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Neighborhood Conservation Projects Await Approval

by ARLnow.com September 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm 2,702 33 Comments

The Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee is recommending that the County Board approve five new street improvement projects when it meets this weekend.

The total cost of the projects — which are expected to improve the appearance and safety of the streetscape — is estimated at $2.8 million. Of the five projects, all but one are in North Arlington.

The Neighborhood Conservation program allows neighborhoods to compete with one another to receive funding for public improvements requested by residents. The five projects expected to receive funding over the weekend include:

  • Beautification plus pedestrian safety improvements with raised medians on Yorktown Blvd between Little Falls Road and 30th Street N., near Yorktown High School. ($202,599)
  • Street improvements including sidewalk, curb, gutter and street lighting in Glencarlyn, on 4th Street S. between Lexington and Kensington Streets and on Lexington Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. ($653,033)
  • Street improvements including sidewalk, curb, gutter and street lighting in Ashton Heights, on N. Piedmont Street from 5th to 6th Streets. ($519,345)
  • Beautification plus pedestrian safety improvements with curb and median extensions in Tara Leeway Heights, on N. Patrick Henry Drive from 18th to 20th Streets. ($717,897)
  • Street improvements including sidewalk, curb, and gutter in Leeway, on N. Illinois Street from 22nd Street to Lee Highway. ($716,692)

The last round of Neighborhood Conservation projects included street, park and sign improvements in six different neighborhoods. This time around, the committee passed over proposed park projects in Penrose, Arlington Forest and Boulevard Manor; pedestrian safety projects in Westover Village, Waverly Hills and Claremont; and street improvement projects in Williamsburg and Maywood.

  • north a-town snob

    of course all but one project are in north a-town…why waste the money on southie…you can’t polish a turd.

    • steve85

      Wow. Have respect for the whole county. South Arlington resident have money as well. You must be a turd that was polished and now think you’re a king

      • King of North A-Town

        What part of you can’t polish a turd don’t you get? I couldn’t possibly be a turd that was polished and now think I am a king, if you can’t polish a turd!! You commoners are so silly with your feable mindedness. I was born into this nobility and have always been better than the South Arlingtonians, but thanks for trying. Now please return to your lesser man’s work and life, and please stop harassing important people of the North.

        • steve85

          Son you’re nobody

          • Humor Detector Repair Guy

            That does it. I’m recommending a weekly maintenance service plan. Please call the office to get it set up.

          • AAA Humor Detector Service Center

            Second opinion – Steve’s humor unit is shot and can’t be repaired. He needs a whole new unit, with its own power supply and modem. $1,200 minimum, plus labor.

          • Jos. A. Bank Humor Detectors, Inc.

            Today through Friday only, come into Jooooooozeph A. Bank Humor Detectors, buy one Super-Duper Humor Dect-o-meter at regular price, and get 6 more for FREEEEE!

  • GreaterClarendon

    For $720,000 – I’m kind of disappointed about the beautification project on Kirkwood. I saw a lot of work under the road, but still not a very pretty walk.

    •Ballston/Virginia Square — $719,956 — Sidewalk, curb, gutter, beautification and pedestrian safety improvements on Kirkwood Road from Lee Highway to 14th Street N.

    • charlie

      that work was part of a powerline program and/or something with the sewer. this is probably the pay-off for the inconvenience.

    • Whitney Wilson

      That work hasn’t been done yet.

  • Larchmont

    Keep Tara beautiful!

  • Flood Victim

    I see Donaldson Run is last on the list. When will county officials wise up?

    • TiredofNCAC

      The NCAC has nothing to do with the County Officals – they are representatives selected by your civic association who then decide how the money is spent.

  • TiredofNCAC

    The majority of NCAC reps are folks who just love to hear themselfs talk. They feel the County Board and residents should be beholden to them and boy do they get riled when they don’t get their way. Don’t like the projects that made the cut, then join your civic association and become the NCAC rep so you can change things.

  • Drieway

    I hear the county gives away free circular driveway too

  • Carol_R

    This is like flushing money down the toilet. To me it’s a disgrace. I voted against these in the last election. They wanted to spend a couple million to “beautify” N. Daniel St. Since I live in the next block and drive through that street I saw nothing wrong with the street at all.

