Fontain

          No need to get testy!

          • Tabby


          • Also in attendance:

            Rep. Tester! From Montana, no less!

  • Last Best Place

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s Testy Fest a huge success, and to ArlNow for coming out!

    • The Dope of South Arlington

      ArlNow came out? Over Pride Weekend no less!

  • TGEoA

    Why wasn’t this held at Ballston?

    • wat

      +1 internets to you sir.

  • Those Bud cans are tremendous.

  • JJ

    I’d love to see my testicles in some of those ladies’ mouths. 🙂

    • Tabby


    • It was just a matter of time before this comment was posted….

    • doodly

      What took you so long?

    • OK

      It’s a rude, crude comment–but I laughed my a** off. All these little puns and then out of nowhere, “I’d love to….” I’m still laughing!

    • Maria

      Wait, so this is an acceptable comment, i.e. not worthy of removal?

      • ballston

        It took some balls to post it.

        • Maria


        • JJ

          Thanks, ballston. You made me lol. I’m surprised it hasn’t been removed as well. I figured that since ARLNow was tossing everybody huge softballs, I’d take a whack at it. I’m certain I wasn’t the only one who thought about posting something like this. I simply pulled the trigger, that is tall. Is it vulgar? Yes. But if I made some of you chuckle, then mission accomplished. Let’s lighten up, people.

          • Maria

            My question was less about the comment itself and more about the fact that ArlNow removes a lot of comments they deem offensive or too personal, and this seemed to be… well… both! I wasn’t implying I personally offended.

  • Pete Horn

    You cut off the balls so you can make the bull calf a steer, SO YOU CAN EAT THE REST OF HIM. Comparison to a tiger is just stupid. And it’s Senator Restore.

  • Pete Horn

    Oops. I mean Testor.


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