Yorktown Students Make Anti-Drinking Music Video

by ARLnow.com October 31, 2011 at 1:00 pm 4,509 39 Comments

Yorktown High School students found a creative way to remind their classmates to avoid drinking during Homecoming: they created an original song and a corresponding music video.

“[The video] was produced as part of the school’s participation in the Choose Health campaign to reach out and work on guiding students to better, healthier choices,” said Arlington Public Schools spokesman Frank Bellavia. “The message to students is to stay sober and make good choices during Homecoming.”

Yorktown’s Homecoming was held earlier this month.

  • TGEoA

    Nice video, but I bet the majority of them will still get hammered this weekend.

  • Josh S

    I don’t know any of them and there is no way to verify one way or another, but I’d take that bet.

    Everyone is capable of hypocrisy, but it’s a bit harder in the fishbowl that is high school.

    • Thes

      I agree. Youth are highly susceptible not just to peer pressure, but also to propaganda, and tend to hate hypocrisy even more than most people. So, the specific students appearing in this video will likely be too embarrassed to drink at prom after publicly telling everyone else not to. However, it also seems unlikely this video will change the behavior of any other students. Do any Yorktown students read this blog who aren’t in the video? If so, were perhaps they could comment about whether the video has persuaded them to change their plans.

      • Graduate

        I graduated last year; I can guarantee you that a fear of being called out as hypocrites will not prevent any of these folks from drinking. If anything, some of them would have taken the challenge of making an anti-drinking video as an ironic joke considering their plans.

    • TGEoA

      I should have prefaced that with the fact I don’t know any of them as well.

      Some teacher or admin probably suggested this project to them. At least they were sober while they made it.

  • Beth

    Love it! Great job Yorktown students.

  • Chris M.

    We are failing our youth. How are they going to be prepared for college! http://www.theonion.com/video/in-the-know-teenagers-and-alcohol,14136/

  • Pablo Escobar

    I don’t claim to know much, but Pablo Escobar is befuddled by this seemingly ironic video testimonial.

  • Methinks

    These are not the kids who would be drinking anyway.

    • graduate

      lol I know all those kids and they’ll probably be drunk at homecoming. seniors make an anti-drinking video before homecoming every year, and usually the ones that make it are the ones that are most likely to be drinking.

  • charlie

    no analysis and over thinking needed.

    well done.

  • ArlPlaya

    How do I get that 4:36 minutes of my life back?

  • crazy talk

    I was at a WL party on homecoming and saw one of them get arrested for drinking.

  • fk

    Auto-tune has sunk to a new low. I didn’t think it was possible after Ke$ha and the likes made it big.

    • Josh S

      Isn’t that like saying crap has gotten even crappier? Did auto-tune ever occupy a “high” spot?

      • fk

        You are right, but I didn’t know auto-tune could get any worse than it already was.

  • ArLater

    So dont drink… but its okay to overload a car with people in the bed, on the hood, hanging out the windows and hanging on the sides?


    • arlkid

      they were in a parking lot

  • Nice job. Love the video.

  • Steamboat Willie

    Lots of grumpy cynical folks on this site.

    • Cyrus


  • Dischord House

    Glad to see punk is not dead

  • Its no wonder some of the teenagers these days have the frame of mind that no matter what they do some of the more MATURE !!!! people of the area will always find something to knock them on.

    Great video, lyrics , music and idea from the Yorktown HS pupils .

    If it puts the idea of not drinking into the mind of just one of their students it is a big success.

    Well done to all involved.

