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Car Doesn’t Let Accident Slow it Down — A single-vehicle accident occurred last night around 2:00 a.m. near the merge from Rosslyn to Route 110. A Ford Crown Victoria slammed into a concrete barrier, losing its front bumper and license plate in the process. Incredibly, despite the airbags deploying, the driver — and his passengers — decided to keep going. Police eventually caught up with them at the King Street exit of I-395.

Rosslyn Outdoor Movie Canceled — Tonight’s scheduled screening of “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” in Rosslyn has been canceled due to the extreme heat.

Local Kid Sets Stacking Record — A 10-year-old from the Penrose area has set a world record for “sport stacking.” William Polly stacked and unstacked three three-cup pyramids in 1.68 seconds. [Pike Wire]

The ‘Best of Arlington’ — Do you agree with this list of the best restaurants and food in Arlington? [Clarendon Culture]

Favola Fires Back at Areizaga-Soto Criticism — Following the accusation that she violated Arlington County’s Code of Ethics by accepting a $2,500 donation from a towing company owner five days before a County Board vote on towing fees, state Senate candidate Barbara Favola’s campaign is firing back at her Democratic primary opponent. “Jaime [Areizaga-Soto] just keeps exaggerating,” her campaign manager said. “Ms. Favola’s vote is not and never has been for sale. Everyone knows where Barbara gets her campaign contributions because it’s posted on-line, but Jaime has yet to come clean about where he made the money he is using to fund his campaign.”

  • YTK

    But….But…..I hear the food at Advanced Towing is not bad at all!!!

  • BrownFlipFlops

    I would feel a lot better if, instead of lashing out with a tu quoque argument, Barbara Favola would say something like, “I accepted a donation that created the appearance of impropriety. My vote is not for sale, and my reputation with voters is important to me. I have returned the donation.”

    • Bluemontsince1961

      I agree BrownFlipFlops. I think that Favola is about as likely to do what you mentioned as a snow storm appearing this afternoon.

    • Aaron

      Give the money … back to Advanced Towing?!? How does the bribee giving money back to the briber fix anything?

      Can’t it be donated to some kind of Advanced Towing Victims’ Fund instead?

      • Bluemontsince1961

        “Can’t it be donated to some kind of Advanced Towing Victims’ Fund instead?”

        I definitely agree, Aaron. Sadly, as I said to BrownFlipFlops above, such an event happening is about as likely as a snow storm this afternoon.

    • Paco

      “Facts are stupid things.” — Ronald Reagan

      • ArlForester

        You can’t believe quotes you read on the internet. -Thomas Jefferson

    • Jackflops

      Tu Quoque–isn’t that the new tapas bar in Clarendon?


  • John Fontain

    “Jaime [Areizaga-Soto] just keeps exaggerating,” her campaign manager said.”

    How is pointing out that Favola pocketed $2,500 from Advanced Towing days before her supportive vote “exaggerating”? Is her campaign denying that she took that much money?

    • Lou

      I was about to post the exact same thing. That’s a weird choice of words. Her campaign seems kind of unpolished at times.

    • Jaime’s Alter Ego

      OK I admit to the exagertion. It doesn’t $2,500 to win your vote; you’ll sell out for a lot less.

  • Jackflops

    She seems to be saying with her “But my stuff is online” quote, “It’s okay to be corrupt if you don’t hide the corruption.”

  • AbeFroman

    Best of Arlington/Clarendon is a post out of boredom or something.

    Middle Eastern … trek a little ways out Washington Blvd to the original Lebansese Taverna.
    Asian … I like Minh’s but the Vietnamese place just around the corner from CVS in Clarendon is better.
    BBQ … Is there any competition for a declining Rocklands?
    Indian … Tandoori Nights is about the worst Indian place in the metro area. Desipte appearances Sangam is better. Trek down to Shirlington for Aroma.
    Willow’s quirky menu kills it for me. After their flatbreads, I am just not interested. If I need a special occasion dinner, I am going into the District. Maybe I go to Rays.
    I like La Madeleine, but is there another cafeteria place?
    Brunch at Liberty Tavern is pretty good and its brunch so its not such a cliche place to go.

    • Jackflops

      Sangam actually does have really good food–but they burned so many people who tried to use their Groupon on a weekend and got told no can do for the buffet. We now just go to Bombay Curry Co. in Alexandria.

      Lebanese: Try Layalina on Wilson sometime. Somewhat pricey (on par with Taverna) but really good.

      Vietnamese: Viet Bistro in Eden Center is my fave. Try the shaky beef.

      • CW

        Me Jana is still my favorite for Lebanese.

        What’s wrong with Delhi Dhaba?

