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Morning Poll: Heat Edition

by ARLnow.com July 19, 2011 at 9:00 am 1,944 41 Comments

Needless to say, it’s hot out there.

With temperatures expected to reach the upper 90s today and the lower 100s Friday, some people have got to be getting sick of summer and nostalgic for cooler weather.

If you could press a button and fast forward to the weather and climate of a different month — assuming you couldn’t go back — would you do it, and which month would it be?

  • CrystalMikey

    It may be hot, but the one thing I love about my VA is the fact we get all 4 seasons. There will be plenty of time for crisp fall air and snow drifts later in the year…

  • Burger

    Interesting. I thought I would be a small minority with the October view.

    The fall really is the best season. You have less humidity and nothing beats a nice brisk fall afternoon.

    • Lacey Forest


    • JamesE

      It truly is the best season, also because of Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers.

      • Burger

        Oktoberfest in Munich as least ends the first weekend of October and most of it is in September but I’m right there with you.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Allergies also not nearly as bad.

    • CW

      October is the best month of the year for outdoor dining in my opinion.

      Fall produce, and seasonal beers don’t hurt either.

      It’s also one of those magical times where all 4 major sports co-exist…I can’t wait to get out of the summer sports doldrums…getting sick of baseball and lockouts.

    • JimPB

      Burger, you speak my mind.

  • Stoneridge

    College footmuhball.

  • Arlington Native

    I picked October. Now if the only choices were today and January 19, I would have picked today, because no matter how disgusting hot it gets, it’s still preferable to freezing cold all day. Early July mornings and late evenings are tolerable.

    • CW

      When it’s cold you can put on a jacket…what can you do when it’s hot? Nothing.

      • Tabby

        Thanks for that, gramps.

        You can always hop in a cold shower.

        Some of us can never get warm enough in winter.

        • CW

          Umm, last time I checked I could go jogging or walk through the park wearing a jacket, but couldn’t do so while in a cold shower, but I may be mistaken.

          Thanks for the brilliant advice.

          • Tabby

            You haven’t heard of rain?

          • CW

            If it’s raining, then it also usually is not brutally hot and sunny, like today, thus circumventing the need for this discussion. There is also often lightning. Anyhow.

      • JamesE

        When I was out in Nevada for work it was 100+ and I could tolerate it, here it can be 80 and I am miserable, damn swamp weather. I pretty much stay inside all of summer because nothing you do can escape the humidity, shade does nothing, AC is the only cure.

        • Burger

          Yup. it isn’t the heat it is the humidity.

      • JimPB

        CW — When it’s hot, dress nicely and for coolness and situation oneself for coolness.

        In the mid-60s, I went through Hong Kong on my way to Laos. The plate arrived late in the evening, but it was still very hot (well above 80) and very humid. But the British officials at the gate looked cool w/o A/C but with benefit of nice looking “uniforms” — cotton shirt and Bermuda shorts for the male official and a cotton dress and high heels (NO nylons) for the female official, with an overhead fan to generate a nice feeling of coolness (overhead fans don’t lower the temperature).

        Why aren’t more Americans dressing nicely — and coolly — like the British colonial officials in hot and humid settings and using overhead (ceiling) fans to induce a feeling of coolness?

        We seem to relie excessively on energy gulping and expensive A/C without dressing for the heat and humidity, using low energy drawing fans, closing curtains and lowering shades to block solar heating and, for those with yards, using bushes and tress to do the same thing (the other afternoon I shaded a temperature sensing device from the sun, then got a temperature reading on the outside (sunny side) of an evergreen next to a home, then got a temperature reading for between the plant and the brick wall of the home. The much lower temperature reading for the side protected from solar heating confirmed my hand’s feeling of coolness and the solar heating shielding of the plant).

        And, eat for the season: e.g., cool, fresh watermelon is as wonderful a summer pleasure now as it was when I was a boy in the South.

    • Mkt Common

      Exact opposite. I loathe summer and the heat & humidity make me physically ill. In January I feel fabulous, peppy & full of energy.

      Plus I agree about clothing. You can easily dress to be at the temp you want to be at in the fall/winter/spring. But in summer, no matter what you do, it’s f**king hot & I’m stuck being miserable.

      • Tabby

        Move. It’s not as though the climate is getting cooler.

        • Maria

          I love that a poll on weather has turned into a snarky, “move if you don’t like it” discussion.

          • doodly

            If you don’t like snarky discussions about the weather, move to somewhere that does.


      • Maria

        I generally agree though what I hate about that is when you walk into a building and immediately start sweating buckets because you’ve got 50 layers on and the heat is at 80. At least in summer, you walk into an air conditioned building and it’s refreshing.

        That said, I hate extreme heat and cold equally, which is why I picked October.

        • doodly

          Or a bus. Bus drivers seem to think that if it’s 20 degrees colder than yesterday outside, they need to crank the heat 20 degrees hotter inside.

          • Maria

            Yes, people really have not figured out how to properly use heat around here. Maybe I should move.

    • Tabby

      I picked April because there are several months of nice weather to look forward to (with some stinky hot days, yes) whereas October, even though it’s great, is bittersweet.

      • Clarendude

        And, you’re coming out of winter and the change is nice in April. April and October both are welcome changes. That’s why seasons are so appealing.

  • Hokie

    College football, pumpkin beer, crisp air, hiking, camping, camp fires, fresh apples, open windows… you can’t beat the fall.

    • Wahoo

      I agree, Hokie. Except for whitewater canoeing, which is better in the Spring. Most the small rivers in Va and WVa are too low to run in the Fall.

  • Arlwhenever

    I love winter and adore snow. The slumber of the darkest season sets the stage for spring renewal, growth in summer and restful fall. Life’s cycles are represented in the seasons, tis a blessing.

  • Michael H.

    I voted for today, although I’d prefer a slightly cooler day. But not winter.

    I wouldn’t mind winter if we could shorten it to just 3 or 4 weeks total. That would be enough for me.

    Spring means allergies for me and thousands of other people in the area. So I’ll go with summer first, then fall, spring and winter.

  • Steve85

    I agree with October. Comfortable days, cool nights and a great time for sports. You still can enjoy hanging outside and don’t have to worry about what’s going to fly into your food.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I picked October; warm enough to be pleasant but not hotter than Satan’s iron skillet. And the beautiful colors not only here but in the Shenandoah. April would be my next choice, seeing flowers and green coming out after winter always gives my morale a boost. Today might be hot, but at least no snomageddon – I don’t have to shovel heat! Winter….for me, bah humbug. Give me 2-3 inches of snow on Christmas Eve, have it melted by the end of Christmas Day, and start spring on January 1!

  • Steve

    Gotta hand it to the exercise people out in arlington, despite the heat, I saw on my drive to BJ’s people jogging, playing tennis, etc.. Too hot for me, so I just use my gym, but gotta respect the people that can go for jogs when it is 90+ outside…

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Testament to all the Type As attracted to DC metro.

    • doodly

      Another score for biking – it generates a breeze.

  • Steve85

    I hope they will be ok in this heat. Be careful out there please.

  • JohnB

    I prefer fall over any other season, but I think it mostly has to do with football. We may find out what it will be like without it though, crap.

  • YTK

    October 1960

  • Island Dreaming

    I miss Honolulu, all time high 94 degrees, low 54. Your average day, July or January, 78-84. 😀 Aloha

  • General Zod

    October is the best weather month. Beach trips to the OBX in the fall! You still get the sunny days & the water is still warm & tons less people!


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