BB&T Bank Robbed in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com August 16, 2011 at 3:13 pm 6,060 61 Comments

(Updated at 3:35 p.m.) Police are investigating yet another bank robbery in Arlington.

The BB&T Bank branch at 3001 N. Washington Blvd in Clarendon was robbed this afternoon by a man described as an older white male. The suspect fled on foot after the robbery.

The man is thought to be the same serial bank robber who’s suspected in four other bank robberies in Arlington this summer, including a robbery of the same Clarendon BB&T bank branch in June.

This is the eighth bank robbery in Arlington this summer. The last robbery happened on Aug. 9 on Lee Highway.

Update on 8/17/11 — See surveillance images of the suspect here.

  • Butch Cassidy

    Hole in the Wall gang strikes again

  • alebt

    I was thinking Jesse James, but a postcard thanking the bank for its “contribution” would confirm your Wall gang suspicions!

    Either way….what in the world is going on in Arlington???

  • John Fontain


    • JJDRP

      I am betting that very soon this guy will rob the same bank twice in the same day. I am placing the entire $5 left in my bank account on this.

  • JamesE


  • Aaron

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  • BerryBerryCold

    Maybe the guys across the street with the sub machine guns can stop this guy?

    • AllenB

      Yeah, because that’s what you want to do – open fire on a crowded street.

      • JamesE

        they are trained to have good aim

      • Captain Obvious

        BBC was making a joke. In this case, s/he was employing the use of “irony” to point out the ridiculousness of a bank robbery taking place almost within sight of heavily-armed DARPA security officials. There was not a serious suggestion of said guards actually initiating a firefight.

        HTH, HAND.

  • WestoverChick

    So did this happen while the lady was getting robbed at the ATM? Hmmm… maybe the atm robbery was a distraction! I bet they’re in cahoots!

    • Ali

      That’s what I was thinking. Even if they’re not associated – maybe he heard of the ATM robbery and saw that the cops were distracted.

      • General Zod

        Exactly! A ARLnow reader perhaps!

  • charlie

    what is the best nickname for this guy?

  • Rosslynite

    It is clearly time for the ACPD to start doing undercover stakeouts of local banks.

    • JamesE

      Call up Emilio Estevez

      • PikerShorts

        And Rosie O’Donnell!!!


    • Jaison

      Agreed! What do they do all day?

  • Jaison

    How is it that the arlington police has still not caught this guy yet? Nuts!

  • aptsguy

    The sequel to The Town is being shot right now.

  • JimPB

    Older white male to teller: “This is a robbery. Give me the cash in your drawer.”

    Teller: “I’m sorry, sir, you’ve violated the bank policy governing the frequency of withdrawals. Please come back tomorrow at 1 and we can settle this matter.”

    Older white male to teller: “I need enough of a withdrawal now to pay for my travel expenses.”

    Teller: “Here’s a prepaid ATM card with $20 for use at the ATM across from the Courthouse. Have a good day, sir. And make our day by making your ATM withdrawal promptly.”

  • Gary

    Sounds like this is a job for Batman!

  • George

    What the hell is up with you, A-Town? This is like the third or fourth report I’ve seen about BB&Ts getting held up. Might be time to invest in security personnel, I think.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    This guy is playing with us,…

    Or, others are copying his technique in what is known now as an easy target area.

    In either case, the local law enforcement doesn’t look good

    • Aaron

      It’s not just Arlington you know. DC, Montgomery County and beyond have also been hit with bank robberies on seemingly a near-weekly basis for the last 2-3 years. The Examiner’s the only (other) news source who even mentions them though.

  • Mickey

    My guess is that the local Keystone Cops had their car 54 at the local donut shop as usual and missed catching the old dude on his walker because he was too fast! I again volunteer to stake out any bank with my own weapon and eagerly await the stooge to try it on my watch. We pay our police to do this, but the pull of the donut shop is just too great!!

    • Stu Pendus

      Since this is Arlington we can figure they were at the cupcake shop, not donuts.

    • JimPB

      Do it, Mickey. Enjoy the donut the the sugar laden coffee before the “make my day” action.

