Lubber Run to Host Russian Folk Ensemble

by ARLnow.com August 10, 2011 at 9:15 am 4,370 28 Comments

The newly-reopened Lubber Run Amphitheater will host two very different musical performances this weekend: Arlington native singer-songwriter Margot MacDonald and Russian folk ensemble Russkie Musikanti.

Here’s how organizers describe both.

Arlington’s renovated Lubber Run Amphitheater (N. Columbus and 2nd St. between Arlington Blvd and George Mason Drive) keeps packing them in. This weekend’s free programs feature a home-grown Arlington talent and current Washington Area Music Award winner Friday (Aug 12) at 8 pm and an acclaimed ensemble from the Washington Balalaika Society on Saturday (Aug 13).

Arlington native Margot MacDonald is a unique talent whose classically-trained voice covers four octaves and brings new perspective to pop music – a textbook case of “classically trained soprano and pianist captivated by Led Zeppelin”. MacDonald started her singing career with the Washington National Opera at age 10, and by 15 she was releasing a second album and packing regional venues. She has appeared at 9:30 Club, Kennedy Center, Wolftrap, Birchmere, and the Bitter End in NYC.

Saturday evening brings Ruski Musikante to the Lubber Run Amphitheater. Composed of members of the renowned Washington Balalaika Society, the group brings the music of Mother Russia and the unique instruments that make it to the intimate outdoor setting at Lubber Run Park.

Amphitheater programs begin at 8 pm. For more information, call 703-228-1850, visit the County Website or search “Lubber Run Amphitheater” on Facebook. The amphitheater is nestled in a forest setting near the cool-running Lubber Run stream – an ideal place for picnics and families.

  • What the $%^& is the guy on the right holding?

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Kontrabass Balalaika

    • Brandon C

      Something awesome.

    • Queenie

      Humungous triangular stringed thingy!

    • Greg

      It has a kick stand! The next dude over definitely has some balalaika envy.

      • Josh S

        Yes, but can he play it while riding down the street in an 1895 bi-cycle?

    • Eddie VanHalen needs one of those.

    • Dan
  • Mr. Brown

    This crowd could use a blind photographer.

  • Brandon C

    The audience is going to be a mix of Ruskie ex-pats, old men leering at Margot, fans of Leonard Cohen & Led Zeppelin covers, and probably a further mix of C.H.U.D.s, pimps and pedobear.

    • Sorry to disappoint Brandon! There will be no Led Zeppelin covers. Friday night will be mostly a lot of original music.

      • Greg

        Awesome. Should be a great show!

        • steve85

          I don’t think so. Never heard of them before

          • Franco

            Oy, this article is confusing everyone. Margot and the Russian folk ensemble are NOT playing the same night. You’re mixing oil and water. The title and the pic are of the Russkie Musikanti who are playing Saturday night. Margot MacDonald is an amazing young artist who is rocking the stage Friday night. Come on, ArlNow, you did not do Margot any justice by burying her performance at Lubber Run under this title. Her potential audience is not likely to click on this link. Margot MacDonald is the hottest ticket scheduled to play Lubber Run this year and should be better featured.

          • LIKE! I’m glad somebody made that clear. Nothing against Russian folk music, but Margot MacDonald is the show I’m excited about. I just figured ArlNow was taking its time about featuring her performance. If nothing else, a separate feature (sans Ruski Musikante) would cut through a lot of confusion and be a nice excuse to include one more great Margot MacDonald photograph…I’m just sayin’. : ]

      • Brandon C

        Margot, I’ve sadly missed most of your shows. My friend Alan, who also happens to be your drummer, has tried to get me to a couple of your shows, none of which have been good timing.

        But if you play Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” I swear I’ll never miss another Arlington show.

        • But of course! I don’t play it out too much anymore, but it’s on the set for this Friday. Alan wants to add a drummer in the middle of the song… I’m still debating it.

          • drum solo* in the middle of the song.

          • Brandon C

            Who does he think he is, Brian Viglione?

            Tell him I’ll punch him if he ruins my favorite song.

    • JamesE

      Play stairway !!

  • KalashniKEV

    Meenya nravitsya!

  • MickeyInArlington

    Well, I ain’t going until they include a pan flute.

    Typical balalaika-bias.

  • Westover05

    Pretty sure they are opening for the Foo Fighters at Verizon.

  • Tabby

    Is that a giant triangle, or are you just happy to see me?

  • Thomas

    Good one Arl Now! Do you really think that your readers who would dig a Margot concert would gravitate to an article with this photo? Don’t get me wrong; it’s totally cool that Lubber Run features a range of music. But these two acts definitely do not mix.

  • Ariel

    Which one is Margot?! I thought she was only 19…


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