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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 1, 2011 at 7:41 am 3,207 14 Comments

Guilty Plea in Arlington Child Prostitution Case — A former Westfield Wheaton mall security guard has pleaded guilty to enlisting a 16-year-old Arlington girl in his prostitution service. The 31-year-old Silver Spring man was accused of having sex with the girl, taking explicit photos of her and ordering her to have sex with eight men in Virginia and Maryland. [Gazette.Net]

Former O’Connell Teacher’s Car Found — The car of a former Bishop O’Connell High School teacher, missing since mid-June, has been found in a Rosslyn parking garage. The family of Tom Duesterhaus, who was last seen in Virginia Beach a day after the car was parked in the garage, says the discovery will likely not help with the search. [Patch]

Arlington Man’s Stamp IssuedBill Bond, an Arlington resident and World War II veteran, designed “Owney the Postal Dog,” a new “Forever” stamp put into circulation by the United States Postal Service last week. [Beyond the Perf]

Planetarium Upgrades Could Begin Soon — Renovations to Arlington’s 45-year-old David M. Brown Planetarium, saved by private donations, could begin as soon as this fall. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by Mark C. White

  • ARL

    Just FYI – O’Connell is generally referred to as DJO not BOC. Although it may be the BOC if it gets its lights…

  • how did the photographer get that photo? It’s higher than the crane. I assume it’s from a high rise – is that correct?

    Kind of cool 🙂 Wonder if the air is cooler and cleaner up there . . .

    • Don Ager

      Is that a canadia flag on that crane?

      • Arlington, Northside

        Probably taken from the building next door which is higer than the crane. The flag is an orange and white checker flag that is required by the FAA for cranes and other tall construction equipment in the final landting paths of airports, here obviously being DCA.

        • thanks for the info on the flag – that’s really interesting. I assume this means a pilot can actually see the flag from the plane? Another reason I can’t be a pilot – I’d never see such a little flag. Didn’t even notice it in the photo 🙂

  • CW

    The blurb on the missing car/person might qualify for the murkiest and most ambiguous two sentences of the year award.

    So they somehow know the car was parked in a garage in Rosslyn in mid-june, the guy was missing from VA beach a day later, and they just now “found” the car? This doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, the way the sentence is worded, it reads that the car was missing since mid-June. Is the teacher also missing?

    • CW

      (p.s., I was being sarcastic – the following sentence obviously shows he is missing.)

    • bluemontguy

      They NOW know the car has been there since mid-June. They didn’t know it was there at all until they noticed it had been there a while, then they checked to see when it arrived and who owned it.

      • CW

        Weird that a car could sit in any garage around here for that long without being towed.

      • Tabby

        “The car of a former Bishop O’Connell High School teacher, missing since mid-June, has been found in a Rosslyn parking garage.”

        As written, “missing since mid-June” refers to the car. The teacher is the object of the preposition.

      • Tabby

        And why not? Why weren’t the police (and family) looking high and low for his car? And how do they know it won’t help in the search unless they’ve already had it combed for forensic evidence?

        • brian

          The police and family have access to all garages in the region, and all the time in the world to do it.

          I’m glad people here are very intelligent.

        • Loocy

          Yes, the description of the car and its license plate had been widely publicized along with the missing person information. When someone finally noticed that the car had been there for a while and reported it, the report undoubtedly popped right up in the data base. It probably seemed like a lead until they did the research and found out that the car was parked in the garage before he was last sighted in Virginia Beach.

          It doesn’t help find him, but they now know to stop looking for the car.


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