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by ARLnow.com August 18, 2011 at 8:08 am 3,096 40 Comments

A Squirrel Did It — Last night’s widespread N. Arlington power outage was caused when “a squirrel tripped a number of circuit breakers at a substation.” [WUSA9]

Artisphere Supervisor Heads to N.J. — Norma Kaplan, the director of Arlington County’s Cultural Affairs division, is heading to New Brunswick, N.J. after 25 years in her current position. Kaplan, who oversaw the creation of Rosslyn’s struggling Artisphere cultural center, will serve as executive director of the New Brunswick Cultural Center. [Washington City Paper]

Sign Intrigue at Areizaga-Soto HQ? — The Jaime Areizaga-Soto campaign for state Senate has been told by several of its volunteers that someone showed up yesterday afternoon at the campaign’s Lee Highway office, took down all the Areizaga-Soto signs and replaced them with signs for his Democratic primary opponent, Barbara Favola.

Broadcaster With Arlington Connection Dies — Nat Allbright, a legendary radio broadcaster who could take simple telegraph accounts of a baseball game and spin it into an exciting play-by-play broadcast, died last month. Allbright’s New York Times obituary notes that he served as the voice of the Dodger Network, which broadcast Brooklyn and then Los Angeles Dodger games across the eastern U.S., from a Washington-area studio. As recently as about 10 years ago, Allbright sold advertising for the Arlington Sun Gazette newspaper. He died in Arlington on July 18, at the age of 87. [New York Times]

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  • Ben
  • Poor squirrels always get blamed.

    • AllenB


  • Bluemontsince1961

    Hmmmm. A squirrel with brown flip-flops eating a cupcake topped with froyo while cycling way too fast down the Custis trail, running a stop sign and hitting a cop car while racing to catch his compatriots sneaking over to Jaime Areizaga-Soto’s Lee Highway office to tear down signs and replace them with Babs Favola signs and then hurrying home to put on the old White Guy disguise with the same ole stale T-shirt and hit the local BB&T for some more cash.

    • Steve85

      Wow you must be bored!

      • Bluemontsince1961

        No more bored than you.

        • Steve85

          My life is never boring son!

          • that’s a no-brainer

            If I had that many voices in my head, I’d never have a boring life, either. . .

          • Steve85

            Tell me how many voices are in my head. You have must not have a brain “no brainer”. That was stupid comment you just made

          • El Rando

            Your village misses you.

  • Southeast Ben

    There is no way there will be a bank robbery today.

    Arlington Oddsmakers set it at 78:1

  • SaveDaveMcKenna

    I’d like to see Mr. Bank Robber try his shenanigans tomorrow afternoon when we’ll all be trapped in gridlock together.

    • Perfect time, actually. Arlington police will be on I66 keeping it closed down.

  • Tabby

    This Favola baloney is out of control. Seriously, you are an embarrassment. I wish I lived in that district so I could vote.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      The whole thing is starting to take on the quality of an old time feud.

      • JamesE

        They should have a duel

        • Bluemontsince1961

          Large wet fish at 10 paces. They turn around, run toward each other, and start smacking each other with the large wet fish. Whichever one is left standing is the winner.

          • Skeptical

            I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard of since this whole slanging match started.

            Will Rogers suggested socks filled with a byproduct of animal husbandry.

    • brendan

      eh. this is kind of funny. any good campaign will have pranks like this one. From faxing over faux requests for establishment of paternity to the opponent’s campaign manager to setting up a fake construction site in front of their office – all fun and games in a heated campaign. I don’t like the removal of yard signs, partly for environmental reasons, partly because it does, albeit slightly, impact the actual politics…. this though? harmless fun. was probably caught within an hour.

      • Stu Pendus

        Sounds like a crime to me.

    • LyonParkVoter

      How do you spell Desperate? F-A-V-O-L-A. Happy to see that they are wasting time with this instead of campaigning. Great use of their time. Obviously all of Jaime’s supporters are busy getting out the vote.

      • RHKate

        I believe the more common spelling is J-A-I-M-E. The accusations of being a Republican and being a racist didn’t work, so let’s accuse Barbara of being a thief! Enough already.

  • Nunya

    mmm. charred squirrel. yum.

  • Steve85

    One less tree rat we have to deal with

    • Ah, yes, the animal lover Steve85 who also hates horses. Kick a puppy lately?

      • Steve85

        I guess you and the tree rat have something in common….. you both like nuts. LMAO

      • PikerShorts

        He doesn’t hate horses. He just believes that they should be confined to Dairyland and Countryville

        • Sorry. He just hates them within his sight.

        • Steve85

          Thank you for the correct info Pikershorts. I never said that I hate horses. I don’t hate anything but people who are wrong.

          • Doctor Rosenrose

            You ought to be very careful, self-loathing is one of the leading causes of depression.

          • SomeGuy

            Very clever, Doctor.

          • Steve85

            You must have good credit being a co-signer

          • normal

            You apparently hate squirrels.

  • Nunya
  • Bullwinkle

    Oh, no – can you please describe the squirrel for me? Was he by chance wearing WWI aviator headgear? PLEASE, GOD NOOOOOO!!!!

  • Wayne Kubicki

    Here’s a link to the NJ Central story on Norma Kaplan’s new gig in New Jersey:


    I find the following quote particularly interesting – anyone ever seen “thousands walking around at night” in Rosslyn??

    “I went through Artisphere, which she started, and it was unlike anything I’d seen,” said David Saint, artistic director of the George Street Playhouse. “Artisphere is just outside of (Washington, D.C.) just like New Brunswick is outside of New York, and there were all these flourishing art organizations and thousands walking around at night going to music concerts, art galleries and dance, and some were just going there to eat and browse.”

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Maybe they meant ANTisphere.

    • charlie

      sure wayne, there was the time the blue line stopped working and everyone had to exit at Rosslyn and get a shuttle bus to Pentagon…

    • Dan

      It is the virtual “reality” version of Artisphere…..the one where it is overflowing with visitors and Arlington County is fiscally responsible………

    • Maria

      Um, no, but I did have to stand outside the metro station for 20 minutes one night waiting for a bus… Let’s just say KEV would have had a conniption.


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