New Steakhouse Coming to Shirlington

by ARLnow.com September 8, 2011 at 12:46 pm 4,601 19 Comments

A new steakhouse is coming to the Village at Shirlington, according to a ‘help wanted’ ad placed on Craigslist.

Called “4 Seasons Steakhouse,” the restaurant is looking to hire an executive chef (“Experience with dry-aged steaks a PLUS!”), a general manager, bartenders and servers.

“Due to the overwhelming number of applicants, we can only respond to those who fit the job description best through e-mail,” the ad said.

No word yet on where the steakhouse might be located in Shirlington. We could not find any public records indicating that the restaurant has registered a trade name in Arlington or is seeking a liquor license from the state.

  • JimPB

    An uncover probe to see who’s looking for another job?

    Seriously, should a Craig’s List ad without any collaboration for the purposed business be given space in ARLNow.Com?

    • Lou

      I guess the “trap post” is always a possibility. But that would be a great story itself and a good fit for this type of blog.

      At least this shows the site is out there investigating for original news, not just leeching off other media or aggregating twitter all day.

  • G

    Maybe it will be located at the bear rock cafe space?

  • LP

    Horrible name…sounds like something you’d see on the side of 95 heading down South.

  • Chris

    Thought a pizza place was moving into Bear Rock. Seriously, no joke.

    Shirlington could use a good steak house. Cap City has steak but it’s not “uber” and the steak at the Irish place is only good if have four double whiskies first. Bonsai Grill has really good Beef Katsu but it’s hardly the 48oz Side of Beast my American pallet craves.

    • FairlingtonD

      The pizza place (Cafe Pizzaiolo) is going in across from Ping in the ground floor of the new office building. Bear Rock is likely the only place that this could go, unless I’m missing a vacant space somewhere.

    • ShirliMan

      Carlyle has a couple good steak options…at least they used to.

      • Beefy

        True dat.

      • Chris

        Totally forgot about them. You’re absolutley right. Love the smoked ribeye.

  • G
  • John Fontain

    Will it be open year round?

  • buckey09

    I have wondered how Bisto Bistro has stayed open this long. It seems like there is hardly ever enough people to turn a profit. If I were betting, I’d say that BB is not long for Shirlington and that this steak place will take over. I don’t see the old Bear Rock space being big enough for a steak place, but who knows.

  • Michelle

    The name is terrible. Can’t they think of something more appealing?

  • Aaron

    They probably wanted to call themselves “Bourbon Steak” but found that that was already taken.

  • David

    Hairdresser at Hair Cuttery told me a few months ago that Bistro Bistro is going and the steak restaurant is going in there. BB has really gone downhill in 20 years.

  • Alejandro

    Rumors circulating are that Bistro-Bistro is closing and that the Steakhouse will come in and take its place. It’s a shame, BB has a lot of potential and the food is great.

  • Eli

    Extra Virgin is my guess as Extra Virgin has been dying since it opened. I’m surprised it’s been in business this long: excellent presentation, small portions, high prices, few customers.
    At one time there was talk of Bungalow taking over Extra Virgin’s space, but then Bungalow has been sold to a hands-on husband and wife team.

  • Hmm! Good speculations. Especially about BB (I think.) How ’bout ’round the corner, as it were: is Busboys And Poets holding up?


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