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by ARLnow.com September 23, 2011 at 8:33 am 2,639 25 Comments

First Day of Fall, Flash Flood Watch — Today is officially the first day of fall, but it’s not going to feel like it. A storm system bringing tropical moisture to the area will provide warm temperatures and heavy rains that may produce flash flooding. [Capital Weather Gang]

Reminder: DUI Checkpoint Tonight — As part of a national DUI crackdown, Arlington County Police will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in the county tonight.

What If Arlington Was Part of D.C.? — The Washington City Paper wonders aloud: What would the District look like had Arlington and Alexandria not been retroceded back to Virginia? The move, which would place part of North Arlington in Northwest D.C. and the rest in Southwest D.C., would add 252,000 registered voters, 56 public and charter schools, and 44 Starbucks locations to the District. [Washington City Paper]

Fisette to Be Honored for HIV Outreach — County Board member Jay Fisette will be honored by the Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry as its 2011 Honoree at the organization’s Red Ribbon Gala next month. “NOVAM is proud to honor a well-known community leader who is a strong community advocate for HIV prevention and care for nearly 25 years,” the group said. [Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry]

ACFD Captain Retiring — Arlington County Fire Department Captain Ed Hannon is retiring after 28 years. As he was recounting his years of experience during a TV interview, Hannon’s colleagues decided to pull a prank: they sneaked up from behind and smeared his face with whipped cream as cameras rolled. [MyFoxDC]

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Make that 251,999. I would not live in Arlington if it was part of DC.

  • Southeast Ben

    Exactly. What is presently Arlington would probably be more closely located in Reston from a proximity standpoint. Proximity aside, if the current Arl/Alex population were included in DC, maybe the politics would be run a little more clean..

  • Lou

    They would have burnt Arlington to the ground in ’68, so that might have an effect on what it would look like today.

  • Scott

    “What If Arlington Was Part of D.C.?”

    For one, DC’s budget situation would be a lot different.

    Second, Virginia would be a heck of a lot more right-wing.

  • Ted williams

    I prefer to discuss what DC would look like if it was retroceded back to Maryland. That’s the only constitutional (and just) way to bring “full voting rights” to DC residents.

    • SamsontheCat

      I’ve always thought the best solution would be to pull out the old maps showing the region as The County of Alexandria, The County of Washington, The City of Washington, and the City of Georgetown.

      The old Alexandria County left so now just follow the old borders and give the County of Washington back to MD and create a federal district out of the City of Washington. Sure there would be some would still not have voting rights, but almost all of the people in current DC would become MD voters. Since a Washington County, MD exists rename the new county Columbia County or my preference, Anacostia County since the Anacostia River would cut through it..

      Georgetown can either stay a non-voting part of the DC or join MD., depending on votes or if DC wants to use it as a bargaining chip to get MD to accept the plan.

      • Ted williams

        I always raise DC retrocession whenever some DC “activist” at a cocktail party or wherever starts moaning about lack of full voting rights. They always say retrocession is unthinkable, but are at a loss to explain why.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    If Arlington was part of DC, the cancer of DC would spread thoughout, and the Fairfax/Arlington boarder would be just like the boarders of DC, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties need I say more.

    • Richard Cranium

      I know it’s a transient community, but some people own homes. What would they look like?

      • Tabby

        RC, I hear a whooshing sound.

        • NrNy2ArlVa

          The whooshing sound you hear is all the law breakers running into Fairfax when the DC police come down the street, and vice versa.

      • NrNy2ArlVa

        If you want to know what they would look like, take a walk down Eastern Avenue just about any night of the week, but let me warn you those are not women, or you can spend a night at the Comfort Inn in Silver Spring, now I have to admit the area has changed, but 10 years ago there was all kinds of activities going on there. Now look at the Fairfax border at Columbia Pike in Arlington, even with Arlington not being part of DC that area is not the showcase of Arlington, just imagine if Arlington was part of DC what it would look like.

  • Steve

    Jim Moran wouldn’t have a job.

  • Alexandrian

    If Arlington was still part of DC, I wouldn’t be having the regrets of moving out of Arlington. And like NRNy2ArlVa said, the outskirts of Arlington would be more like PGC…

  • Aaron

    It’s possible that the combined normalcy of the Arlington and Alexandria population would have prevented the east side of the city from coming to dominate local politics the way it did and Washington never would have slid into the depths that it did for three decades.

    However, the more likely explanation for Arlington and Alexandria’s sustained level of excellent living standards for the past half century is that our residents get all of the benefits of living in DC but with none of the disasters that come from being governed by an inept racist thugocracy.

  • DCNow

    We all would have to voice our opinions, fight, complain and disagree on DCNow!

    Just doesnt have the same ring to it

    • drax

      Just think – half the posters here would actually have a point though.

  • YTK

    That picture of a leaf is NOT a piksha of an Autumn Leaf– that is a sick leaf– probably crisped from too much heat.

  • jmb

    “The move, which would place part of North Arlington in Northwest D.C. and the rest in Southwest D.C., would add 252,000 registered voters, 56 public and charter schools, and 44 Starbucks locations to the District.”

    Not to mention millions of brown flip flops. Personally, I wonder what it would be like if Donaldson Run were part of Arlington.

    Seriously, how would this add over a quarter million registered voters to DC? The 2010 Census showed the population of Arlington to be only 207,627.

    • jmb

      Oh, I see. The article is using the orginal district lines, which would include a big chunk of Alexandria.

  • y8s

    I’d get my “Taxation Without Representation” license plates back!

  • Michael H.

    The District would be better off, but Alexandria County (Arlington and Alexandria) would not.

    Re the beginning of fall, that’s only if you’re going by the astronomical seasons. Meteorological fall began on Sept. 1. I think that system makes more sense.

  • KalashniKEV

    Arlington as we know it wouldn’t exist if it got flushed into the cesspool that is DC.

    • drax

      Gee, KEV, you’re not completely predictable or anything.

      • Lou

        Merely one of the side effects of being consistently right.


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