Too Hot to Handle

by Katie Pyzyk July 29, 2011 at 8:55 am 1,972 9 Comments

The blistering heat and oppressive humidity return to form an uncomfortable combo today.  The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Arlington and the rest of the region. The advisory is in effect from 11am through 9pm. Temperatures could get up to 103 degrees, making heat indices linger in the 105-109 degree range.

To check out Arlington County’s tips for staying cool, places around town to go to stay cool and tips for conserving energy to avoid brownouts, click here.

  • BerryBerryCold

    I’m not even home and I have my AC set to 68.

    That’s the “away” setting too. It’s at 64 when I’m home.

    • BerryBerryCold

      Kidding of course. I don’t know about apartment dwellers, but in my house, I pay for all utilities. I have my thermostat programmed , and right now it should be 78 degrees inside my house.

      I also use ceiling fans at night so that I don’t have to have the temperature too low, and the thermostat raises the temperature gradually while we are all sleeping.

  • Henry

    It’ll be at 104 feeling like 110 until we get hit by another huge storm to cool things down to a chilly 99, if past experience is any indicator.

  • othersideoftheriver
  • JimPB

    Wonder how many are implementing the simple, easy, BIG energy savers:

    — Turning up the thermostat (each degrees of increase cuts energy consumption 2-5%) ((A fan, a low energy consumer, can make one feel much cooler, and a higher thermostat setting tolerable.))

    — Closing drapes and blinds to minimize solar heating.

    — Have already or will now sign up for Dominion Virginia Power’s Smart Cooling Rewards program. There’s a nice cash payoff: $40 a year to let Dominion have limited control to cycle on/off your AC compressor to reduce peak demand.

    • Today: Upstairs thermostat is set at 80. Downstairs, where the dog is, set to 75. Curtains open, but I have a shaded lot. There is no way I’ll allow Dominion control of my thermostat.

    • BerryBerryCold

      $40 a year is no where near worth it to let someone other than myself control my AC!

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Dive bombers in 5….4…..3…..2…..1

  • Take it down a notch

    It was 95 in the shade outside my condo today at 12:30. OTOH, I just read that it’s been >100 for 37 consecutive days in Oklahoma, so things could be much worse…


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