Group Wants You To Water Your Trees

by ARLnow.com August 2, 2011 at 3:59 pm 2,656 19 Comments

The Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria are asking local residents to water their trees. The group says that the hot, dry weather has “taken a toll” on trees in the area.

The stifling weather has taken a toll on trees in Arlington and Alexandria. Many need water, especially those planted in the last three years. Community members can make a big difference just by watering their trees says TreeStewards, a volunteer group that provides education and support to our trees. Residents are urged to water both their own and street trees they see in need. To water, leave your hose turned on low for a half hour once a week or install a slow-release watering bag (Ooze Tube, GatorBag sold in hardware stores). TreeStewards guarantees Instant Karma to all who water a street tree weekly!

Trees make an enormous impact on our community. They help clean the air and provide shade and beauty. Our summer droughts and storms can do lasting damage unless we tend to our trees.

The Tree Stewards offer advice for watering trees here.

  • NomNom

    Ents? They do exist!

  • PikerShorts

    I got an ooze tube for ya

  • CW

    Cheers to them. We’re losing more and more old-growth and middle-aged trees to development and even more to nasty summer thunderstorms. While the latter is natural, they’re not getting replaced at an appropriate rate in the instance of the former. Cutting down a big oak tree and planting a little stick in an iron grate six inches under the sidewalk is not tit-for-tat, regardless of how the rules read.

  • charlie

    i live in a stable single family neighborhood.
    most of the trees we’ve lost have been due to neglect.
    or new owners who have cut them down because they don’t like trees.
    makes me think a tree preservation ordinance would be good.

    • Louise

      Do you actually know that your neighbors cut the trees down “because they don’t like trees”? Sometimes trees must be cut down for various reasons . . . we had to cut down a beautiful oak because it was starting to split in half.

  • Tree

    Can a brother get a drink around here?

    • Not really

      A lot of people are loath to water anything, because ArlCo charges you double for water usage. How? They charge you for the water–and then they charge your sewer based on the water use. As if all the water you ever use goes down the sewer.

      The county needs to allow separate meters for outdoor faucets without charging several thousand to do so.

      • Lacey Forest

        Apparently in Fairfax, they do a calculation during the summer of how much water does not go into the sewer. They assume that from October through April (not exact on the months, but you get the idea) all your water goes down the sanitary sewer, and they then look at summer usage, where water use generally goes up, and say that that overage is not going down the sewer but is being used for other purposes (car washing, watering, etc.) and your sewer bill does not reflect that increased water usage. It’s not rocket science. Why can’t Arlington figure that out?

        • Southie


      • wet

        How much do you think it would save?

      • YTK

        heh heh– take a nice bath, then siphon the water outside to your greenery. Reroute your dehumidifier’s outlet hose to your garden, Save even more water by flushing every other time…

  • JimPB

    Out here in North Arlington by the ArlCo-Fairfax Cty. line the tree canopy is getting ever thinner. We’ve lost a few grant old trees to storms (one house got hit hard twice by trees that fell) and a few to disease; many more were lost by choice and to clearing for and showing off of McMansions (the house owner who has spent almost two million for his newly built residence wants the recognition that an unhindered view of the structure conveys).

    • YTK

      Those McMansions are nothing but pressed wood and Tyvek boxes, with a gentrified veneer atop that. Wonder how long they will last. We’ve lost TOO many trees to the ubiquitous Caterpillar bulldozer and man”KIND”‘s insatiable desire for bigger and “better” houses.

      • Bluemontsince1961


  • Rick

    “Tree Stewards” sounds like something for the liberal insanity post in the forum.

    • wet

      Only to the conservatively insane.

      Go sit out in the hot sun for a few hours and tell us whether it’s good that someone takes care of trees, genius.

      • Hucklebuck

        Because trees never grew before people took care of them. Genius.

  • YTK

    Those poor trees and shrubs at the Arlington Cemetery Metro station are shriveling up — someone needs to saturate the ground supporting that greenery, on both sides of that station’s platforms.

  • Tyrone Max

    Come on …water the trees? Are people here on coke? Meth maybe?


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