Morning Poll: Parking Rate Increases

by ARLnow.com July 1, 2011 at 8:51 am 2,477 23 Comments

Parking is getting more expensive in Arlington. Starting today, parking rates are going up by 25 cents.

The hourly long-term meter rate is increasing from $0.75 to $1.00 while the hourly short-term meter rate is increasing from $1.00 to $1.25.

When first proposed to the County Board, county staff said the increase would “make Arlington rates consistent with other rates in the region, and will result in more efficient utilization of valuable curb space.”

“Especially in areas where short term parking is needed, the rates can help to encourage parking turnover,” staff noted.

Will the rate increase affect your parking habits?

  • Thes

    I’ll probably be more likely to use a metered space, because not as many of them will be full all the time.

  • AllenB

    My guess is that people will bitch and moan about this but an additional $0.25 per hour isn’t going to change anyone’s habits.

  • Lou

    People will not notice. I mean, if you are paying a couple bucks for a cupcake, 25cents in a meter is no big deal. Hopefully they will get some smart meters going soon so we can just pay with our phones.

    Also, are the meters that were reduced 6 months ago going back to normal price?

    • doodly

      You would think that, but people don’t always think rationally. Which is why they’re paying $4 for a cupcake in the first place.

      • Lou

        That was my point.

        • doodly

          What I meant was it can work the other way too – people may decide a quarter is just too much more to pay.

          • Lou

            And that is irrational?

    • Burger

      Anyone that thinks a quarter is going to impact a person’s parking decision has likely failed economics.

      • doodly

        Economics fails when it assumes all decisions are rational.

        Next time idiots drive for miles trying to save 3 cents a gallon for gas or wait in line for hours for a $4 cupcake ask yourself if we’re all rational.

        Some people might get so pissed off at the principle of paying more, especially when it’s the bad ol’ gub’mint charging them, that they’ll freak out of a quarter.

        • Josh S

          This is exactly right. The effect is likely more pronounced among the – “I can’t believe I have to pay this much, I can remember when it was .25 for an hour” crowd who are much more likely to go off in a huff and either not park there at all or park in the nearby garage that beforehand had seemed so outrageously expensive.

      • Rick

        At a statistical standpoint, prices going up 25 percent isn’t good economics for the consumer, even if it’s just 25 cents.

  • Charlie

    No one who matters cares.
    Too much thought and effort has gone into this.
    Now don’t touch after 6.

  • Really??

    So the county board is interested in keeping “Arlington rates consistent with other rates in the region.” But when that same verbage is used to ask for fair pay for our county workers, firefighters and police officers, it gets shot down time and time again. hmmm…

  • DSS10

    If you read the agenda notice they gave examples of other parking rates and the only rates that were higher were downtown DC and Old Town Alexandria. The DC rates I can understand in that given the population density and limited parking. In old town Alexandria, the rates quoted are only for King Street and one block in either direction after which you can park for three hours for free. On a busy Saturday it’s not unusual to see empty spaces on the side streets off king street then with all of the surrounding blocks filled up. I know that the parking rates were a big issue with allot of the business owners in old town and residents who have had residential parking off king street getting allot harder to find near their homes. Most of the street parking in Arlington is allot more restrictive so the option of parking and walking does not exist ( at least around Clarendon & Ballston)

    Also, does anyone know what the additional $1.7 million in revenue for FY 2012 is ear marked for? Also, in the linked agenda notice is says that the additional revenue “is included in the FY 2012 Budget” so will comments even matter?

  • ouch

  • DSS10
  • Shirlington You Jest

    Does anyone know how this will affect iPark? Does the county have a way to change the run rate, or will they still run at the old rate until brought in for a refill?

    (I apologize if this posts twice, my first attempt from 20 minutes ago hasn’t appeared. Entirely possible that I have failed interwebs 101).

    • Josh S

      No, I find there are frequently delays in seeing your post. Some go up automatically, some don’t. I don’t understand it myself.

  • Max

    This, coupled with changing the enforcement times to 8 or 9, would be ideal.

    • Rick

      that would mean a second shift of meter maids. Doubt that’ll happen

  • geebee

    Higher charge, more mass transit (or, heaven forbid, walking). It’s not all bad.

  • Shirlingtonguy

    My understanding from talking to County parking staff is that I Park customers can continue to park for the old rate. In other words set the device for the proper zone and don’t worry about it. I think they are still figuring out how to reprogram the devices.

    • Rick

      I’m sure i’ll still get a ticket


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