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Attempted Sexual Assault Near Courthouse

by ARLnow.com August 31, 2011 at 11:32 am 5,409 67 Comments

Arlington Police are looking for a man suspected of trying to sexually assault one woman and improperly touching another last Friday.

The crimes took place near the Rosslyn and Courthouse areas.

Police say the man is first suspected of running up to a woman on the 1700 block of N. Quinn Street, near the 7-Eleven store, and grabbing her buttocks. That happened around 11:20 Friday night.

Then, a half hour later, the man allegedly knocked a woman to the ground on the 1800 block of N. Veitch Street, a couple of blocks from the Courthouse Metro station. Police say the man covered the woman’s head with his shirt, pulled at her shirt and “asked for sex.” Another woman who was walking with the victim ran off and called police. Police describe the crime as an attempted sexual assault.

Here are the two incidents as described in Monday’s daily police report:

ATTEMPT SEXUAL ASSAULT, 08/27/11, 1800 block of N. Veitch Street. On August 26 at 11:50 pm, two women were walking when an unknown man ran up to them. He knocked one woman to the ground covering her head with his blue plaid shirt. The suspect pulled at her shirt and asked for sex. The second female ran and called police. The suspect is described as an African American male in his late 20’s and 5’10”. He was wearing a white t-shirt and carrying his other shirt.

SEXUAL BATTERY, 08/26/11, 1700 block of N. Quinn Street. On August 26 at 11:20 pm, a woman was walking when an unknown man ran up and grabbed her buttocks. The suspect was a man in his 30’s with a dark complexion, 5’10” with a thin build. He was wearing a blue or green plaid button up shirt. This suspect is similar in description to the above incident.

  • RosslynBoom

    it’s the thuggish-ruggish booooone

  • GreaterClarendon

    Sad to hear that in our area – for future situations – carry pepper spray as additional protection:


    • G Mason

      Stun guns are legal in VA as well… but not in DC.

      • JamesE

        open carry a samurai sword

        • Crocodile Dundee

          THAT’s not a knife . . .

        • KalashniKEV

          Joke from another site:

          “OC could have prevented this.”

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    Why did the other woman run for help? I guess it was panic, but kicking the guy and screaming seems like a better course of action than leaving your friend helpless on the ground. In any case, this is unfortunate and this loser needs to be caught.

  • LyonVillageResident

    The Arlington Police need to take note of the increased activity at night in Courthouse and Clarendon these days. With all the new restaurants and bars, there are a lot of people coming into the area and the police need to show a greater presence in order to keep this from becoming another Adams Morgan (the paper plates from pizza slices stuck to the sidewalk every Saturday and Sunday morning sure do look a lot like 18th Street). A few sobriety check points and speeding traps through the neighborhoods wouldn’t hurt either to make sure the area is safe for its residents.

    • steve

      What bars? They keep on knocking them down to build condos. There are fewer bars than there used to. The “new” ones are gastropubs that wont’ be attracting the criminal element in the first place, unless they want to rob the people who pay way too much for beers…

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        What’s your time frame of reference? In the early 1990s there was Whiteys and the Down Under. That was pretty much it.

      • LyonVillageResident

        Really good point, Steve. Why would anyone want to rob people that have extra money in their pocket? In any event, while the “new” bars AND RESTAURANTS may not be as seedy as the ones you remember fondly, they increase foot traffic in the neighborhood and there are more and more people on the streets at night and the crime/harassment is seemingly increasing. At least we don’t have the fiscally responsible drinkers to worry about anymore so that’s something. The fact is that ACPD is not present on foot the way that it should be at night in these areas where people are loitering around the streets and apparently are putting people in harms way.

        • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

          Yes! ACPD needs to be on foot and on bike (which they used to do and I haven’t seen once this summer) up and down the Ballston-Rosslyn corridor. They need to go where the officers sitting in cars can’t… and don’t. Seems to me that whole area would be better served patrolled by bike cops with the cars hitting areas outside the corridor and responding as back-up as needed.