        • ZoningVictim

          Delhi Dhaba does have great food. An Indian friend of mine actually drives all the way from Tysons to go there sometime because the food is authentic, according to her.

        • Jackflops

          Yes! Deli Dhaba is good and cheap.

          And Moby Dick’s is good too.

        • Hattie McDaniel

          I love Delhi Dhaba, but they can be inconsistent.

  • Jackflops

    Best of Arlington–What a joke. Metro 29? Seriously? Blah and overpriced. Both Linda’s and Silver Diner are much better. Le Madeleine isn’t even in Arlington–but Cafe Parisien is, and it’s great. Rockland’s is dog vomit. El Paso Cafe isn’t bad, but it’s gone way downhill. Guapo’s is much better.

    It’s almost like they just picked the only restaurants they knew about.

    And since when is “Asian” one cuisine? Sadly ignorant.

    • CW

      Lol, “dog vomit”…maybe the best description of Rocklands I’ve heard yet. Yesterday I had the pulled pork sub from subway (out of curiosity, mostly), and it was 100 times better than Rocklands.

      • Jackflops

        Dog vomit might actually taste better, depending on what the dog last consumed–which was hopefully not Rockland’s, as that would constitute animal abuse.

  • CrystalMikey

    Drunk driving (item #1)

    • John Fontain

      Or stolen car?

      • PikerShorts

        If stolen, that’s a great time to skedaddle. I’d say they were drunk and heading back to Dale City

  • Roquer

    Dang right for Ms. Favola to fire back on this negativity stuff!! Has she & her Democrat opponet forgotten that Democrats only give Republicans a hard time on advertising. Democrats are like brother-in-arms aren’t? Kinda like the nazi army, they all goose step in time together. For shame!!! One Democrat calling the other out on an issue. Simply shameful.

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • Jackflops

    The restaurant choices on the so-called Best of Arlington are ludicrous. She/he has picked some of the very worst we have to offer (e.g., Rocklands, Metro 29).

    And real intelligent to lump Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean into “Asian” cuisine.

    • Jackflops

      Let the record show I did NOT intend to post the same thoughts four times. I didn’t see my comment appear and thought I would try again. And again. Etc.

  • Jackflops

    “Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.”

    Bad idea, ArlNow. This will discourage comments, big-time. Just let people post and then yoink anything that’s over the top or obscene.

    • Jackflops

      Wow–that one showed up instantly, but the one where I blasted the dumb restaurant picks from the Clarendon blog is still in the ether after three tries. What’s going on here?

      • Rosslynite

        Some of the restaurants choices are valid. My complaint is that a number of these establishments are not actually in Clarendon. Metro 29?

        • Jackflops

          Metro 29: Very high prices, food just OK. Linda’s Cafe (down the street) is waaaay better. So is Silver Diner.

          Rocklands: Worst BBQ I’ve ever had. Red Hot & Blue is better, and it’s just OK.

          Le Mad: Good but not in Arl. Cafe Parisien is great.

          El Paso: Used to be great, now just mediocre. Guapo’s hands down.

          But worst of all–“Asian” cusisine is one category? She/he has compared Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean all against each other.

          • Vinh An Nguyen

            El Paso sucks.

          • Mex Tex

            I can’t believe no one has mentioned Rio Grande. Sure it’s Uncle Julios, but they really are good Tex-Mex. Best cheese enchiladas and tamales outside of the SW USA.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            Overpriced margaritas.

          • Lou

            I agree, I’ve found most stuff on their menu to be better than average. They have a good poblano.

        • Vicente Fox

          Why doesn’t she have a category for best floors, lighting, and walls?

        • John Fontain

          She’s picking the best of Arlington, not the best of Clarendon.

          I agree with her Hard Times pick – the tots with chili are great.

          For best cheesesteak, check out Jay’s Saloon.

          • CW

            I like Mario’s cheesesteaks best. Approximately 3 pounds of fatty beef, melted american, and mayo. Let the hating begin.

          • Lou

            Best steak&cheese subs I ever had were the ones from the old Charlie’s Pizza.

          • ESTSRN8

            Best cheese steak? Tony Luke’s (on Oregon Ave) or Dalessandro’s (in Roxborough)

          • John Fontain

            I’ll have to give them a try. Does it come with a lipitor scrip?

        • Mike

          The title of her list is “Best of Arlington”, not “Best of Clarendon”… although it is confusing since her blog is Clarendon Culture.

      • Aaron

        I’ve been completely unable to figure out the rhyme or reason of which of two consecutive comments will appear immediately and which will disappear for six hours. It’s positively bizarre.

        • CW

          +1000…sure makes the threads hard to follow when everyone appears to be mad at people they’re not mad at and to agree with people with whom they disagree.

