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by ARLnow.com July 8, 2011 at 7:30 am 3,328 27 Comments

New Mexican Restaurant Coming to Clarendon — A Craigslist help wanted ad reveals that Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is planning on coming to Clarendon. [Clarendon Culture]

Boehner at Guapo’s, Again — House Speaker John Boehner was spotted at Guapo’s in Shirlington Village Wednesday night. This is Boehner’s fourth such visit to the Mexican restaurant, that we’re aware of. While there, Boehner posed for a photo that was then posted on a local blog. [Shirlington Village Blog Spot]

Arlington Establishments Up for Radio Awards — Several Arlington businesses and neighborhoods are nominated in HOT 99.5’s “Hottys” award contest. Among the Arlington nominations: Whitlow’s for best bar, Lyon Hall for best restaurant and best bathroom, Goody’s for best drunk food and Clarendon for best neighborhood. Users can vote for each item by clicking a Facebook “like” button.

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  • KalashniKEV

    YES! Clarendon needs a good Mexican restaurant. Mexicali sucks, I’d rather go to Baja Fresh.

    • samsonite

      Mexicali is great if you realize it’s not really Mexi, or Cali.

      • CW

        Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with it myself either. People do love to hate on it all day long. It’s pretty simple food – not a lot of really strong flavors. But everything I’ve had has always been good. And it bills itself as being Mexican and Salvadoran – their pupusas are pretty darn good.

  • So, any thoughts on Jaime Areizaga-Soto’s latest mailer, this one criticizing Barbara Favola for one of her top campaign donors (Preston Caruthers) also giving heavily to Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell?


    • PhilL


    • AllenB

      I got it and thought it was pretty dumb on his part. Favola is well liked (maybe not by the commenters here, but in general in Arlington). To say she’s similar to the Cooch and McDonnell is just stupid politics. If he loses, he’s really burning his bridges in Arlington County politics.

  • CrystalMikey

    What, no Mario’s or Kabob Palace in the “drunk food” category? Fail.

    • CrystalMikey

      NM…Mario’s is on there.

    • R.Griffon

      Goody’s is an abomination. You’d HAVE to be drunk to eat there.

      • CW

        I like the pizza at goody’s just fine; had it while plenty sober. Mario’s makes a darn good cheesesteak. But at the end of the day, the fact that this is the best we have for drunk food in the most popular going-out neighborhood around is pretty sad.

        Although, this also gets into another aspect of things, which is that drunk food is less important in virginia than it is in other places. I’ve lived in other states where most bars are just that, bars. They serve booze only and at closing time you have to go somewhere. Here, every bar also has to be a restaurant. So when you go out to some place like Whitlow’s or Mister Day’s or Clarendon Grill, there isn’t really a need to go somewhere else a lot of the time.

  • Courthound

    John of Orange looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

  • Evil Matcher

    Mexicali, Baja Fresh & this new joint …. we’re at a new saturation point… burgers, ice cream, & now tacos….

    • CW

      Don’t forget District Taco, Guajillo, California Tortilla, and (best of them all), El Charrito Caminante.

      But I’d gladly trade them ALL for Taco Bell to have not been bulldozed.

      • JamesE

        RIP Taco Bell

      • KalashniKEV

        Guajillo is always closed… what’s up with that place?

        Also Tacos El Chilango truck.

        • CW

          I only ever go to Guajillo on weekends and they’re open then…they probably spend the rest of their time fighting off the hordes from RHB trespassing on their property.

        • Aaron

          Guajillo is open at lunch and on weeknights too, and I’ve never seen them closed when Hellburger is open. I’m really not sure what Kev is talking about.

    • KalashniKEV

      I think it’s just catching up to the rest… what we really need is an Olive Garden!! 😉

  • Tabby

    Is that Tom Brokaw’s side of face in the Boehner pic?

  • R.Griffon

    I thought a Boehner pic was grounds for resignation.

    • G Clifford Prout

      You know, with that brown skin, and eating all this foreign food, I’m thinking he might be AN IMMIGRANT! Can he please show us his papers?

      • Jim

        that’s a racist comment.

      • samsonite

        And his birth certificate.

  • BB

    I have never tried New Mexican food before.

    • DCChughes

      While I totally realize that you are making a joke (at least I assume you are), I will take the opportunity to say that Santa Fe Cafe in Rosslyn rocks! It is nearly authentic New Mexican food (and yes, there is a significant distinction between New Mexican and the other types including Tex-Mex and California Mexican). They tend to go a little heavier on the cheese than they do in Albuquerque or Santa Fe is about the only real difference. And they make the best margarita I’ve ever had.

      • CW

        Wow. I think you just made my dinner plans for me. I’ve been by that place a thousand times, never heard anyone talk about it, and figured that the name was just a randomly chosen name that does not coincide at all with the food they offer (see: Jack’s Fresh, L.A. Cafe, Jonathan’s Gourmet, Park Place Gourmet, et al).

  • Jeff

    If I’ve learned one thing this morning, it’s that John Boehner is a fan of bad Mexican food.


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