    • KalashniKEV

      ACPD doesn’t understand community policing.
      (Hint: You can’t do it from behind the glass at 25MPH and it doesn’t involve air conditioning)

      • CW

        Community policing? That’s too big a term. How about just trying to prevent attempted rapes and bank robberies? How about a cop standing on a streetcorner once in a while, god forbid?

        Although they did manage a 3-car response, along with about 4 ACFD vehicles and an ambulance, to what looked like a homeless man simply being homeless outside the Ballston 7-Eleven yesterday. KEV, you would have been very proud!

        • JamesE

          The homeless count is getting out of control in front of the 7-11, I live right behind it, thankfully they ignore me now, only took several weeks of saying no when asking me for money but they harass everyone that walks by.

          • OX4

            The count is getting out of control around the Rosslyn metro station too. Three of them now standing right at the entrance off Fort Meyer every afternoon. And of course the lady on the corner of Fort Meyer and Wilson who sits there talking on a cell phone with a sign that says she can’t afford to feed her kids. Or that she was evicted. Or that it’s her birthday. Or that she lost her job.

          • SomeGuy

            Yeah, that woman outside the Rosslyn station is always down on her luck. Kids’ school supplies, fans in the summer, coats in the winter, birthdays, Fill_in_the_blank holiday needs, you name it. Part of me thinks she’d be all set for those seasonal supplies after one year of panhandling (how often does she replace her fan?), but then I remember that she’s getting evicted EVERY OTHER WEEK, so it totally makes sense why she’s hanging out there on her cell phone asking for change with a stolen USPS crate in front of her that she stashes in the base of a newspaper stand before being picked up in a car after a long day at “work.”

          • drax

            She’s the opposite of the too-honest “homeless artist” at EFC.

          • KalashniKEV

            IT’S TIME FOR A BUM ROUND-UP!!!!1!

          • JamesE

            Even worse is when they just openly urinate in public. I don’t even want to think about #2.

          • CW

            Storm drains and metro vents.

          • drax

            Good final solution to the homeless problem there, Kev.

          • CW


            WOW! I’ve seen people come close, but this thread has actually achieved it to textbook standards!

          • KalashniKEV

            The Bum Invasion is our “Broken Windows” and “Subway Graffiti.”

          • drax

            Except graffiti and broken windows are things, not people.

          • MattyR

            Let’s not forget about the guy that sits on the milk crate outside of the Ft. Myers Metro entrance every morning with his big white teddy bear (that’s been MIA in recent months) who hits on every girl that walks by. The whole area is out of control – especially between the span of Safeway and 7-11.

    • Lou

      Unfortunately our police are understaffed and underfunded. I don’t blame them directly.

      • Bert

        That may be so, but still–when was the last time you saw one walking around? (And standing on the I-66 ramp doesn’t count!)

        • CW

          Exactly. Funding is funding. It’s up to the department to choose how to use it. Last time I checked, walking the beat was cheaper than buying squad cars and night-vision goggles (I realize the latter was bought with a DHS grant). But seriously, why can’t they just have a cop always walking the beat in high-foot-traffic areas?

          • JamesE

            maybe they already are with darpa stealth suit and night vision.

          • CW

            Ahh, so that’s what that invisible thing I bumped into the other day in front of Goody’s was.

        • JamesE

          I only support their 66 ramp activities when it is to find car tax avoiders.

          • ArlingtonDweller

            Which they can’t do!

            They can get you for not having a valid inspection though, which, if you live in VA you would be subject to (as well as the PPT.)

          • JamesE

            they can’t flag you for lack of county sticker and va plate and send it over to the treasury office?

      • KalashniKEV

        Wrong. They’re suffering from poor leadership.

        Who here can name their local police officer? (Not Crystal Nosal)

        • ArlingtonDweller

          I bet that guy who goes around and films ACPD and posts on youtube could!