    Now there may be streets that need “beautification” but the ones they select in my honest opinion don’t need it.

    And WE ARE IN A RECESSION. Quit wasting money on things we don’t need done.

    • Rick

      Agree with Carol. Now is not the time to spend money – – need to finish the ones we are currently working which are probaly under budget or/and save the money for emergency projects this winter – like snow removal which ways seam under budget.

      • drax

        Is our budget balanced, or not? If it is, no need to change simply due to a recession. If anything, it stimulates the economy a little more.

        • Chris M.

          There is not a recession in Arlington, so stimulus spending is not appropriate. Saving is the appropriate macroeconomic measure for the county. Gezzz son, if you’re going to use bad Keynesian logic, at least use it correctly.

          • drax

            Yet Rick cited a recession as the reason to cut spending, so I followed HIS logic. However, if there is no recession in Arlington, there’s no need to cut spending in the first place.

            If you’re going to use logic at all, use it correctly.

          • Chris M.

            I was not commenting on Rich’s logic, I was commenting on yours.

            In addition, neither Rick nor I said anything about cutting total spending, but rather saving for better uses in the near future. You must be a lawyer, because you’re good at being pompous with your own comments while totaling ignoring the substance of others.

          • statistician

            +33% of all comments on ArlNow. I’m waiting on his mis-read of your comment to say that you are opposed to all taxes or that all government is bad. Which you never said (but neither did the commenter the other day, but he still was wrongfully draxed [or mehooed] for it).

          • drax

            Yes, and I was commenting on my logic too. Take the time to read carefully.

            And you must be the pompous lawyer if you need to make a distinction between “cutting” and “saving.”

            In any event, you informed us that there is no recession in Arlington, so neither you nor Rick need to worry about cutting/saving, do you? That was, as I pointed out, the reason Rick cited for cutting/saving, so if it’s not there, awesome.

          • drax

            Sorry, Carol cited the recession, not Rick. Same point, just substitute the right name.

    • drax

      Carol, luckily you are in the minority.

      As for selecting the streets, the neighborhood civic association does that. You have input in that process if you want it. Did you show up at meetings or work on the NC process?

    • Josh S

      Carol may be a little unclear on the concept.

      Unless she’s on the NCAC, she didn’t vote against these projects since they didn’t appear on any county ballot.

      Also, spending by the government in a recession (real or imagined) is generally a GOOD thing – it, you know, stimulates the economy. It’s not like the county has to raise additional revenue to support these particular projects.

      • Chris M.

        Josh, please see my comment above. Unless you are shipping in contractors from outside our area, your statement is NOT a GOOD thing.

        So what if they don’t have to raise the money? If you think this is the best use of $2.8 million, you must live North Arlington. (Otherwise known as the land of trust fund teenagers raised by their nannies.)

        • drax

          You don’t understand that spending money on contractors in Arlington stimulates the economy of Arlington, and elsewhere too?

          Not that it matters – this is work worth doing regardless. It’s well worth the money.

          • Chris M.

            I’m not saying it not simulative, I’m just saying it is not very useful stimulus according to Keynes. On the worthwhile issue, that’s subjective and I don’t think we are going to see eye-to-eye there.

          • drax

            That’s fine. I agree that it’s not very stimulative. Stimulus was never the point of this spending in the first place, of course.

    • drax

      “I voted against these in the last election.”

      No you didn’t. They weren’t on the ballot.

      I’m going to go ahead and guess that you didn’t show up at any of your local neighborhood conservation meetings either, where these were planned.

      • Beledy

        I would guess the commenter was saying she voted against the bond initiative that funds NCAC, not the specific projects. The NCAC bonds do get put on the ballot.

        That being said, the projects are mostly not about beautification, which was Carol’s gripe. The county lumps nearly all pedestrian safety initiatives on neighborhood streets like sidewalks and street lights under NCAC. I wish they would provide more than nominal funding in the main budget for neighborhood safety initiatives.

  • mickey644

    Like the Trojan ad: “it blows your hair back” about how much money …..OUR tax money can be pissed away by politicians.


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