Big Pothole on Glebe Road Creating Traffic Hazard

by ARLnow.com October 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm 3,255 25 Comments

A big pothole on southbound Glebe Road, near S. 2nd Street, is causing a traffic hazard for drivers.

The pothole is forcing drivers in the left southbound lane to either swerve around it or slam on the brakes in order to avoid damage to their cars.

The hole appears to have formed in a recently-laid patch of asphalt.

  • Ted Irvine

    There is also one on S Second Street at the same intersection – be careful when you are about to turn onto Glebe (cracked my CV Boot on it)

  • Hope they get that thing fixed before winter sets in.

  • Richard Cranium

    First rogue poles, and now aggressive potholes. The infrastructure is fighting back!

  • zzzzz

    Has anyone reported it to the county? It’s easy to do on their website and they respond pretty quickly.

    • mickey644

      See my comment below….quickly? I don’t think so.

  • mickey644

    I have complained to the county via their website and via the Washington Post and it appears that the County mans the “pothole site” with the same incompetents they have responsible for fixing potholes. I have taken the time to drive over a hundred blocks to locate them, gave detailed directions, all to no avail. Stop paying taxes, and I’ll bet the overpaid incompetents will wake up from their deep, bureaucratic sleep. They are probably blaming the pot holes on Bush anyway.

    • zzzzz

      I reported a pothole to the county less than a week ago and it’s fixed now. I reported some broken “Don’t Walk” signs the same day, and they’ve also been fixed. If that’s what they do in their sleep, I’m impressed.

    • Josh S

      Mickey for County Administrator!! He’ll do the job competently (according to him) and he’ll do it for zero dollars!! Woo hoo!!

      Wait, you mean he doesn’t want the job? He just wants to stay on the sideline and throw bombs at the people actually doing the job?

      Oh, never mind then. Forget Mickey……

  • John K.

    Pish-and-tosh… looks like just another day on Columbia Pike.

  • dude..

    how much pot is there actually in that hole?….I’m thinking like enough to get real baked

  • charlie

    i like the truck from Maryland going onto the wrong side of Glebe Road to avoid.
    Nice work.
    Ok, Thes, it is a state road, so is VDOT to blame or Arlington?

  • Brian

    This seems to be an ongoing problem. There were two massive craters (1ft deep) in front of my office on Wilson Blvd. I actually blocked the right turn lane off as someone was bound to lose a wheel. Did so with the county’s blessing.,

    I Tweeted and Facebooked the county who responded that way and filled it three days later. Two more days and the holes were worse tha ever.

  • Rick

    VDOT maintains glebe. Arlington doesn’t care. And theres about 30 of those on williamsburg blvd ’round these parts. I suggest getting used to it and using the bathroom before traveling that route

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    These potholes are part of the car free diet. They swallow the whole car.

    Anyway, this road is VDOT maintained as mentioned before, so a) it gets salted and plowed during the winter and b) items like this will get taken care of.

  • JimPB

    ARLNow.Com could perform a good community service with minimal time by providing transparency and accountability. .
    The service:
    Logging the times
    (A) when a pothole is reported to the proper entity (VDOT or Arlington County);
    (B) the subsequent time when either cones and/or other traffic directions are put in place to alert drivers to the hazard and divert them around it (generally it should be possible to do this quickly, i.e., with an hour or two of the report), and then
    (C) when the pothole is filled. (I understand that there is temporary filling that can be done quickly, and more permanent filling that requires favorable weather and more time, so the kind of filling might usefully be noted too).

    • Rick

      Yeah that sounds easy

      • Josh S

        The San Francisco Chronicle does it in the Bay Area and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in other newspapers as well.

        But they are probably slightly larger organizations than ARLnow. But then again, Arlington is a LOT smaller than the Bay Area.

  • Bob

    Holy horses**t, you people on this site are without question the biggest bunch of tool losers that ever got hold of a keyboard. Comment sites like this are what make authoritarian regimes look smart for blocking internet access! It’s a POTHOLE. Get a grip, you twits.

    • biggest tool loser

      you spelled horses**t wrong – it’s horses#!t. Come back any time.

      Yeah, it’s a pothole. Replacing a ruined wheel from a pothole like this can cost about the same as a typical personal property tax payment. Or it can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle, possibly into another vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian. Crawl back under your rock or tell your mommy you are done using the computer now.

      • Quoth the Raven

        I thought “tool loser” was a pretty good comment. Wonderful combination of independent insults, and one I haven’t heard before. Well done, sir. Well done.

    • info81

      I liked “tool loser” as well, it shows off the kind of creativity that makes this country great.

      • Aaron

        Proud Tool Loser here
        AARON dba FREDTREP

    • Josh S

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Bob.

    • charlie

      if you are referring to my front end as a tool, yes, i’m a tool loser. and when i hit this pothole my front end is gone.

  • Lyon Village

    S.Arlington? Who cares? Unless it delays my house staff from arriving on time, it really does not matter to me.

    Bob’s my dear neighbor.


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