Arlington Declares Local Emergency

by ARLnow.com August 26, 2011 at 3:59 pm 5,817 55 Comments

Update at 11:20 a.m. on 8/27/2011 — An Arlington County spokeswoman says the county is not distributing sandbags, despite information provided to ARLnow.com yesterday.

Arlington County has declared a local emergency in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

Today, Acting County Manager Marsha Allgeier has signed a Declaration of Local Emergency for Arlington County in response to Hurricane Irene. The declaration was made because Hurricane Irene is a powerful storm with potentially damaging winds, rainfall, and storm surge that could cause flooding and other hazardous conditions in Arlington.

This declaration provides for increased coordination with state resources, and provides increased administrative authority permitting the County to take necessary actions to prepare for and respond to the storm. At this time, the County reminds residents to be prepared. For emergency preparedness information, storm updates, and information on cancellations and closings, visit the County website.

All county facilities — including libraries and community centers — will close at noon on Saturday and remain shuttered through Sunday. Artisphere will be closed all day Saturday. The lobby of the Arlington County jail will be open as a shelter of last resort for homeless individuals.

An emergency exercise scheduled to take place at Pentagon City mall on Sunday morning, meanwhile, has been canceled. In addition, the Columbia Pike outdoor movie scheduled for Saturday night, has been rescheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17 at 8:00 p.m. Also, we’re told that tomorrow morning’s Courthouse farmers market will be reduced in scope, as 14th Street and part of the county surface parking, where the market is held, will be reserved for emergency vehicle parking.

  • JimPB

    Acting County Manager Marsha Allgeier …???
    Doesn’t ArlCo have a full fledged County Manager?

    In an emergency (and when an emergency is pending), the full fledged County Manager should be on the job unless unable to because of a disabling personal illness or a serious illness or death in the immediate family.

    • yrb

      Full Fledged County Manager and all other county resources are concentrating on saving Donaldson Run. Chances are slim though.

    • I’m told County Manager Barbara Donnellan is out of town this weekend.

  • CW

    What about soft-serve sandbags? Yum!

  • APSnumberone

    That surprised me too. What happened to Barbara Donnellan??

    • Clarendude

      Maybe she’s on vacation ? Marsha can handle it.

      • John

        Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

    • Lou

      [insert Dramatic Chipmunk]

  • Clarendude

    The storm continues to weaken faster than anticipated earlier. Looks like it may not be as bad as it was going to be…


  • V Dizzle

    Holy crap. My place in Radnor Heights was just buzzed by a jet…it sounded like it was really really low and possibly military, but I couldn’t see it. Anyhow else hear, or better yet see it??? It was very very loud. Hope it wasn’t commercial. It was as loud as the blue angels when they buzz the stands, except I’m indoors and have very good soundproof windows.

    • BerryBerryCold

      It was a jet…

      • V Dizzle

        Yes, I got that part. Was it a commercial jet in an emergency situation? Low flying military? It was as loud as a vacuum running right next to me, and my place is fairly soundproof.

        • BerryBerryCold

          Just a regular fighter jet. Could have been doing a flyover at ANC. Who knows? You’ll hear jets fairly often, and not just when they do their exercises pre-announced overnight.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            It was 4 F-22’s flying over ANC. Or, probably 3 by the time they got to you as they were in Missing Man formation. Happens a few times a month.

          • V Dizzle

            Thank you. They probably took a slightly different route or something. F-22’s and not F/A-18’s or F-15’s?

          • BrownFlipFlops

            I doubt it was F-22s. They have been grounded for the last four months while the Air Force tries to figure out a contamination problem with the oxygen system.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            I didn’t know that – the tails looked like 22s, but I’m probably out over my skis with this one. If they’re grounded then I guess they couldn’t have been them! They certainly were louder than normal, it seemed. They weren’t, however, doing anything unusual.

          • BrownFlipFlops

            Lee-n-Glebe – I’m replying up here, because we’re in deep enough that there are no more comment levels left. F-18s have tails that angle out like that. Maybe that’s what they were. There’s a kind of body planform on the Super Hornet, and it could look a little bit like an F-22 from the right angle.

            But, yeah – this is no big deal. Somebody, who rated an flyover, got buried at Arlington today. Personally, I love it. They come right over my house on the way home.

          • SaveDaveMckenna

   Missing Man Formation. The missing man formation is a flyover reserved for appro-
            priate occasions and is employed only on those occasions when the theme is solemn and com-
            memorative. This formation may be flown for any funeral or memorial approved IAW this AFI or
            to support commemorative events on the following Patriotic Holidays: 1) Memorial Day, 2)
            National POW/MIA Day, and 3) Veterans Day. When the missing man formation is flown on a
            Patriotic Holiday, the commemorative event, which the formation supports, may not be held in
            conjunction with another event such as an airshow or sporting event. All other uses of the missing
            man formation require the approval of MAJCOM/A3 (cannot be delegated).

          • V Dizzle

            I worked for the Navy and lived near Oceana for years, so I’m familiar with jet noise. This was not a normal flight pattern and the first instance in my 6 years in this area of anything near that magnituge where it shook my home (I understand it would be louder if facing directly away..and note that you could be my neighbor and heard very little…just depends on orientation). If anyone saw it or knows what’s up, please let me know. Just curiosity at this point. Hope it wasn’t an emergency situation.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            I saw them – perfectly normal Missing Man manuever. I suppose it’s possible that they were lower than normal, although it didn’t seem so. I do know that the 22’s are generally louder jets.

