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FBI Evidence Response Team on Patrick Henry Drive

by ARLnow.com October 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm 7,317 13 Comments

FBI agents are using metal detectors, shovels and buckets to try to locate new evidence at the site where gun parts and PVC pipes were found buried in the ground yesterday morning.

An FBI Evidence Response Team truck, an all-terrain vehicle and a tent now line Patrick Henry Drive near the I-66 overpass. Yesterday, VDOT construction contractors found gun parts buried in the ground near a utility box, prompting an investigation by the Arlington County bomb squad and police department. The FBI has since taken over the investigation.

A team from the FBI’s Washington Field Office started searching the muddy grounds, just above the westbound lanes of I-66, around 8:00 this morning. Washington Field Office spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin says she was unaware of any findings at the site so far.

  • Johnny Utah

    That FBI van is subtle.

  • Scott

    Somebody is sure to be freaking out right about now, combing their mind for what clues they may have left.

    • KalashniKEV

      Even if they came forward and claimed the parts, what would they be charged with? Littering?

      • drax

        You’re right, Scott – Kev is worried. He’s already asking questions about what will happen if he tries to get his stuff back.


        • KalashniKEV

          Ha… you know what they say, “When your neighbors start burying their guns… it’s time to dig yours up.”

  • cute.

    FBI wearing cute purple shirts. Winning hearts and minds.

  • dkgman


  • George O.

    If you are reading this, the FBI is tracking you.

  • Paco

    Bet the excess purple dye on those t-shirts came out massively in the first washing just like with this year’s purple Bike to Work tees.

    • Steve

      First thing I thought of when I read this article.

  • kc

    Any Mark Harmon sightings? Oh sorry, that’s NCIS.

  • Scott

    What’s the tent for? Someone selling refreshments?

  • BlueLoom

    Love the brown grocery bag!


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