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by ARLnow.com October 6, 2011 at 8:18 am 2,095 8 Comments

GMU “Protest” Quiet, Peaceful — A protest last night against Nonie Darwish, an outspoken critic of Islam who was speaking at George Mason University’s law school, proved to be a peaceful, academic exercise. Students gathered in a classroom to hear Muslim speakers talk about the experience of practicing their faith in the United States at a time when many are suspicious about Islam. “They don’t want to see an America that’s diverse and pluralistic,” said one protest speaker. Darwish’s well-attended speech, meanwhile, focused on what she saw as the injustices of Islam, Sharia law and Jihad.

Post Looks at Favola/Merrick Race — Does Republican Caren Merrick have a chance to win in the redrawn, Democratic-leaning 31st state Senate District? The Post takes a look at the race between Merrick and Democratic Arlington County Board member Barbara Favola. [Washington Post]

New White House Chief Usher Has Local Ties — This week Angella Reid was appointed the new Chief Usher of the White House — in charge of the operation of the White House executive residence. Reid, who had been general manager of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Pentagon City, is the first woman to assume the title. [BET]

Moran Gets New Website — Rep. Jim Moran has a brand new website. “The new Moran website improves accessibility to information that can help residents navigate and expedite the federal bureaucracy,” the congressman’s office said. “[The site] offers a straightforward format for residents to provide feedback on issues, learn of Moran’s policy positions and legislation, and find information on constituent services.” [Congressman Jim Moran]

  • UnlimitedCustoms

    Quite the generalization:

    “They don’t want to see an America that’s diverse and pluralistic,”

    • Aaron

      The context for that comment here is so poor. If you didn’t read yesterday’s discussion about the plans for the protest, you probably wouldn’t realize that the “protest speaker” who made that comment is a Muslim (or confuzzled fellow traveller) projecting their intolerance onto what they perceive as knuckle-dragging white-bread suburbia.

  • yequalsy

    Isn’t it the 31st district, not the 30th?

  • Merrick wins it on looks.

    • Aaron

      Did anyone else get a photo of Babs as the default pic under the headline “Republican looks for an upset in Northern Virginia Senate contest” or was it just me?

      • Stu Pendus

        To be expected from the Post.

        Anybody else pick up on the false dichotomy further down in the editorial: “Voters across the country may be unhappy with incumbents, but Washington’s close-in suburbs are home to an atypically sophisticated electorate”

        Typical Post bias piece. We all know who they will endorse in this race and their writers are already falling in lockstep.

  • Dan

    Babs has already started with the “red meat” by suggesting that abortions might be restricted if Merrick gets elected.
    I could almost support Babs just to get her off the County board…


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