        • drax

          Who anywhere in America can name their “local” police officer, aside from those who live in tiny towns?

          • KalashniKEV

            NYC is not a tiny town. Most people in the neighborhoods know and have relationships with the police officers responsible for their safety. I grew up outside NYC on LI and can name two officers in my neighborhood.

          • drax

            Good example. I didn’t mean to say there were none, just that it’s rare these days. Most communities are suburban, not NYC, and it’s hard to have beat cops in that kind of place. I agree that it’s a good idea and could work in parts of Arlington.

          • KalashniKEV

            LI = Suburban Wasteland

          • KalashniKEV

            Also LA gangland has many suburban qualities- Bratton transformed the organizational culture of the LAPD from RoboCop/ Marines to Beat Cop mentality with miraculous results.

          • KalashniKEV

            Without quoting, posting links, etc… Read the recent stories about Bill Bratton being courted by Jolly Olde England to teach them community policing strategies and how to run a beat. Then Google Giuliani and the “Broken Windows” approach to crime.

          • V Dizzle

            I met Bratton a few weeks ago in DC. Giuliani did not fully suppourt him and they were not compadres.

          • KalashniKEV

            I didn’t say they were, but they both brought about change that is undeniable. It’s not rocket science either…

          • V Dizzle

            One small difference is, NYC has violent crime to speak of.

          • KalashniKEV

            Hi… you’re commenting to a story about a girl who got thrown on the ground, her face covered by the perps shirt, and he tried to rape her… sounds violent to me!

            Crimes like these, the bank robberies, and the forcible ATM robbery will continue to multiply in the coming weeks- The word is out.

            ACPD must adopt a Community Policing Strategy now. No Segways. No bicycles. Eyeball to eyeball with the populace. Doing their job!

        • Tabby

          Our local precinct officers come to our annual town hall and speak to residents about crime prevention.

  • John B

    I agree that more checkpoints would be a good idea on the Fairfax/Clarendon/Wilson corridor in the evenings. I routinely see people driving without headlights at night along that stretch, which is a good clue that they may be DUI. Great locations for catching people would be the end of FFX right before you get on to 66W and at the other end of Clarendon/Wilson right before you get on 395S. The trick is how to do a checkpoint that won’t create a huge backup.

    Even if they don’t do sobiety checkpoints, it wouldn’t hurt them to just stand on the corner near the metro stations along those streets. They do have a cop who stands inside of the Ballston IHOP pretty much every night now, which is good. Add one to Marios and the area around Clarendon Metro and they should deter some of the drunken idiots.

    • CW

      Actually, the headlights are often due to the fact that the area is so well lit with LED streetlights that people just don’t turn them on. You see it happen all the time in big parking lots like at a wal-mart, etc, and it has nothing to do with DUI. It also becomes very prevalent this time of year as well when people who are used to driving around at the same time every day (from work, getting groceries, etc.) haven’t needed to use them for months and it starts getting dark earlier. Happens every year…be careful out there!

      • ArlingtonDweller

        I agree with CW. I know most new cars come with automatic headlights, but for those without, they may get into the car, start driving and because its so bright outside, they don’t remember to turn on their lights.

    • KalashniKEV

      “…it wouldn’t hurt them to just stand on the corner near the metro stations along those streets.”

      You won’t catch them dead outside of a squad car not responding to a dispatched call.

      Inside the cruiser they can act oblivious to the public nuisance crimes taking place around them, and wait for someone to call in the next sexual assault or bank robbery.

      These crimes will continue to escalate… the word is out.

  • BennyGoHome

    Kev- without fail, you are the most dramatic drama queen commenter on here… Definitely fit the LI mode of annoying loud mouth…

    • Yeah…

      He says some obnoxious s–t. But on this I agree with him. Cops (like most of us) are lazy. The problem is, we pay them to stop crime. Which means foot patrols. Which they don’t do. It’s obviously necessary. And it wouldn’t even require that many cops. Just knowing that a cop is somewhere nearby on foot near any given Metro station, above ground, would surely dissuade some would-be violent criminals.

