Arlington, VA

The strike by Verizon’s landline workers has hit close to home for residents of one Ballston condominium building.

According to a tipster, the Ballston Park Condominiums building at 1050 N. Stuart Street has lost its landline phone service, and no one from Verizon has been available to fix it. The outage has affected residents’ ability to call 911, use the emergency phone system in the elevators and buzz people into the building, according to the tipster.

“Our building manager called Verizon and notified them that this is an emergency situation,” the tipster wrote. “They said they will try and get someone out tomorrow but could be as late as next week some time.”

We called the building management office for confirmation and, unsurprisingly, it went straight to a call waiting system.

Have your phones been affected by the strike?


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