    • Marjie (Jones) Mayer

      Your optimistic comments on the HS crowd reward us with the knowledge that just as we did – this year’s high-schoolers are weighing many routes thru life! I thoroughly agree with you that this topic is urgent, but I trust, as well, that these intelligent and engaged young minds will bring to us many more issues they encounter as they seek jobs.
      Marjie Mayer

  • Not grumpy, just don’t believe it

    To start, everyone who is saying they have a hard time believing these kids don’t drink or go to parties where there is drinking and cover up for their friends (just as bad honestly) is not a grumpy old person… they just have doubts based on what the students have proven in the past. I went to YHS and I’ve been out just over 10 years… Even the people who “weren’t popular” would end up at at least one party and if they didn’t drink they’d drive their friends around or cover up for their drinking… it’s just as bad. But the worst part is the parents at YHS that have so much money they leave town with full liquor cabinets and don’t mind if the kids “have a few friends over” that’s what’s really gotten out of hand recently… at least when we were there we still had to sneak around and our friends still got in huge trouble for throwing parties, but every year the parents get more and more lax about it all. Even my best friend’s mom would have gone NUTS when we were in high school if we did even half the things her younger sister did (who is roughly 8 years younger) because she felt like if she was as strict with her younger sister she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the parents of her friends who were nothing like our friends’ parents. In fact, I love her mom, but I was totally blown away by how she seemed like a totally different parent almost as if just to fit in and get her daughter by like every other kid… It’s sad, but it gets worse every year and they do less and less about it. So sorry, but it’s hard to believe that these kids didn’t just put out this video then make a drinking game out of it a few weekends later.

    • G:: TheNativeArlingtonian

      I would have to dispute your premise: I’ve been out for close to 25 years, and went to W-L. The biggest party of the year in 1985 was hosted, yes, hosted by parents at a person’s home. All the parents hung out on the front lawn and collected the keys of anyone that arrived without a parent. Once you were there, you were for the night (or a parent picked you or drove you home). No one from outside the particular group in question was allowed to enter. The parents monitored the atendees to make sure nothing got out of hand (although that didn’t stop some attendees from getting hammered). No one got hurt, there were no fights, and most importantly no one drove anywhere drunk. If you didn’t want to play by the rules when you walked up, they sent you home. Everyone, to my knowledge, stayed. It was a huge party and a good time. I personally didn’t drink anything that night either.

      Was this right or wrong… I am not here to say. I am merely making the point that things are no more lax now than they were back when. I think the attitudes, and how we handle things has changed a bit.

  • M

    The best YHS anti-drinking video has got to be We Stayin’ Sober (No More Alcohol)…And you thought DJ Khaled was irrelevant


  • ?

    what kind of message are you trying to send by shooting down a group of kids who were being creative and trying to promote a good message to their school?

  • Narlington

    I think the message is great and it was very well done. I think more schools should do smonething like this every year.

  • Chris

    I’m just glad they didn’t make an anti-smoking video, or we’d be inundated with NovaSteve posts all damn day.

    • drax

      Or an anti-standard transmission video.

  • Betty

    Nice job YHS students.

  • Beth M

    Nice job, nice video! I’m surprised by some of the nastiness here. It’s so important that these topics are discussed and dealt with openly in the student community, to counteract the widespread misinformation and peer pressure surrounding these topics. I’m going to guess that some of these kids are part of a Students Against Drunk Driving or similar group, and completely sincere in their belief that they can help their peers avoid destructive behaviors.

    And, by the way, my 10th grader went to the Yorktown homecoming festivities and dance as well as an after party. I picked him and some friends up after the party and chatted with some people in the yard while I was waiting for them. I neither saw nor smelled any sign of alcohol or drug abuse on any of them or at the party, other than a faint smell of tobacco smoke (possibly the adults!). He and his friends had a terrific time and it was by all accounts a drug free evening. There are some great kids out there and plenty of drug-free activities, and I applaud these kids for being willing to come forward to stand up for healthy behaviors.

  • Shame on you people who post such a negative response to these kids! We need to applaud them for working on such a positive message. The video is great. The talent is great. The message is great.

  • ArlDad

    Bravo – love the music and the singing and the message. Make sure you practice what you preach YHSers.

    Next let’s see you do a anti-bully video with all original music?

  • Terri Nelson

    These kids get it…our hope is that all the other kids out there will too. It won’t stop the drinking, but at least lives will be saved by those that hear the message.

  • Christopher Reeves-Clark

    This is awesome. I love that our Arlington students have the talent to use videos to get a point across. they have another rap video on their page, and clearly these kids have talent. i can’t wait to see what they conjure up next

  • Hilary

    Agree with last 6 or so comments. