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by ARLnow.com September 2, 2011 at 8:21 am 2,654 39 Comments

Historic ‘Arlington Oak’ Toppled — A historic tree in Arlington National Cemetery is now firewood thanks to Hurricane Irene. The cemetery revealed last night that the ‘Arlington Oak’ at the Kennedy gravesite had been knocked down by the storm’s high winds and steady rains. “That tree had a significant legacy here,” said a cemetery official. [CBS News]

Firefighters Collecting for MDA — Arlington’s firefighters are out “filling the boot” at busy intersections to collect money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A medic crew was out at the intersection of Glebe Road and Columbia Pike last night, and the crew from Engine 109 was spotted out in the Shirlington area, among others. [Shirlington Village Blog]

Are Arlington’s Green Grants Worth It? — Arlington received $3.2 million in federal green energy grants in 2009, according to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. But was it worth it? One of the grants — $300,000 — was spent to place solar panels on the roof of the Arlington Central Library, a move expected to save some $150,000 over 10-15 years. The Journal opines that it may not be the best investment to give “one of the five wealthiest counties in America free money.” [Wall Street Journal]

Flickr pool photo by BrianMKA

  • Harry Rogers

    Is it me or does this page look OK in Firefox but not IE? Can’t even find the login button.

    • I don’t think it is you. I’ve not looked at it in Firefox, but it is all messed up for me using IE.

      • charlie

        as a web designer IE drives me NUTS. why can’t Obama require everyone to use Firefox. It is also FREE.

        • drax

          Another Obama failure! So much for hope and change! He’s sold out again!

          • charlie

            are you agreeing with me after saying yesterday that you never would?
            oh it is a new day!!
            I have hOpe for tomorrow.

      • Should look okay at this point, let us know if it’s still messed up.

        • Josh S

          Hallejuela! It’s fixed. I was beginning to think I’d have to stop visiting. (Which I probably should anyway, from a work productivity point of view….)

          • citizen


  • ArlNow: Wee typo

    Green Grants blurb: “Was it worth is?”

  • charlie

    i continue to take exception with ANYONE begging for money in traffic medians.
    that our County employees are doing it in their County uniforms is unacceptable to me.

    • CW

      The firefighters do this is almost every jurisdiction in America.

      • charlie

        if everyone else jumps off the bridge, will you?
        doesn’t make it ok or safe.

      • That doesn’t make it right. I’ll agree with Charlie. I don’t like anyone begging for money when I’m commuting, going to the store, or out to dinner. I want to choose my charity and write them a check.

        • Matt

          Difference is, these guys aren’t using the money to buy crack. Keep up the good work and thank you for volunteering your time ACFD!

        • KalashniKEV

          “A pennnnny o’ a nickle fo’ a disabled vet’rin…”

    • SomeGuy

      I’m with charlie on this. I don’t like being solicited for cash/coins on the street.

    • SeanO

      How is someone asking you to give $ to a charitable organization while standing at an intersection different from someone asking you to give $ to a charitable organization via a telethon with a phone bank? The method may be different but the intent & result is the same.

      • Al Abamah

        Telethons and phone banks are offensive too. @#$ WETA. Just show me some commercials and stop with the begging!

        • madisonmanor

          +$85 but I get BOTH the CDs and DVDs for my contribution. And no, for an extra $35 I DO NOT want the travel coffee mug too.

      • Louise

        Because standing in traffic is a hazard?? NOT a fan of the fill the boot campaign. What a stupid model for our children. We teach kids that begging is wrong, and that intersections are dangerous–and then fire fighters, who we teach kids to respect, stand all weekend, begging, in intersections. It’s a bad, bad idea and one day one of those firefighters is going to get hit by a car.

      • charlie

        because they are county employees standing in the middle of the street, and even if they are off duty, they still have on their county uniforms and have their county trucks parked on the side of the street.

    • BlueLoom


  • Stu Pendus

    Funny typo in that CBS article about the tree. “Hollowed ground”. Yes, it was hollowed out eventually.

    • drax

      A typo is a mistake by someone who actually knows how to spell a word correctly. This is much worse. They actually thought “hollowed” was the right word.

      • Ron

        yeah, now that spell checkers exist, maybe the next thing we need is context checkers.
        (is our children educated yet?)

        • drax

          Or just decent schools so that people can actually speak English instead of having a computer do all the thinking for them.

      • Stu Pendus

        Still funny.

    • JamesE

      Hollowed be thy Name is my favorite Iron Maiden song.

      • Bob32

        And mine is “Fear of the Dork.”

        • Josh S

          Hey, hey hey. Iron Maiden fans were NOT dorks back in the day. Tools, wankers, and posers. But not dorks.

  • othersideoftheriver

    Nice pic of what I think is a juvenile red-tail hawk. Anyone know for sure?

  • PhilT

    Nice picture of a young Cooper’s Hawk.

    • Tabby

      I expect it to say “can’t touch this!”

      • Tabby

        Hammah time

  • what kin of bird is in the pic? It’s beautiful!

  • Joe

    I’m not giving a cent to these people after the stunt they tried to pull last year with the petition to change the County’s government. I’ll give to organizations myself without giving these guys the time of day.

  • Rick

    Green Grants: Only in America can we spend $2 and get $1 inturn for our investments!

    Wall Street article – “Arlington officials boast the project will save $14,000 in annual electricity costs, but the solar panels have a life span of no more than 10 to 15 years. So the feds spent $300,000 to shave at most $150,000 off the net present value of Arlington’s electric bills. Some 3,000 counties across the country received federal funds for the same kind of negative-return energy conservation “investments.” This is the kind of “clean energy” program the administration wants to expand”

  • MC

    I don’t believe any “facts” cited in the Wall Street Journal editorial pages. They can make Pravda look honest.

  • To the contrary, giving “one of the five wealthiest counties in America free money” is better for us all because in this “diverse and inclusive” sanctuary which does things in the exceptionalist “Arlington Way”, they are not only richer, but smarter and more enlightened than the rest of the country, so they can give the “green graft” much wider exposure.


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