      Seriously, you can’t say that nothing is wrong when an attempted rape happens a block from the PD!

      • Clarendon

        The police chief that was here about 10 years ago from Massachusettes (Flynn?) had done a lot of bike patrols. It was good. Foot patrols would be better and encourage more interaction with the citizens and closer ties to the community. I don’t think it’s lazy as much as the management not seeing the value.

  • Z

    And this ladies and gentlemen, is one reason I concealed carry.

    • Bert

      Are you more at risk of getting charged with brandishing with CCW (if someone notices you’re packing) than with open carry?

      • KalashniKEV

        In order to be charged with brandishing, you’d have to break leather and have the gun in hand. Concealed Carry, Sloppy Concealed Carry, and Open Carry are all perfectly fine.

        (CCW required for the first two)

  • Nova gal

    These comment threads are ridiculous. I hardly comment because all it starts is a comment war, but this is crazy. I’m sure the Arlington cops feel very appreciated. If someone isn’t complaining about speed traps or over enforcement of laws, you complain that someone is speeding in your neighborhood, that traffic is awful because of people in HOV lanes, or lazy cops. People complain and joke about bank robberies, but they just arrested a guy that robbed 6 out of the 9 banks robbed this year. There are the drunk perverts that walk around and grab a woman’s ass when they have the opportunity, but the police department tracks down a guy who abducted a woman and left her for dead, when he had already killed two kids in Chicago and a girl in the navy. We live in a very safe area and pay an expensive price for doing so. That doesn’t mean we pay their salary, they aren’t our servants. Try living in DC for a bit and see how quickly the response is for a passed out guy on the sidewalk that may just be a homeless guy, or could possibly be dead. When your apartment is broken into and you wait 15-20 minutes versus 3 hours for someone to come take a report. Are there cops out there that are assholes? Sure, It’s just like the rest of society folks. But not everyone is, and not all Arlington cops are lazy idiots either.

    • KalashniKEV

      “Try living in DC for a bit…”

      No Thanks!

    • KalashniKEV

      “But not everyone is, and not all Arlington cops are lazy idiots either.”

      In case any of the above was in reference to me, I don’t blame the individual officers. They don’t conduct only revenue enforcement and sit in their cruisers because it’s what *they* want to do that day.

      This is a failure of leadership. Crime will continue to increase in severity until ACPD adopts community policing and takes a proactive role in preventing crime.

      • drax

        You heard it here, folks – Kev predicts a steady increase in the crime rate unless and until we get community policing (I take it that’s what you mean by “severity” Kev).

        Of course, the Arlington crime rate has dropped every year since 2001, part of a larger trend since the early 90s. But that doesn’t count.


        • KalashniKEV

          “Rate” is not the same as “Severity…” but I stand by my prediction:

          “Crime will continue to increase in severity until ACPD adopts community policing and takes a proactive role in preventing crime.”

          The word is out among those who would do us harm.

          • drax

            Now you need to define severity.

          • Conan the Grammarian



            noun, plural -ties.
            1. harshness, sternness, or rigor: Their lives were marked by severity.
            2. austere simplicity, as of style, manner, or taste: The severity of the decor was striking.
            3. intensity or sharpness, as of cold or pain.
            4. grievousness; hard or trying character or effect: The severity of his loss was finally becoming apparent.
            5. rigid exactness or accuracy.

            1475–85; < Latin sevēritās, equivalent to sevēr ( us ) severe + -itās -ity

            Related forms
            non·se·ver·i·ty, noun, plural -ties.
            o·ver·se·ver·i·ty, noun
            su·per·se·ver·i·ty, noun

          • drax

            That’s a rather severe definition if you ask me.

          • KalashniKEV

            Can’t you just google it?

            I think we all understand “Severity.”

          • KalashniKEV

            Thanks, Conan!


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