          • V Dizzle

            Yeah, admittedly not so familiar with the USAF jets, especially the F22. Loud as f#@k apparently.

    • DarkHeart

      Heard that noise as well.

    • w

      heard it at colonial village.

    • R.Griffon

      I was on my way out to dinner around this time in Clarendon and saw 3 F-18’s fly very low over the area … right over Lyon Village. There might’ve been a 4th somewhere else, but I saw 3 in a tight group probably only several hundred feet up.

      I’d all but guarantee they were doing a ceremonial flyover at ANC. Happens every couple of months.

    • charlie

      it was pretty late in the day for a flyover.
      i understand that the 30 Navy Seals who were killed in the helicopter crash were laid out at Arlington National this afternoon/evening.
      very special somber occasion.

  • Michael H.

    The National Weather Service has downgraded the threat to Arlington. Now it’s just a tropical storm warning, 30 to 40 mph winds, with gusts up to 50 mph. There shouldn’t be that much damage from the storm in Arlington. Norfolk and Virginia Beach are still under a hurricane warning, but it looks like the DC/Arlington area will escape with nothing more than just a very windy day. The NYC area will get hit a lot harder, but even there the storm may weaken to tropical storm status too.

    There’s still a flash flood watch in effect.

    It may actually be calm and sunny by Sunday afternoon. I hope so.

    • AllenB

      It was never anything more than a tropical storm warning.. first it was a watch, then a warning.

  • Leopold von Guggenfruggen

    Advise all to stay away from Whole Foods. The amount of idiocy going on in that parking lot (and presumably inside) is mind-boggling.

    • blueloom

      Too true! I had an errand in the area near Whole Foods. The line of cars to get into the parking lot stretched back for a block & a half.

      • DarkHeart

        Whole Foods is always like that. Also, 90% of the customers are self important prigs, which combines poorly with the NYC grocery style aisles. It was much better in the days when it had the smoothie area.

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    We are doomed! Grab your brown flips flops and run to a froyo store! Oh, the horror… don’t go outside with your children b/c it might be raining cats and dogs. Panhandlers flying through the skies towed by their cardboard signs. Argh tragedy befalls us all. Hunker, bunker, and pray fellow Arlingtonians that our fair urban village does not flood to its highest points and drown us all!

  • John

    OMG the circular driveway will be flooded!

  • Library fan
  • Richard Cranium

    Wait – you have a circular driveway? I’m filing a complaint with the county.

    Furthermore, I’m officially announcing my new civic action group, called Save Our Straight Driveways. We shall dedicate ourselves to the eradication of dreaded circular driveways, the ones that group members own excepted. Of course.

    Website forthcoming, donations gratefully accepted any time.

    • Come on Irene

      Bigot. As with pretty much every other segment of society the straight driveways have had 200+ years of privilege, and now that the circulars are finally gaining acceptance you feel threatened. I’ll bet you’re only going to represent natural-colored concrete driveways with your little ‘movement’. Asphalt or brown pavers need not apply!

      • Big

        My circular is bigger than yours…can I still join?

        • Come on Irene

          It’s not about size; it’s what you park.

          • Dezlboy

            Nope, it’s where you park it!

        • Richard Cranium

          Ahh – so you’re one of THEM, eh??? Just because your circular driveway is large you think you can flaunt convention? Splitter.

      • Richard Cranium

        As long as the brown pavers or asphalt go through the proper curing and sealing process, they will be welcomed with open arms. Those that do dot will be reported to Secure Community Driveways, who will promptly remove them, waterboard them to learn how they were imported in the first place, and then be repatriated to the quarry from whence they came. NO EXCEPTIONS!

        • Come on Irene

          Mmmhmm. All you’re lacking is a story about how some of your best parking was on asphalt BUT your friends are getting towed.

    • Dog Walker

      This is the Commonwealth of Virginia – the Old Dominion – Red Tea Party land. The government recognizes only straight driveways. You’ll have to go into DC to have your liberal alternative driveway approved.

      • Golden


  • Soarlslacker

    It sure would be nice if Arl Cty checked and cleaned the Storm Water System like I saw the City of Alexandria doing yesterday. Last time our basements flooded in June of 2006, all the water came up from the drains in our basements connected to the Arl Cty storm drain system.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    Does anyone find it strange that Arlington has set up a shelter for the homeless at the jail……What if your not homeless and need shelter, and arent there other county buildings that can be used as shelters?

  • Tyrone Max

    Yoga is cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brendan

    water is rising at pentagon city…

    • Richard Cranium

      Hey Judge – your dinghy scratched my anchor!

  • Tyrone Max

    THIS is the kind of weather that gets me in the mood to smoke a bowl

    • Tom Lang

      where do you go to meet a boll weevil?

      • Matchmaker

        “where do you go to meet a boll weevil?”

        Pretty much anywhere on Clarendon Blvd !!

  • Juanita de Talmas

    Courthouse farmers market will be reduced in scope

    Looked to me not to have been there at all.

    • AllenB

      It was there at about 830am when I walked by… next to the CVS on 15th, not in the parking log.

  • Loocy

    Interesting and totally incorrect “update” on the sandbags. I’m glad that I didn’t see this before I went over and got and filled my sandbags on Saturday (at around 11:30 am, around the time that this update was added). I credit those sandbags for keeping my basement dry! Arlington most certainly was making sandbags available, 5 per household just as you indicated. Are you sure that your “spokeswoman” is credible?


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