  • Don Ager

    So out of curiousity how much money is this guy getting away with each time? I know the cops never reveal that info, but wondering if anyone here works[ed] in a bank and can enlighten us on how much roughly is kept in each teller’s drawer?

    • Henry Spencer

      Back in the day when I was a teller, I think we were only supposed to have $2,500 in our top drawer, and $5000 total. So if all the robber does is pass a note or something like that and robs one window, they aren’t going to get much relative to the risk.

      • J

        I work as at teller at an Arlington BB&T, i wont say which one, but our total is $8,000.00 with a limit of 3 on our top drawers.

  • JamesE

    Be on the look out for this man

    • brendan

      ha. seriously. can’t wait for another 125px image from APD.

      I know this bank has better cameras than that.

  • novasteve

    Maybe the ACPD should disband their recycling violator’s squad and focus on banks given the daily robberies?

  • Runaway Train

    There is never any report of a gun. No gun, no money, that simple. Tellers demand more from your bank robbers.

  • ArlingtonSouth

    Unfortunately, Bank Tellers are trained to comply with demands of robbers. The insurance claim is less than the potential lawsuits/collateral damage from violence.

    • normal

      Or maybe, just maybe, bank management actually cares about the people they employ and don’t want them killed too.

      • Thes

        Let’s say that instead of using a checking account I decide just to pile all my life savings in cash on a table in front of my house. When it rains I put a tarp on it, and when it’s sunny I just leave all the cash sitting there. From time to time, someone walks up to the table, grabs some cash, and walks away with it. Each time that happens I call the police and report a grand larceny. If this happens 8 times in one summer, I think we get to a point where perhaps the police need to stop bothering to waste time doing all that paperwork if I can’t figure out a way to make my money a little less accessible.

  • jambo billy

    The deer probably did it.

  • James

    I have no clue how this guy is getting away so easily…is he running? Is there a car? Metro?

    I mean my lord we have cameras everywhere and we can’t track this guy?

    My apartment is a block from here…wonder if we got footage of him outside.

    • James

      and I know he escaped on foot..but Im saying after that..into the neighborhood, metro, parked car, etc?

    • Rosslynite

      I bet he is ducking into the Mad Rose Tavern. No one expects anyone to be in there.

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    Maybe the ACPD should get out of their cars and patrol on foot a little more, in and around the activity dense areas like Ballston-Rosslyn corridor. Do something other than rush to the scene after the fact, and in most cases probably passing the guy they are after.

    • JC

      A few years back, my friend and I caught someone actually in his car attempting to steal it right here on Danville/Franklin (right behind the revolutions/comcast building). The guy saw me and ran out of the car right into my friend and he tackled him. I ran over and the kid had a brick and a giant screwdriver and I just kicked them aside. We called the cops (which literally took almost 10 minutes to get there). Right in the heart of Arlington.

      When they got there, they got there in force…like 7 of them. The first officer on the scene after he put the kid in cuffs and in the car just smiled and said “how did you actually catch this guy…we never get them..just recover the car”.

      We actually showed him that the car in front of my buddies was running (you couldn’t hear it with all the noise at this point from the cruisers) and sure enough the car in front was stolen. They called the owner and they checked to see if their car was missing and it was..but there was another car in front of their house they didn’t recognize…cops went over there and there was another stolen car. The kid was stealing from one place and leaving them at another. He went from A to B to C and A was left at B and B was left at C and so on.

      So my friend and I recovered 2 stolen cars and stopped 2 grand thefts and 1 attempted grand theft. The kid was 13 years old and had priors. I think he got off but had to go to a camp or something.

  • Sam

    getting out of their cars?? are you kidding me?? than that would actually require a little leg work on ACPD’s end, clearly out of the question.

  • Sam

    ACPD salaries should be docked small % until they catch the guy, another % for each add’l robbery where he is able to “escape on foot”, and double the % docked if its another BB&T…after they catch him salaries can go back.

  • Sam

    maybe they thought that poor bicyclist they mauled today was the robber…

    • Greg

      Ha! Yeah. If only the bike robber rode a bike through Rosslyn this whole thing would be over by now.

