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Daily Deal: 50% Off at Mexicali Blues

by ARLnow.com August 29, 2011 at 10:35 am 3,583 46 Comments

With Labor Day around the corner, the days of shorts, flip flops and outdoor dining are numbered.

Sure, those things are still possible when the weather gets colder, but sitting outside and drinking a Corona while wearing a sweater is just not quite the same as the summertime experience.

Luckily, you can get your outdoor beer sipping and tortilla chip dipping in before it’s too late thanks to our partners at WTD, who are offering 50 percent off at Clarendon’s Mexicali Blues restaurant (2933 Wilson Blvd).

For the next two weeks, you can get $20 worth of food and non-alcoholic drink at the sidewalk cafe-equipped restaurant for $10.

  • Jason S.

    Even at half price it’s still not worth it.

    • Captain Obvious


  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Gotta agree with you on that one. I keep thinking it’s going to be good, and it never is.

  • I got that PMA

    Crap $3 Pupusas. Does sidewalk cafe-equipped restaurant, cover up for sh*t food? OOO WOW!! I can sit outside!!! Look at me! I am eating $10 yuca!!

    Come over to ABI



    Atlacatl Restaurant

    • KalashniKEV

      Does good food make up for Columbia Pike?

      (I loved Abi when I lived there though…)

      • SaveDaveMcKenna

        Pedro and Vinny’s

      • MC 703


  • KalashniKEV

    Baja Fresh is better.

  • DudeGuy

    I rather lose $10 than spend it on WTD for this place.

  • Old Timer

    you must be new to town if you think the flip-flops are put away once winter comes.

  • Rosslynite

    The only good thing about this place is the music they play outside as I walk past to eat someplace else.

  • Arlingtron

    I’ve gone back to the restaurant (in a great location) a few times over the years in hopes that it gets better. It doesn’t so I won’t make that mistake again. I don’t seek out Mexican food (even the American version) but most places I dine it is good so don’t understand how they can ruin a seemingly standard cuisine, but they do.

  • GrilledCheeseConnoisseur

    My favorite part in the fine print:

    “One coupon per table.”

    Yeah, gonna pass on this, Mexicali Blues.

  • drax

    I think MB is pretty good, at least when you order the Salvadoran food. If you realize it’s really a Salvadoran place and not Mexicali, you won’t be disappointed.

    • ballston chick

      I agree. If you want Tex-Mex this is not the place – go to Rio Grande instead. The food at Mexicali is pretty good and they have a great Happy Hour!

  • KARLington

    I don’t understand why no alcoholic drinks…money is money. If this is essentially a credit, why does it matter what you spend it on? Once you’ve hit your $20, you’re done. And there’s probably three times as much or more margin on booze so they’re still making more money than on tacos.

    • Clarendude

      It would probably be construed as illegal by the Virginia ABC. It is illegal to advertise special pricing for alcohol and it is illegal to offer special pricing for alcohol between 9PM and closing.

    • John B

      @KARL: Maybe some sort of People’s Republic of Arlington rule about no alcohol alllowed in these types of deals? It seems pretty standard across the board for the WTD type deals.

      • Dick Perry

        Not People’s Republic of Arlington, it’s Christian Theocracy of Virginia that mandates it.

        • Clarendude

          I’m sure the people you reference are supporters of the strict ABC rules and enforcement that Virginia has, but I think it was the mad mothers of MADD that pushed for these kind of rules more than any other single group.

          • charlie

            these rules, of the Bible Belt have been long in place. Long before anyone thought something like MADD was even necessary.

          • MADD

            I believe the “happy-hour” ad ban was enacted in the 90’s as I recall debating it in college. Recently there was a challenge to the ban advertising alchohol in college papers which MADD took a strong position (in favor of keeping the ban).


            MADD has turned from a anti-drunk driving org to a neo-prohibition org. Think of the children!

