Candidate Essay: Barbara Favola

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Last week, we asked the two Democratic candidates for the 31st District state Senate seat to write a sub-750 word essay on why the district’s residents should vote for them on Tuesday.

Here is the unedited response from Barbara Favola:

I am running for the State Senate because I want to create a Virginia that is more progressive, more compassionate and more inclusive and I offer the skills and experience necessary make this vision a reality. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, August 23rd.

My 14 years of experience in local government and my work with leaders around the region have prepared me to be an effective legislator. As a leader in the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo), I have already cultivated many relationships with lawmakers. The Washington Post noted: “She is the stronger, more substantive candidate and will make a better senator.”

As your Senator, I will work to strengthen the partnership between the state and local government. I will work to insure that the state invests in the kinds of things that will make our future brighter. K-12 public education is one such investment.
We need to put a great teacher in every classroom, and produce graduates able to compete against anyone anywhere in the world.

I am absolutely committed to improving access for Northern Virginians to our State system of higher education. I believe that the Northern VA community college should have the capacity and resources necessary to serve each eligible student Virginia’s prosperity depends upon everyone having the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams. Yes, the Dream Act is a good thing for Virginia.

Part of a brighter future is restoring our rivers and streams, and the entire Chesapeake Bay to its sparkling vibrancy. I currently chair the MWCOG Chesapeake Bay Committee, and, as your Senator I will continue my work to insure that the state’s commitment to cleaning up the Bay is unwavering. The Sierra Club is supporting my candidacy.

Good public schools and protecting the environment are Democratic values that affect our day- to -day lives. Insuring that everyone enjoys these benefits, and has access to a brighter future, is a key part of creating a just and fair society – that is one of my core values.

I also strongly believe that state government must protect the rights of individuals, and reinforce one’s ability to pursue happiness. I support Gay marriage and same sex adoptions. The definition of love should not be dictated by the state.

I am endorsed by NARAL, the Virginia Chapter of NOW and the Women’s Campaign Fund because of my long history of being pro-choice. I have worked to insure that reproductive health services are affordable and available to all women, including

Senator Whipple and many other community leaders support my candidacy because you can trust me to fight for our Democratic values.

  • Lou

    Too many commas.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    Yep, she is a democratic alright. Which is why she won’t get my vote.


    I met Barbara Favola approximately five years ago when she was a featured speaker the The National Press Club. The topic was workforce housing and the new “Live Near Your Work” initiative sponsored by MWCOG and Commuter Connections.

    A couple of things really did strike me about her. She was extremely personable and down to earth. She could be anyone’s neighbor. She was also extremely well versed on the topics of housing and transportation in and around the Washington, DC Metro Region.

    Local politics aren’t sexy nor are they glamorous. You don’t get involved in the them to get rich or famous. You do it because you care about your community and feel that you have a contribution to take towards its success. Ms. Favola has the experience and the vision to keep this county moving forward.

    I know we often joke about the County Board here and even voice our disagreement with their decisions, I know I have. However, when it comes to who will do the best job for Arlington County and Northern Fairfax County, I truly think she is the person who is in the race for all the right reasons.

    (and no, I don’t work for her or her campaign) 😉

    • Arlwhenever

      Stop distorting Barbara Favola’s record. During her tenure, the Arlington County Board repeatedly stomped on Northern Virginians living beyond the Arlington County line. That will come back to haunt her and her supporters, even if she wins the general election.

  • LyonParkVoter

    “I am running for the State Senate because I want to create a Virginia that is more progressive, more compassionate and more inclusive and I offer the skills and experience necessary make this vision a reality.”

    And by skills, I mean other than proofreading or closely reviewing what I write. Yet another typo and this one in the very first sentence?!

    I know this is a part-time job, but I still expect whomever we elect to review closely what they sign their name to and not be so sloppy. Will you blame your campaign again this time? Mrs. Favola, who will you blame when non-progressive legislation is passed due to your failure to closely read what you sign?

    • AllenB

      Silliest comment yet. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Arlin01

    I found this Gazette letter to editor interesting:

    Editor: The childish conduct of Barbara Favola in the current Senate campaign is not surprising to me. She has previously shown disdain for the citizenry and lied to the public.

    In 2002, Favola tried to defend the incompetence of the County Board in handling of the relocation of Fire Station 3. No need to go into the details of this saga – suffice it to say that she stomped out of a community meeting of more than 200 residents when she was repeatedly criticized for how the County had misled citizens about the station relocation.

    She shouted as she left, “I don’t have to take this.”

    The Cherrydale community was so disenchanted by Favola that during her next County Board race, the Cherrydale precinct voted overwhelmingly against a Democrat for the first time in years.

    Last year, Favola was part of the County Board that tried to mislead the public about the firing of the county manager. The Sun Gazette termed the actions of the board members as “lies.” Favola was unapologetic for this.

    Favola criticized her former Democratic Board contender in the late 1990s for taking more than $2,000 from a campaign donor. Now she is taking thousands of dollars in contributions from developers, and took $2,500 from a towing company, five days after voting to raise towing fees. This is beginning to sound like the “pay to play” system of Jack Johnson in Prince George’s County.

    I am not here to smear Barbara Favola. I just am stating facts. Ultimately, it will be up to the people to decide if she deserves to be the Democratic nominee for State Senate.

    But I hope people take into consideration Favola’s past conduct, her complicity with lying to citizens, and her questionable ethics with campaign contributions.

    Karen Bradley


  • Deh-I

    Congrats, Barbara

    Wish you every success

  • Geri Maskell

    Congratulations ,Barbara. So glad you won! We are looking forward to working with you on environmental issues. We met at St. Charles Church in June. We’re members at TRS. Geri and Jack


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