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by ARLnow.com October 26, 2011 at 8:41 am 3,351 23 Comments

Elliot Hosts Halloween Event in Clarendon — DC101’s Elliot in the Morning is hosting a Halloween Bash at Clarendon Ballroom on Friday night. [Clarendon Nights]

Arlington Seeks More Notable Trees — Arlington County is asking residents to help it identify more unusual, historic or special trees for its Notable Tree registry. [Sun Gazette]

Arlington Biz Group Ponders Silver Line — Is the opening of the Silver Line to Tyson’s Corner a threat or an opportunity for businesses in Arlington? That’s what a group of local business owners discussed yesterday at a meeting organized by Leadership Arlington. [Washington Examiner]

More Swanson Students Riding Bikes to School — Bike ridership at Swanson Middle School is on the rise, according to the CommuterPageBlog. There are now nearly twice as many bikes parked outside the school as two years ago. [CommuterPageBlog]

New Salon Coming to Clarendon — A new salon called Smitten is coming to Clarendon. [Northern Virginia Magazine]

  • JimPB

    Way to go Swansonites — I think.

    What were the number of bikes 2 years ago? What are the number now? Is the doubling 2 to 4, 15 to 30, or …?

    • Westover

      There are a LOT of bikes in the rack this year! Now if drivers will just acknowlege that Patrick Henry Drive is a residential street between WIlson and Washington Blvds AND a school zone for Swanson Middle School and Westover Preschool from the I-66 bridge to 15th street! The speed limit is 25MPH, NOT 35 or 45! I am actually afraid for the kids many mornings.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        You said it, Westover. A couple of weeks ago I was driving back from the Westover shopping center after running some errands – it was late morning just before lunch time. I had some bimbo in a VW Jetta hanging on my bumper from Swanson over the I-66 overpass, honking her horn and trying to pass me on the right, and I was obeying the speed limit law for that particular stretch of road. I got fed up, moved over a little so she couldn’t go over into the bike lane, put on my brakes and drove under the speed limit until I was ready to make my turn off Patrick Henry. Granted, maybe not the best of moves but I just plain got fed up with this particular character that decided her whatever was so fired [email protected] important that she had to speed way too fast on a residential street and try and cut people off.

        • Good job BM. Next time give her a nice long squirt from your windshield wiper fluid!

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I also flipped the b—- off (something I rarely do, though many drivers in NoVA deserve it); she was driving so crazy a van behind her nearly rear-ended her – she scared the [email protected] out of both of us. She just “had” to get to wherever “this minute” and how “dare” anybody obeying the speed limit get in front of her [email protected] “important” self. I could have imagined if a cyclist was in the cycling lane, she’d have run them over just to zoom on her way.

      • charlie

        the only problems I have ever had around Swanson are….
        SWANSON PARENTS dropping off their children and not caring about much else. It amazes me — you would think they would be more aware… noooooo.

  • South Arlington

    Elliot is a hack.

    • MC 703

      I used to listen every morning and then even once in the office til he signed off. For some reason since the Kane show started getting hot I feel like Elliot has become kinda boring and drab as if he can feel them on his heels.

    • Ed

      Once you realize that Elliott’s laugh is one of the most annoying sounds in the world, like I did about 8 years ago, it makes the show unlistenable. I try giving it another chance now and then but it never gets less grating…

      • Michael H.

        Glad I’m not the only person that thinks this. When I first heard it, I thought it was some hybrid hyena-cackling hen-toy machine gun combo. I remember when U.S. troops used to play rock music to annoy Noriega a long time ago. They should have used the Elliott laugh instead. Would have been more effective. Probably would have forced Gaddafi/Qadafhi to cry uncle a lot sooner in Libya.

      • charlie

        i took dc101 off my programmed lists because of his absurd and fake laugh. just grating to think about it.

    • CW

      Elliot IS a hack. And that event annually brings in all sorts of trash from out in the sticks that invades the neighborhood and causes a giant mess. Ok, maybe that’s painting with a broad brush…actually, no, it’s really not. Feel free to flame with accusations of elitism.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      He is a braying jack*ss.

    • I’ve not listened to DC101 in years.

  • DarkHeart

    Is this the only pumpkin stand in Arlington this year? The guy there told me that is probably due to higher prices (remember the flooding up North?) and the normal charity stands can’t make it work financially.

  • TJ
  • G Clifford Prout

    I’ve got a notable piece of wood for Arlington County !

    • LOL! Bend over Zimmie!

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Watch out for splinters!

  • Michael H.

    Tysons Corner won’t develop into a true living city overnight. There really is something to be said for walkable streets and livable communities. I wouldn’t live in Arlington if I were terrified of just walking across the street in front of my residence the way that many people are in Tysons.

    Many agencies, businesses and residents will continue to prefer to be closer to downtown DC, even after Tysons Corner becomes a city (instead of a collection of a couple malls, office buildings and high-speed roads). Arlington will have enough time to adapt to any challenges from Tysons.

  • MC

    Tyson’s is a threat, but Arlington has plenty of time to react. Tyson’s is short on urban walkability, and everyday shopping. Tyson’s is far stronger on headquarters business and high end shopping. Arlington would do well to get more of high value business. In 20 years, Tysons’s will look like Rossyln 10 years ago — with bridges over busy streets.


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