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‘Big’ Annual Event to Be Revealed Next Week

by ARLnow.com June 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm 1,535 46 Comments

A new annual community event will be launching later this year in Arlington. Organizers have released a few tantalizing tidbits about the event, but most details will remain a mystery until a formal announcement featuring Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell on Wednesday of next week.

The one-day event is expected take place Labor Day weekend along the W&OD Trail in Arlington. It will feature “a sports event with a historic twist, a large-scale environmental action activity (biggest in the park’s history) and a festival featuring a national recording artist which we expect will draw several thousand attendees,” said Chris Browne, Vice President of the Greater Washington Sports Alliance.

“It is going to be BIG and very relevant to our regional community,” Browne added.

Wednesday’s announcement will feature First Lady McDonnell, County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman and Paul Koonce, CEO of Dominion Virginia Power, which is sponsoring the event. The announcement is scheduled to take place at 11:00 a.m. at Bluemont Park (601 N. Manchester Street).

  • TGEoA

    Stocking the 4 mile run stream with brown trout?

    • CW

      That already happens every time the sewers overflow in a big storm…

  • Lou

    1st Annual ARLnow Jamboree & Hootenanny?

  • Thes

    Wow, McDonnell, Zimmerman and Dominion Power joining as co-sponsors… I’m guessing this will not be something very edgy.

  • V Dizzle

    Whacking Day?

    • FrenchyB

      Sorry, can’t have a Whacking Day without the late Barry White.

      • Mayor Quimby


  • TGEoA


  • novanglus

    Is Remy a national recording artist?

  • CW

    My sources inform me that this will be the first annual W&OD 10k race and trash pickup…there will be a cupcake, froyo, pizza, and burger-eating contest at the 5k mark and a free Miley Cyrus concert after the race.

    • ArlForester

      And all runners will be required to wear brown flip flops.

      • JammingEcono

        Really? All I EVER see around here are dudes in brown flip flops … and the Starbucks.

      • Arl


    • bb

      The Miley Cyrus concert will of course induce vomiting. The vomit will be used as fertilizer, hence fulfilling the “large-scale environmental action activity.”

  • PotentialSlacker

    Phew. When I first read it – I thought Chris Brown was the recording artist.

  • Lou

    I remember when the County fireworks were at Bluemont. Wish we still had something like that in the County on the Fourth.

    • NArlpwns

      Washington Golf & Country Club has fireworks and open to the public for free.

  • Dezlboy

    Billy Bragg.

    • Lacey Forest


  • Lil Bird

    Jason Mraz….

  • Charlie

    Another unsuccessful event for Washington Sports Allince. Maybe it will be the Nationl Triathalon of swimming, running, biking….

  • Jay

    I don’t know what’s more entertaining…the events in Arlington or the comments that people make on ArlNow. When you omit the hard line political comments (from either side of the aisle) and the a-holes, there’s quite a funny bunch of folks who post here. Keep up the free entertainment!

    • BerryBerryCold

      It’s not free. Your time and mine cost money.

    • Joe Hoya

      Do not talk about Fight Club.

  • beddy

    Not if part of the transit will be shut down for repairs. . . . .and not if it excludes a major portion of the population. Oh well, I’m sure it is designed to inflate a small group of egos . . . . .and will inconvenience others.

  • Truthi

    How much of my taX DOLLAR WILL GO FOR THIS CRAP

    • doodly

      Wow, you have no idea how much, and you don’t even know what the event is, and you’ve already decided that it’s crap.

  • soarlslacker

    Does anyone have even the slightest clue why when 1/2 the roads in SOUTH Arlington were closed this morning and not a single Arlington ALERT email was sent out? They send out Arlington Alerts when there is a traffic accident in Fairfax County. Nothing came out this morning. Not a peep or squeak from Alington Alerts this morning. Some folks need to travel to other parts of the county…even out to Dulles…but no one seemed to be able to provide the basic info of what roads are open and what roads are not. There had to be one Arlington County employee who could use a computer somewhere who could send out at Alert.

    • wat

      I got a TON on the Arlington County Virginia facebook page. That isn’t linked to Arlington Alerts?

    • Nance

      Do you mean the mess around 395, 110, etc? There were two alerts on email and text. Scroll down the story, it was a big deal.

  • MC

    What is Greater Washington Sports Alliance? I’ve read what’s online about it, and I can’t figure out why it exists, what it really does, who is really funding it and why. A rather shadowy organization (a true charity would have much better info on what they do). Someone’s looking to make a buck here, but not being very transparent about their motives.

  • Charlie

    From GWSA facebok page

    Dominion Trail Mix
    Dominion Virginia Power is teaming up with the Greater Washington Sports Alliance and the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority for the first annual Dominion Trail Mix event on September 3rd, 2011!!!! Please look out for more updates!
    Tuesday at 4:57pm · View Post

  • Charlie
    • madisonmanor

      Not thought through too well – if they changed the name to Dominion Trail MIXER, they could have teamed with Arlnow for a singles event that would be much more entertaining than a run/bike event. Turning in your brown flip flops would be the price of admission.

  • Just Me

    Can we invite ICE?

  • Rob Rosten

    That was easy.

    “Welcome to Dominion Trail Mix
    Welcome! This site will be offering updates on all the needs and information for Dominion Trail Mix’s 3 different components. The Dominion Trail Mix will take place on September 3rd, 2011 at the Washington & Old Dominion Trail in Virginia.
    Learn more about:
    Hail the Trail: the biggest trail clean up in the Washington & Old Dominion Trail’s history.
    The Great Skeddadle: a fun run/walk and biking experience along the trail
    TrailFest: a community festival at Farmwell Middle School.
    Keep checking back for more information on each component, as well as more information on how to volunteer for the event!

    • doodly

      Farmwell Middle School is in Loudoun County.

      And who is the recording artist?

      This looks like part of the event, but clearly there is more to come in Bluemont.

    • doodly

      Farmwell Middle school is in Loudoun County.

      This clearly doesn’t refer to Arlington’s event, though it is probably related to it. I’ll bet there are similar events up and down the W&OD.

      Still don’t know who the big recording artist is.

    • Lou


  • wat

    ‘Big’ Event

    I think what they are getting at is that Arlington is going to become the host for the worlds fattest people gathering going forward.

  • Charles

    Remember, there’s no such thing as “first annual.”

    • doodly

      Sure there is.

  • Mr. Kwok

    This is going to be huge. Can’t wait!

  • R0bespierre

    Arlington Beer Festival. Get to it.

  • doodly

    Mrs. McDonnell is announcing the event? Does her husband allow her to work outside the home now?

  • Big event, indeed.


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