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Accident in Wendy’s Drive-Thru Lane

by ARLnow.com July 15, 2011 at 2:01 pm 4,468 33 Comments

It’s not every day that a significant collision happens in a crowded lunchtime drive-thru line, but it happened today at the Wendy’s at 3431 Columbia Pike.

A white work van was rear-ended by a red Honda Accord as the van waited for its order at the pick-up window. The Accord’s tires squealed as it rounded the tight drive-thru corner at a relatively high speed, slamming into the back of the van. Neither the van driver nor the elderly female Accord driver were injured.

In addition to damaging both vehicles, the accident bent and dislodged some of the posts on the metal railing that separates the drive-thru from the sidewalk.

  • Ali

    Navigating that Wendy’s is just dangerous in general. I stick to the one on Wilson even if it is slightly further from me.

    • Really?

      Give me a break, you just turn the wheel…

  • Tabby

    maybe she was angry because they didn’t give her the senior discount on the chili.

    • FunnyMunny

      Or perhaps the coffee she’d just spilled on herself wasn’t hot enough.

    • Again

      No she’s elderly and she probably hit the gas instead of the brake…

  • Charlie

    Where’s the bumper?

    • Old Guy

      Half (or more) of the posters on here aren’t going to get that.

      Nicely done.

      • LP

        Hopefully people get it – it’s not that hard to make the correlation.

      • SomeGuy

        I think that’s a “where’s the beef?” reference. But I don’t get why changing the word makes it funny here.

        • Charlie

          But it was.

          • Im glad you all settled this without me.

          • charlie

            were you out getting some fresh air or something?

  • Ugh

    This story ranks right up there with “Man Stubs Toe on Curb” and “Woman Seen Suffering From Headache On Wilson Blvd.”

    • LP

      Personally, I think this goes better with the woman who flipped her car in front of the BB&T drive-thru.

      Drive-thru’s, they’re dangerous places, you know.

      • I thought about that lady as well. Aren’t the 2 locations near each other ???

  • Chris

    Let’s give the Honda driver a break. It’s called a “drive through” not a “drive half way through and then stop.” But it probably should be.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      Damn good thing she wasn’t on a highway flyover, eh?

    • E-Ross

      Why should we give her a break if she didn’t give the plumber a break??

    • Greg

      Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

  • Rick

    She was going for the record for fastest trip through that drive thru. The current record is 5 minutes 11 seconds

  • YoBimbo

    Just curious… What’s the age group and sex of the van driver?

  • BerryBerryCold

    I’d rather go up to the one on Lee Highway.

    I have been through this one once or twice. While tight, it is possible to navigate the tight corners without rubbing your tires and/or wheels. Although judging by the black curbs, I think most cannot.

  • The Burger King on Columbia Pike is not easy to navigate either.

    • Arlingtonian

      Nope. I hate both that drive-thru and the Wendy’s drive-thru

  • CrystalMikey

    Surprised it’s not a Camry.

  • KalashniKEV

    Definitely road head related.

    • Rick

      was jason mewes in the front seat of that honda?

  • Arlingtonian

    I’ve had a lot of people almost run into the back of me (drive-thrus and everywhere else) because they thought they had to come screeching around corners too fast and stomp on the break at the last possible minute. Never had an older person do it to me though

    • Arlingtonian

      stomp on the *brake, that is.

  • DanV

    Drive throughs are getting to be as dangerous as parking lots. I’ve almost been hit head on at the McDonald’s on Columbia Pike by drivers tearing through going the wrong way as I come around the corner of the building.

  • Set the Controls

    I got two nails in my fries at the Columbia Pike Wendy’s once. They were nice and offered to give me replacement fries.

  • jerome smiff

    Gas pedal is on the RIGHT Brake pedal is on the LEFT. This is important!

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