          I also like the comments where the root gets deleted and thus the following comments get collapsed into a single column at the bottom of the page, where they disobey all rules of chronology and sit at the bottom forever.

      • You can ‘blast the dumb restaurant picks’ on my blog directly if you’re that anxious to.

        • That comment was directed at jackflops.

          • CrystalMikey

            Beware of the cynical folks around these parts.

          • I actually enjoy ArlNow’s reader commentary snark. Some funny stuff on here.

          • Jackflops

            + 1 for being thick skinned.

          • JanEd

            The snark is soooo much better on the D.C. blogs (DC-ist and Wonkette). Most of the ARLNow commenters are bitter, whiny conservatives, who generally wouldn’t know snark or humor if it bit them on their asses.

            I read ARLNow DESPITE the comments, not for them.

          • BC


            Wonkette? Didn’t think anyone still read that after A.M.C. left.

        • Jackflops

          Love to, but the page no longer loads, for some reason.

          First off, why one giant “Asian” category? Why did you lump all those different cuisines into one group, to compete against each other? Talk about apples to oranges.

          Re. your restaurant choices: Taste is subjective, but I am baffled as to why Metro 29 (which I found very mediocre and overpriced) beat out Silver Diner or Linda’s Cafe. (Have you tried either of those?)

          Have you tried Guapo’s in Shirlington?

          Is there some Le Madeleine I’m unaware of other than the one at Seven Corners?

          And Rockland’s? Seriously? Even Red Hot/Blue is better.

          • As with Asian, I lumped all Middle Eastern together (and I’m middle eastern). Sorry if you took that as disrespectful – no disrespect to any cultures intended.

            Metro 29 is the place I’ve consistently enjoyed. Silver Diner doesn’t have a breakfast sandwich on their menu, and I think that’s plain wrong for a diner not to have a breakfast sandwich. Linda’s is a good choice. I’ll add it as a Reader’s Choice.

            Tried Guapos, but I think El Paso does it all better – the food, drinks, service, and atmosphere.

            Good point on La Mad’s.

            I cringe when I name Rocklands best BBQ (I’m from Texas, where we actually know how to do BBQ), but I think it’s the best in Arlington. Hill Country in DC or Willards in Chantilly are both 10 times better than Rocklands. http://www.dcbbq.com/

          • Jackflops

            Thanks. Guess I just don’t see how I could ever compare, say, Thai Square vs. Viet Bistro or Pho 75 or China Garden.

            I remember getting pulled chicken from Rockland’s once, and it was mostly dark meat and not even really pulled. I also saw the cook munching as he prepared the food. Gross.

            You will love Linda’s–but it fills up fast after 11AM on weekends.


        • Tabby

          Most of the staff at Lyon Hall is cool. Had one bad experience with a (male) bartender though–total jerk, I hope he’s gone.

          I’d go with FireWorks for Best Staff now. Very nice and welcoming. Also–best happy hour deals, with Sunday afternoons being happy hour too.

          • Aaron

            The bar staff at Fireworks is as different as night and day from the actual restaurant staff. I will never sit down for a meal there again (I also won’t recommend it to anyone — you can get pizza as good at Rustico, Faccia Luna, or Pizzaria Paradiso).

          • KalashniKEV

            The HH special is unbeatable though.

          • CW

            And what is that HH special, anyhow, since finding out happy hour deals requires a top secret clearance in the state of Virginia?

            (Joking with hyperbole of course, but I do wish that restaurants in VA could be like DC and just post the specials on their websites. Although I’ve noticed lately, some have been posting them on the insides of their windows, facing the sidewalk. Have they found a loophole?)

          • Lou

            Heh, you can not advertise happy hours in the media or on exterior advertising.

            I guess it depends on how they interpret exterior.

          • Tabby

            Ah, OK. I have only eaten at the bar.

          • Tabby

            What is the special? If memory serves, $5 for a pizza (limited to a few choices) and $3 drafts?

  • KalashniKEV

    Hasn’t been to Fireworks yet???

    • Vicente Fox

      She doesn’t like the floors, lighting, and walls.

  • CW

    Well, I agree with some on the “best of” list, disagree with others. I do think that a place should be open more than a week before it gets the “best new restaurant” crown, but we’re talking about a blog from a lone person, so cut some slack I suppose.

    A few things:

    Not sure how many true “Tex-Mex” places there are around here, but I’m thinking that term is not just being slung around and thus she’s excluding actual authentic Mexican and Salvadoran places.

    Arlington rooftop bar – stupid name, best rooftop.

    Is there anywhere other than quarterdeck that even serves crabs?

    Gelato is not ice cream. Sorry, try again.

