WaPo Covers Arlington’s ‘Karaoke Cab’

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2011 at 10:39 am 5,444 13 Comments

Have you ever hopped in a Red Top Cab at night and realized that it wasn’t just a taxi, it was a karaoke parlor on wheels?

If so, you’ve probably met Joel Orbina Laguidao, the subject of an amusing Washington Post Style section feature this week.

A former truck driver, Laguidao started driving a cab shortly after moving to Virginia from the Philippines. After becoming bored with just driving all the time, he installed a karaoke machine.

The Post recently rode shotgun as Laguidao hauled bar-goers from Clarendon back to their apartments in Ballston, Pentagon City and elsewhere. Intrepid reporter Dan Zak bore witness to the looks of disbelief on the faces of first-time riders, and to the loud, terrible drunken singing that serenades Laguidao during his workday (that is, when Laguidao is not on the mic himself).

  • fourmilerunner

    Awesome! I’ve ridden in one of these in The Hague. Great way to get home on a Saturday night.

  • rachel

    I will never forget the sense of confusion, and then wonder and then WHAAAT YESSSS that went across the faces of my friend and I when we got into that cab once. He needs to have lights and whistles go off when you get in, like on Cash Cab, so you don’t waste a single minute figuring out that yes, you are indeed in a KARAOKE cab, and yes you can sing your heart out all the way home.

    glad he is getting the attention he deserves. 🙂

  • CrystalMikey

    That rocks! 😀

  • OX4

    Those girls should be arrested for not knowing the lyrics to Billie Jean.

    • CrystalMikey


  • MC 703

    Look out, steve85! Another article about Arlington!

  • soarlslacker

    I think this is fantastic! I hope the next time I get in Red Top cab that this gentleman is my driver. When I traveled a lot for work I would only use Red Top to get home from National. I found their drivers to be the type of folks who not make me nervous or uncomforable. I live so close to National that when taking a cab home some cab company drivers would be annoyed that I was not a longer fare. Those folks did not the tip that was twice the fare. The Red Top drivers were always nice and they always they got a tip that was twice the fare.

  • Hillz

    This cab was the best surprise ever! We randomly flagged down this cab one night and had no idea it there was karoake. I think we probably looked like kids in a candy store and what brilliant idea for the drunkards at 1am and for the driver. We asked the guy to take the long route home so we could get a couple songs in and in turn, the driver got extra fare and a tip. He was gracious, funny, and made a rather unpleasant ride home fun. I think the best part was the randomness and people should not call and request karaoke, just let it happen!

  • rossl

    is there a way to request this cab?!

  • SinSA

    I actually got this cab last night on my ride home from work. It was AMAZING. He was gracious and funny and it made my bad mood disappear. He is so much fun. I’m going to use him for all my cab rides in VA now. 🙂

  • Acarter

    Filipinos love karaoke. I would not be surprised if there’s something similar in the Philippines. This is awesome!

  • this my brod dennis i am so happy my brod joel as megans he is only one in USA in arlington have taxi cubs have karaoke ,only pilipino , good work and GOD BLISS U ,,,, long life love u alls megans mabuhay,,,

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