          • charlie

            MADD has become co-opted or useless, not sure which.
            Last year our Governor was going to sell the ABC stores and put them in private hands and allow for 2x 4x 10x as many stores. MADD never took a position on the flooding of VA with ABC stores.

          • DAMM

            Drunks Against Mad Mothers

        • novasteve

          In Montgomery County Maryland, you cannot buy liquor on a sunday. You can in the “Christian Theocracy of Virginia”. Why? DId Marx rest on the 7th day or something?

          • drax

            You can only buy liquor on Sunday in Virginia in areas that border other states that sell it on Sunday. The purpose is only to make sure Virginia doesn’t miss out on revenue.

          • Greg


          • drax

            Ah, yes, I see some Richmond stores are also open on Sundays too. Probably the General Assembly didn’t want to miss out on the party.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            That seems like a highly unlikely statute.

          • drax

            The law allowing Sunday sales in areas near other states, you mean? It passed in 2004.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            What it appears to say is:

            Any County with an population of more than 100,000, or which has an Executive Board structure may vote to allow ABC alcohol sales after 1pm on Sundays. Any city or county adjoining any such county may also vote to allow ABC sales on Sundays. No mention of other states or jurisdictions.


      • KARLington

        The ABC restriction would be a logical, but I got a couple of glasses of wine with my Pete’s Apizza groupon…hopefully they will not now be raided and their pizza-slingin’ segway confiscated…

        • charlie

          that was a bad waiter. and yes, they could have been arrested.

        • Maria

          Did you just get the wine or did you get food? If your food total was enough to cover the deal, then I would think it is okay to get alcohol too?

    • charlie

      people have to pay for the booze. ABC doesn’t allow it to be “free” which it could be with this coupon.
      You cannot have freeze alcohol in Virginia. (i said it with a straight face).

  • mapchick

    The few times I did go here I never had issue with the food, it was bad service that completely turned me off to them.

    And completely unrelated but can I saw that I still miss Lazy Sundae… sigh.

    • charlie

      lazy sundae was pretty bad too. you might miss it but you don’t.
      and if you go see them in Falls Church you have to stop and wonder, “would I ever go into this store if it weren’t for their reputation from Arlington” because being next to 7-11 in a strip center is not a good starting point and then inside is just a dump.

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        Lazy Sundae had great cinnamon ice cream.

      • drax

        Okay, I’ve had it.

        Every time an eatery is mentioned here, people bad mouth it. Fine. But Lazy Sundae? That was an awesome little neighborhood ice cream store, beloved by 20-somethings and families alike. They had all homemade flavors and Old Dominion root beer on tap.

        Do not diss the old Lazy Sundae.

        • charlie

          sorry drax.
          i went in there years ago when the owners were always fighting. not fun. and went to the new place and wasn’t impressed.
          i only diss where i’ve been dissed by a business owner.

    • Josh S

      I also miss Lazy Sundae partly because it was run-down. Yes, the ice cream wasn’t spectacular but it was fine and the place wasn’t overrun with brown flip-flop wearing, iPhone-stroking, BMW-driving douches.

      Of course, no place was back in the day…..

      (It’s an evil trade-off – more places to go and some higher quality in exchange for the crowds and trendiness…..to think, I used to be happy to go to the Friendly’s at Lee and Geo Mason….)

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    “With Labor Day around the corner, the days of shorts, flip flops and outdoor dining are numbered.”

    Never, unless it’s freezing rain, flip flops and shorts are 365 with me!

    “only when you pry them from my cold dead (stinky) feet”

  • Bette Davis

    What a dump.

  • John Fontain

    Ever since Rebecca Tax, co-owner of Lazy Sundae / Mexicali Blues, went off on a tirade about the very people who were the core customers of her ice cream shop, I haven’t been in any of her establishments.


    “They decided they needed more taxes for more fancy water parks for overprivileged white kids.”

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster

      I believe that Rebecca is no longer affiliated with Mexicali. (Someone correct me if I am wrong.)

    • charlie



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