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by ARLnow.com September 26, 2011 at 8:30 am 3,849 15 Comments

Musical Moves to New Theater — The Arlington Players are moving next month’s production of Nine to the Kenmore Middle School auditorium. Earthquake damage was discovered earlier this month at the musical’s original venue, the Thomas Jefferson Community Theater. [Sun Gazette]

Roosevelt Island Access From D.C.? — Greater Greater Washington argues that ferry service or bridge should be established/built from the Georgetown waterfront to Roosevelt Island. Why? “Roosevelt Island is in the District of Columbia, yet DC residents have to travel through Virginia via or along a highway to get to this fantastic and wild resource.” [Greater Greater Washington]

Metro Cell Phone Upgrades Behind Schedule — Metro is well behind schedule in providing cell phone service to all 47 of its underground rail stations. The agency had promised to add service to the 27 stations currently without cell phone infrastructure by last fall, but now says it’s not sure when the cell phone companies will complete the work necessary to provide the service. [Washington Examiner]

  • bobco85

    From the Greater Greater Washington article: “[Roosevelt Island] sits so tantalizingly close to Georgetown, yet it’s a difficult place to visit.”

    I do not know why he thinks it is so hard to access from Georgetown Waterfront Park. You can walk/bike from Key Bridge, from Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, or from the Rosslyn metro, or drive and park in the (albeit small) parking lot.

    I see there is money to be made in having a ferry running between the two, but complaining about having to walk to get to a place where you will do more walking (what else does he think is there to do there?) seems rather silly.

    • FrenchyB

      I like how the guy proposing the bridge equates the island being in DC with the island being owned by the District, when it is National Park Service property.

    • Burger

      Because most of the GGW posters are certifiably crazy. Most would get rid of fire if they could and believe cars are instruments of the devil.

      I think most would be happy to live a life like Robert Silverberg’s “A World Inside”

  • Josh S

    Roosevelt Island is so small that adding more visitors would make it not really worth visiting. Also, it’s remarkable to me to read all the folks posting over at GGW who claim that it is this wonderful oasis of nature. Um, hardly. First, it’s on the National Airport approach, so low flying planes are constantly roaring overhead. In the wintertime when the vegetation dies back you can see trash everywhere, you’ve got Roosevelt bridge with seven lanes of cars directly overhead, there are few spots on the island where you can’t see the District, etc.

    In any case, if you think it’s an oasis, shouldn’t you want to keep it that way? Building a bridge to it would definitely reduce it’s oasisness.

    • Liam Gallagher

      That would be really f’ing bad man

  • Johnny Utah

    that cell phone link is from 2009. No new updated links?

  • John Fontain

    The Roosevelt Island idea is incredibly stupid. The author says the island is 100 yards away from the Georgetown waterfront and then claims it’s over a mile walk to get there. Last time I check the Key bridge was just up the hill from the waterfront and the path to Roosevelt Island was just off the other side of the bridge. Somehow his measuring isn’t adding up.

    • Harkin

      Well, maybe you don’t check so good. It’s about .8 miles from the start of the Key Bridge in Georgetown to setting foot on Roosevelt Island – move the starting to point to the Georgetown waterfront and you easily have a mile or more. You can click off the distance here if you want: http://www.walkjogrun.net/

      I agree this is not a good idea – sometimes what makes a place nice is that it takes a little work to get there. The kind of people that would gripe that it’s too far a walk from Georgetown are the kind of people that will ruin the place if you create a way to practically drop them off there.

  • Steve

    Oh boy, wow, walking across key bridge and then down to the footbridge to roosevelt island is too hard. If it’s not about making money from a ferry, then they must be like the people I saw at a grocery store yesterday in Montgomery county. An SUV pulls to the front entrance, two obese women get out and walk in, then the SUV with handicapped plates goes parks 15 feet away in the handicapped spot, and the non handicapped driver gets out and walks inside.

  • charlie

    I think Joni Mitchell needs to write a song about Roosevelt Island.
    not everything needs to be ruined.

  • Novanglus

    I won’t repeat all the comments I made at GGW, but all Roosevelt Island needs is a CaBi station (on the Virginia side — keep bikes off the island itself!) and a small dinghy dock facing Georgetown.

    • steve85

      No no no. I guess people now don’t want to walk to places now. This place doesn’t need CaBi. The next suggestion is to ride a bike accoss the water. Just leave it the way it is.

  • yequalsy

    Well, at least it’s not the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard in respect to Roosevelt Island. The dumbest was when Pombo wanted to sell it to developers.

    • charlie

      roosevelt island was privately owned until 1931 (Washington Gas was the last owner) when the island was purchased by the TR Memorial Foundation.
      funds weren’t appropriated for the memorial until 1960.
      it was also in the way of I-66 at one point.

  • MC

    I believe a few years ago the DC (Fenty) government proposed building a bridge from the Kennedy Center through Roosevelt Island that would allow bike to travel from DC to Rossyln via the Island. They even thought that Federal Highway funding would be eligible for such a project. Seemed like an intriguing idea: DC needs another bridge of some sort between it and Virginia.


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