  • Tre

    I think we need organize a bank-watch group and each be responsible for taking lunch breaks to watch a bank for 40 minutes (10 minutes to get to and from office/cubicle). All we do is sit in our car with a box of donuts and a high resolution camera… aka anything made in the last 10 years. We all pile in $20 bucks a person and first person to apprehend wins the pool. Who’s in??

    p.s. What are the chances this old dude is an ARLnow reader, wiping away his tears of laughter with a handful of twenties?

    • Rebecca

      LMFAO!!!!! This is the most brilliant idea since the Bible.

      • Southeast Jerome

        shufflin shufflin

  • Southie

    Can’t ACPD just stake out at the three remaining banks yet to be robbed in Arlington? I’m sure they will get hit any moment now.

  • Mick Way

    Hey all you ACPD blamers I have some news for you. Just a week ago I was speaking to someone who works at one of the banks involved. Get this.

    It is the bank’s training to the tellers to comply with any robbery note and (get this part in your heads) to NOT notify police until the thief is clear of the building, preferably after driving away.

    This particular bank DOES NOT WANT police presence in their branches. Period. I suspect this is the same with all the other banks.

    Robberies are insured. They lose nothing and just pass the insurance costs on to customers. What they fear is an injury on their premises and the resulting suit.

    • Southeast Jerome


  • Clarendon Cruiser

    “Robberies are insured. They lose nothing and just pass the insurance costs on to customers. What they fear is an injury on their premises and the resulting suit.”

    Love that logic – so we pay our cops to do absolutely NOTHING to prevent this (in taxes). And we the customers have to pay AGAIN the increased bank fees and interest.

    With this logic the bank should just give the money away and we the people should get rid of our local police

    • PikerShorts

      I believe the FBI investigates bank robberies, not the local police.

      Aside from putting a cop in every bank, how would you propose the ACPD prevent bank any and all robberies?

    • Josh S

      I believe you are conflating the local government with banks locataed in the community. The two are different actors who take actions based on their own set of motivations.

      In some ways, you might say the banks are interfering with the ability of the police to apprehend criminals. This may be similar to conspiracy to commit bank robbery….

      But, if not, then the society has to look at the situation and decide if any action is warranted. I think society would prefer that bank robberies not be so common – it promotes lawlessness in general. But the banks, being private citizens, are apparently not concerned about the loss of their property. So, the police could react by saying – we won’t seek to apprehend suspects related to these crimes. Eventually, this would probably result in so many robberies that people might think twice about patronizing the bank. If the bank starts losing customers, they’d probably rethink their willingness to let bank robbery happen so easily. But if a robbery is truly only resulting in a few thousand lost at a time, this sequence of events would probably take a long time to play out and in the meantime, Arlington police looks bad, (even if it is the FBI that investgates bank robberies), total community crime goes up which in turn affects all economic activity in the area as investors won’t invest, real estate is less desirable, etc.

      So how does local government deal with local businesses that appear so willing to let themselves be robbed? You could regulate how banks respond to robberies in progress. Make them responsible for hitting the button sooner. Live video feeds directly to the 911 command center. Stuff like that. But that seems silly and not very sophisticated. How about regulating the insurers? You can’t get insurance if you’ve had more than X number of robberies in Y time frame. That would send a message real quick.

  • Hmmm

    It must be nice to sit on your butts and mock a group of people when you have no idea the ins and outs of their job. Pretty hard to catch a bank robber when they are not dispatched until at least 5 minutes after the guy is gone. Then of course they have to get back in their cars to leave the complaint about a car with no county sticker that’s so important because Arlingtonians are ridiculous. Then drive to the scene. Oh, not to mention that they are short handed after the county cut their numbers to save money during the budget crisis the last two years. I’m sure they are doing alot of work behind the scenes, like is normal, that will catch this guy.

  • SamsontheCat

    I know it’s not PC, but I’m going to start profiling. If I see an older white guy walking down the street in Arlington I’m tackling him and asking questions later.

  • TooEasy

    Traffic court is full..

  • Rick

    2:30pm — isn’t is time for bank robbery to occur!


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