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Lopez Receives Conservation Endorsement

by ARLnow.com July 18, 2011 at 1:04 pm 1,899 8 Comments

Alfonso Lopez, Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates 49th District, has picked up the endorsement of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, which advocates for environmental issues.

“We need leaders in Richmond who are prepared to champion the environment and will be strong advocates for Virginia values,” Lisa Guthrie, the League’s executive director, said in a statement. “In the 49th District, one candidate is clearly prepared to be a champion for Virginia’s environment. Alfonso will fight for our priorities.”

Lopez said he was “honored to receive the endorsement.”

Last week Lopez’s primary opponent, Stephanie Clifford, reported raising $7,825 in cash from April 1 to June 30. After a $9,000 personal loan from Clifford, the campaign had $5,650 cash on hand.

Lopez reported raising $24,930 in cash during the same period, heading into the final stretch of the primary with $20,965 cash on hand. On Aug. 23, voters will decide which candidate moves on to the general election.

  • FedUp

    When you look closely at Alfonso Lopez’ report, you will note that he made numerous contributions to himself. He was his own largest contributor!

    • Thes

      @FedUp: It is not unusual for the candidate to make numerous contributions to themselves, since Virginia reporting law requires “in-kind” contributions, such as making photocopies, to be recorded. In small district races (and delegate is as small as it gets in Arlington) it is common for the candidate to have a significant number and amount of these contributions. Indeed, as “bookmobile” shows, below, Lopez gave himself less money in both dollars and percentage, than did his opponent.

    • Yellow Dog

      Looks like Lopez contributed about $2100 to his campaign, less than 10% of funds raised. Clifford has contributed or loaned more than $10,000 to her campaign well over half her total. The cash on hand numbers should give folks a further indication of which why the wind is blowing in this raise. From a fundraising perspective, Clifford in in big trouble. Money and endorsements don’t always win the day, but it looks like Lopez has both in his favor so far.

  • bookmobile

    Here is Alfonso Lopez’s contributions list:


    Looks like he received roughly $25,000, of which ~$2100 is from himself. He also has about 100 individual donors of at least $100 each.

    By comparison, his opponent’s contribution list is here:


    She has about $19,000, of which $10,000 ($9k loan + $1k donation) is from herself. She has almost 30 individual donors of at least $100.

    • Not not larry

      Those $100+ donations include $1400 from her husband and his business, $1200 from Ingrid Morroy and several others from local notables. Not bad for a candidate so newborn that she’s never even voted in a Democratic primary in Virginia.

  • Observer

    We need more people in the General Assembly who will put environmental issues at the top of their agenda. Kudos to Mr. Lopez.

    • Westover

      No way, the feds already put too many restrictions on businesses. Take the federal role away and I would agree with you.

  • Please be dignified

    I just hope that Lopez and Clifford behave like gracious adults and don’t stoop to ugly mudslinging that has become so tiring between Areizaga-Soto and Favola.


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