    Even though I may not agree with all of this list, it was totally worth reading it just to learn that EPR takes credit cards now! This is big news for me. Thanks!

  • R.Griffon

    Goody’s is the best slices? Is there another Goody’s that I don’t know about? B/c the one across from the Clarendon Metro serves bland wedges of cheese-covered cardboard soaked in grease. Tried it once and I’ll never go back. I’d say Pete’s for my money. Also love Faccia Luna, but don’t know if they do it by the slice. Z Pizza’s pretty good too, although not walkable for most.

    Also not a fan of Tandoori Nights, or Dehli Dhaba for that matter, which is sad given how much we love Indian food. Dehli Club is on the good side of mediocre, but for really good Indian we have to plan a whole trip and drive. 🙁

    LOVE Moby Dick, BTW.

    • CW

      I like goody’s myself. Z Pizza, despite being predicated upon being natural and everything, tastes really manufactured to me.

      Kabobs – Ravi, Kabob Bazaar, and Kabob Palace in Crystal City are all better than Moby Dick. Depends on what you are looking for – K.B. is Persian, Ravi is Pakistani, and the palace is, I believe, Afghan. Slight nuances in how they prepare and what side dishes they offer – Kabob Bazaar is quite different fom the others.

      That said, can we start referring to Moby Dick as “The Dick”?

      • bb

        My favorite place for kabobs that is no longer in operation was Food Factory. Terrible name. Great Afghan kabobs.

        • Lou

          Food Factory was awesome for all kinds of reasons. I never heard any reason for why it closed.

          • bb

            The sons took over and wanted to change things. They did, to a sports bar/lounge. I went there a couple of times with friends to watch games. The food was good for the normal bar food that it was, and the drinks were reasonably priced.

          • Aaron

            There was a fleeting moment at Food Factory/Buffalo D’s when the balance between Pakistani food and sports lounge was in perfect equilibrium. You could get authentic kabob, exotically spiced hot wings as well as traditional bar munchies, cheap buckets of beer served by scantily clad young ladies, and oh, abundant flat screens equipped with Sunday Ticket.

            There is no justice.

          • CW

            Why do you have to go and say a thing like that? Now the rest of my life’s worth of bar experiences is going to feel subpar. Thanks.

      • ArlForester

        Ravi Kabob. The end.

    • Manmohan Singh

      for really good Indian we have to plan a whole trip and drive.

      To India????

  • JamesE

    Best Wings: First Down.

  • Aaron

    I used to like El Paso Cafe for a change of pace once in a while, but nothing’s better for southwestern cuisine than the dinner specials at Santa Fe Cafe in Rosslyn.

    • Haven’t been for dinner yet (only lunch, which I loved), but I heard that they totally step even more it up at dinner.

      • Vicente Fox

        What did you think of their floors, lighting, and walls?

  • TJ

    It’s a cop-out to pick places outside of Arlington. If it’s the best Arlington has, then list it.

    Soul Food – I’ve never been, but there’s a Soul Food place in Shirlington that my wife loves…was that even in consideration here?

    Brunch – What about Cassatt’s?

    Metro 29 is terrible, even regional chain Silver Diner is far, far superior.

    • TJ

      Margaret’s is the soul food place I referened above.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      I’ve had mixed experiences with Metro 29. I’ve had great food and great service sometimes, and indifferent food and horrible service at others – so I pretty much wrote it off. Silver Diner in Clarendon, in my experience, was more consistently good with the food, but I had consistently poor service at Clarendon. I found the Silver Diner at Tyson’s to have better service. I’ve had good experiences with Whitlows on Wilson for brunch, lunch, and dinner and found their prices pretty decent.

  • Jackflops

    OMG, can’t believe no one has mentioned the Pakistani place at Glebe/Pershing next to Rinconcito Chapin. Soooooo good….can’t remember the name.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Ravi Kabob. It’s great.

  • Aaron

    You can remember El Rinconcito Chapin but can’t remember Ravi Kabob even when CW mentioned it half an hour ago?

  • NoVapologist

    I like the Italian Store for slices.

    So where is good barbecue in Arlington? Is that little place in the Williamsburg Shopping Center any good?

    • Bluemontsince1961

      The Italian Store has some of the best sandwiches and subs around! Great deli too!

    • ClarendonBlvd

      Italian Store has pizza by the slice?

      • NoVapologist

        Oh yeah. And if you are just getting slices, they will often let you skip the long line for subs.

        • Wop Shop Fanatic

          The ordering lines (but not the paying lines) can be avoided by calling ahead and placing an order for pickup.

  • BlueSkies

    I’ve not had the chili and cheese tator tots, but for a good dish that’s bad for you, it’s hard to beat Restaurant 3’s bacon on a stick and its “magic sauce.”


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