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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com September 15, 2011 at 8:48 am 2,365 10 Comments

BRAC Not Too Bad, After All — Today is the deadline for the transfer of military offices affected by the Base Realignment and Closure Act. By today, 17,000 jobs were supposed to have moved out of Arlington County (mostly Crystal City) and into secure military installations like Ft. Belvoir. But in the end, the feared deadline is coming and going “with little fanfare.” The Associated Press reports that 10,000 of the 17,000 BRACed jobs are still here and expected to remain through as late as 2014, thanks to extensions granted by the Department of Defense. [Washington Post]

Pumpkins Arrive in Clarendon — The first pumpkins of the season showed up yesterday at the Clarendon Farmers Market. [Clarendon Culture]

Artisphere Called ‘Sad,’ Lonely — The designated art critic for the Clarendon-Courthouse-Rosslyn Patch says he was disappointed by Artisphere on his first visit. “I noticed an immediate loneliness to the place, a sad emptiness,” he wrote. The critic went on to recommend “more traditional” art galleries, in addition to Artisphere’s more modern, avant-garde exhibits. [Patch]

Flickr pool photo by Runneralan2004

  • Mr. Brown

    “I noticed an immediate loneliness to the place, a sad emptiness, and a sense of extreme cost… like a Lambourgini at the bottom of the ocean, or Jim Moran’s bedroom.”

    • Aaron

      That was just his first visit! I’m sure he and the rest of the critics will just LOVE the tranquil lounge space performance art on Friday!

  • charlie

    do the pumpkins have brown flip flops on?

  • HaulinOats

    What was up with the emergency services lights/sirens show outside the Ballston metro around 6:30 this morning? Looked like police/fire truck and sounded like others were en route.

  • Ali

    Anyone know why there’s been an MPD cruiser parked on Key Bridge blocking a lane into VA every morning this week?

  • YTK

    The Artisphere is an underutilized cavernous space in an area that is depressing to begin with. No bus stop there — not a kind walk to and from the Rosslyn metro – I rate it as “just BLAAAH.”

    • Aaron

      If you can’t walk to the Artisphere from the Rosslyn metro, you should probably call the Scooter Store stat before the Republicans shut it down.

      • R.Griffon

        Seriously. It’s ONE friggin block away (and that’s the short side of the rectangular block not the long one). How lazy can you be?

  • SamsontheCat

    I support all of the recommendations. Artisphere is caught-up in too much in its own navel gazing. We get it, you’re young and hip and not our parent’s art gallery. Our parent’s art gallery actually has art…and people in it. Mixing up the alternative-art with some more “traditional” (read art more about the art and not about the overy cool “concept” you don’t get because you just don’t get it) would actually expose more people to the hip stuff because you’d get a wider audience coming and not just the 3 people who are normally come – the artist, their significant other, and the home-less guy on his way to the bathroom.

  • nota gain

    My first visit made me cancel my volunteerism at AS. Really a sad boring place. I think there was a Mongol art display which was colorful but, like most Asian art, boring and sad.


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