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Animal Welfare League Launches iPhone App

by ARLnow.com June 28, 2011 at 3:05 pm 3,470 13 Comments

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington says it’s the first humane society in the D.C. area to launch its own iPhone application.

AWLA’s new “Arlington Pets” app allows users to quickly browse photos and descriptions of the pets that are currently up for adoption at the shelter. The app sorts the adoption list by dogs, cats, and “others” (birds, bunnies, etc.). Once a potential adopter has found a pet they want, the app allows them to call or email the shelter.

“AWLA launched this  initiative as a way to help connect today’s technologically savvy society with animals in need,” the League said in a statement. “We are grateful to Ron Novak and his entire team at Segue Technologies, Inc., of Arlington for developing this unique application at no cost to AWLA.”

The app is free and available to iPhone and iPad users via the Apple App Store.

  • b0rk

    This is cool but I feel like the only people that will really use it are the animal hoarders who shouldn’t have so many pets anyway. Hopefully it will help animals get into nice homes though. It is a good tool to keep track of what critters are where.

  • DCDirtDog

    MyPetEd.com has had a similar app for awhile now. It allows you to search various locations. Glad to see AWLA develop an app specifically for Arlington though.

  • ArlForester

    I don’t know how many people will actually use it but it is a great idea. People can browse the animals available without having to go to the shelter.

  • Joe

    This is just terrific. It will be great to have an app where I can report and upload people who are ignoring the leash law and running large dogs off-leash in parks and in neighborhoods. So great to see AWLA embracing the latest technology to meet their contractual agreement with the County to enforce the leash law…

    Oh, wait…

    • Frank Alfred

      Large unleashed dogs are running amok in Arlington!

      What part of the directive regarding who is responsible for enforcement of leash laws in the County do you not understand?

      You constantly post this same type of post and you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

      • O.C.

        Is this a trick question? AWLA is responsible, right? Don’t they hold a contract from the County to undertake animal control? Doesn’t the Arlington County Police Department tell you to call Animal Welfare League of Arlington when you report an off-leash dog to ACPD’s non-emergency line?

        What am I missing?

        • CW

          You’re not missing anything. That’s the letter of the law, except it doesn’t work.

          Putting AWLA in charge of leash law enforcement is like subcontracting out a supermarket’s butcher shop operations to PETA…incentives are beyond misaligned.

          • EFC

            +1. AWLA is a joke when it comes to enforcement. I own a large dog myself, and I’m so sick of seeing these self-centered jerks whose dogs are off leash. Let them run the shelter, but let’s get a real dogcatcher/leash-law enforcer and cut some of the many fluff positions at the county govt.

          • J.J.

            EFC, I must say your comments are naive. Steve Aronson has a 2010 book on Purdue University Press that explains this. He notes on p. 137 that:

            “the public may view the animal control provider primarily as an enforcement agent of local government and may not be aware of its humane activities. This can hurt the provider’s fund-raising efforts for its animal welfare activities…enforcement of animal control laws…may generate complaints and negative publicity even if the contractor’s actions are justified.”

            In light of that, it’s better for AWLA to keep the County stream of funding to HELP animal welfare. By sponging up the County money, it can be used for good. The worst thing AWLA could do would be to let some obligation to the “contract” lead it to issue citations to the very people AWLA asking for money–leading to AWLA winding up with LESS money overall than if they didn’t have the contract at all.

          • EFC

            “The worst thing AWLA could do would be to let some obligation to the “contract” lead it to issue citations to the very people AWLA asking for money–leading to AWLA winding up with LESS money overall than if they didn’t have the contract at all.”

            No, the worst thing would be for sensible, necessary laws that protect public safety to go unenforced and ignored–which is what we have now. I can’t believe you would state that it’s more important for AWLA to raise money than for our laws to go enforced and for dangerous animals to be collected.

            Your statement does illustrate the inherent conflict of interest in letting AWLA handle animal control for Arlington.

  • Frank Alfred

    The law has been posted here before – AWLA is not the only enforcement arm to enforce the leash laws.

    If you call the police and tell them you see a loose dog – of course they will tell you to call AWLA – that is the responsibility of AWLA. Enforcing the leash laws is the responsibility of all “officers”.

    Chapter 2. “Animals and Fowl” of the County Code.

    Read it and learn.

    • O.C.

      If I’m a police officer, and my superiors tell me that AWLA has responsibility for the leash law, and a County Board member’s dog sends CDs/DVDs to pet owners’ dogs during reelection time..
      Well, I’m going to ash-can any calls that come in by telling them AWLA has jurisdiction. Just telling it like it is.

  • It’s good to see AWLA has come into the technology era with their new app for iPhones. That will make it a lot easier for people to find the pet they want and relieve the congestion in the pet shelters.


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