Roads Still Closed as Storm Cleanup Effort Continues

by ARLnow.com July 6, 2011 at 2:45 pm 3,308 8 Comments

(Updated at 2:55 p.m.) Parts of Old Dominion Drive and Rock Spring Road remained closed this afternoon as crews continued to clean up from the “macroburst” storm that ravaged parts of North Arlington on Sunday.

The smell of freshly-cut wood and the sound of chainsaws and wood chippers was pervasive throughout Yorktown and the other hart-hit neighborhoods. Private disaster recovery trucks — along with crews from Dominion, Verizon and other utilities — roamed the streets, many of which are still covered with debris waiting to be hauled off.

No word yet on when Old Dominion and Rock Spring, which are both open to some local traffic, may reopen to through traffic.

  • JimPB

    How many storm downed trees did Dominion have to remove?

    Where do the pieces of tree and wood chips go?

  • wilbur

    Wow! Over near Lee Heights / Marymount there are lots and lots of trees down in the woods, crossing paths and such. But very little damage to houses or cars. One house on N Vernon has a branch through the roof.

    It looked coming down the street like someone had turned on a fire hose the size of a swimming pool. It was a horrendous amount of water gushing down, with branches going everywhere. This neighborhood saw a microburst 10 years ago that took out cars and garages.

  • PhilL

    God those new Marymount buildings are ugly.

    • charlie

      my exact thought, why couldn’t they have been blown away. Quite possibly the most unattractive building ever built in ARlington.

    • Blueloom


  • Mike

    Actually, numerous homes and cars were damaged in addtion to utilities. Worst storm to hit this part of Arlington since Hurricane Isabel.

  • Loocy

    I’m shocked at the damage to the 29th street house, I’m so sorry. Glad everyone is okay.

  • Thes

    Great pictures. Sad situation.


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