Arlington’s Most Outspoken Restaurants on Twitter

by ARLnow.com August 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm 5,007 8 Comments

Some restaurants say the darndest things… when they go on Twitter.

Buttoned-up and professional inside, these restaurants become your chatty pal when you follow them on Twitter. Sometimes outspoken, sometimes outrageous, sometimes attention-seeking, and occasionally Tweeting about something legitimately restaurant-related, these eateries have a personality on social media that has little to do with to the experience of going there and having a meal.

We have selected L.A. Bar and Grill (2530 Columbia Pike), T.H.A.I. In Shirlington (4029 Campbell Avenue) and The Front Page (4201 Wilson Blvd) as Arlington’s Most Outspoken Restaurants on Twitter.

Whether it’s pontificating on the off-season signings of the Washington Capitals, telling someone who just went to a competing restaurant to “try us… next time” or calling Comcast a bunch of “a–holes,” these restaurants are unafraid to deviate from the normal sales pitches that one might find on the Twitter accounts of larger, corporate-owned restaurants.

“It’s just something to have fun with, not to be too serious,” said Sean Deloatche, general manager of L.A. Bar and Grill. “A lot of our regulars, to be honest, aren’t on Twitter. It’s more towards our younger crowd.”

Deloatche, who runs the restaurant’s Twitter account, says that it’s not about trying to sell more food or drink, it’s about having a conversation with customers.

“Every bar has to be more serious on Twitter, but that’s not the way we talk to our customers anyway,” he said. “We can say things that every other bar wants to say, but can’t. We are like a neighborhood dive bar, and we play to our strengths. We don’t try to be anything that we’re not.”

See examples of Sean’s nontraditional Tweeting, and the Tweets of the two other “outspoken” restaurants, after the jump.

L.A. Bar and Grill:

T.H.A.I. In Shirlington:

The Front Page:

  • steve85

    I wish we could post comments like that on here. It would make topics more interesting. Did you see the woman in the white dress. She is sexy. Lol

  • South Arlington

    Hopefully LA Bar and Grill’s tweeting can get Harp and Eagle to play at the bar some upcoming weekend.

    • cakes

      @ South Arlington – August 27th @ 5pm. Harp & Eagle

  • Lou

    Those things are huge.

  • Joe

    @FrontPage: Another waste of taxpayer $ — failing to pay your meals taxes to the County. http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/Treasurer/files/file73709.pdf

    Spend less time tweeting, and more time paying your bills.

  • Ali

    Front Page has been spamming several friends of mine with repeated requests.

  • N.D.

    Steve85: Both look sexy baits to me…

  • steve85

    N.D. you’re right. I personally would take the one in the white b4 the other.


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