DEVELOPING: Widespread Power Outage Reported

by ARLnow.com August 17, 2011 at 5:15 pm 5,124 36 Comments

(Updated at 6:00 p.m.) Power is gradually being restored after a widespread outage in parts of North Arlington.

More than 9,800 Dominion customers were without power at the height of the outage this evening. The affected several neighborhoods, including Ballston, Virginia Square, Cherrydale, Donaldson Run and parts of Clarendon and Rosslyn. Arlington’s 911 center received numerous calls of tripped alarms and stuck elevators as a result..

A vehicle accident with injuries was reported on Wilson Boulevard and N. Oakland Street. It’s not clear if the accident was related to the power outage, but numerous non-functioning traffic lights were reported around the area.

Power and traffic lights went out along a long stretch of Lee Highway, from Rosslyn up to Glebe Road. Via Twitter, Arlington Public Library said that power was out at Central Library and at the Cherrydale branch.

  • RonaldMcDonald

    What a surprise, another power outage in Arlington..

  • Rick

    Dominion heard Jim Cramer get excited about them and decided to knock itself down a few pegs.

    At least its not in Country Club Hills and Country Club manor like it usually is

  • Take it down a notch

    We seem okay in the Fairfax/Glebe area. Power is on in my office. All the new buildings block my view of the traffic lights, but there aren’t huge backups so I think the lights at Fairfax/Glebe and Wilson/Glebe are working.

  • westcoastgirl

    yep, the traffic lights are out along Lee Hwy. watch out for pedestrians trying to cross Lee hwy.

  • Nodice

    Dark here in Rosslyn

  • Mr. Brown

    And Donaldson Run was never heard from again…

    • BoredHouseWife

      came here for this

  • Bob

    Rosslyn heights out

  • CourtHound

    Power is on in Courthouse.

  • will

    Colonial village courthouse out. Called dominion and they said the estimate is for it to be restored sometime bt 10pm and midnight

  • Rick

    Out in Ballston btw Fairfax and Washington

  • Elizabeth

    My co-workers at Fairfax and Quincy are in the dark, but the Mall has power.

    • Elizabeth

      Ballston that is

  • Andrew

    Dominion’s online map shows that only 1-50 customers are without power. I’m surprised there are no more than 50 electric customers from Ballston to Rosslyn. I would have guessed around 9,300.

    • Sam

      Business customers are probably treated as a single customer, even if it is a multi-tenant apartment/condo/office.

  • Bike Commuter

    I heard it was Steve85 trying to run down a cyclist and then blame it on the cyclist.

  • Clarendon

    Dark in Clarendon, at least on Hudson between Key Blvd. and Wilson Blvd.

  • Joe

    Power back on now in Cherrydale.

  • CrystalMikey

    I’m going to miss my reliable power when I move north of 50.

    • CrystalMikey

      Finds some wood to knock on.

    • AllenB

      I rarely lose power when everyone else does so not all places north of 50 are a lost cause.

  • Ali

    Is the power out at Archstone Ballston Square?

  • Miracle worker

    In a stunning turn of events Archstone Ballston Sq just receivwd a miracle and has power … For the moment.

  • Archstone Rosslyn

    Power here (Oak between Wilson and Key Blvd)

  • Civic Activist

    If the former Mirant plant on the Alexandria waterfront is closed down such outages can become daily events in the region. Increasing population using energy has exceeded every “energy saving investment” savings in the region for the last decade.

  • Bluemont/Brockwood

    No probs here in 22205

  • SaveDaveMckenna

    Ran into it driving on Fairfax towards Clarendon. Saw the cars backed up to Quincy, cut over to Wilson and worked my way home through neighborhoods. I suspect a squirrel wearing brown flip flops blew a transformer.

    • Mr. Brown

      I believe you win the prize: It was a squirrel, but no word on what color flippy floppies he was wearing…

  • Cherrydale

    Two people were stuck in the elevators in our condo. Cell phones required several calls just to get through to 911/fire department. Boo, AT&T Cingular.

  • Nunya

    do we know why the power went out….or jus cuz?

  • neujersey

    No problem at Wilson and Rhodes, Colonial Village.

    Anyone else not getting Comcast internet though? Wondering if it’s related.

  • CW

    Ok ARLnow, fess up…you put that Donaldson Run reference in just to get a rise out of people, didn’t you? 🙂

  • Tabby

    7 am and there’s a strong smell of smoke in the air. Where’s that coming from?

  • info81

    They need to bury more power lines along Wilson they are too close to the street.

  • B Blakeman

    anyone have info on the outage in leesburg that started at approximate 9:45pm? No info on the dominion site or phone lines.


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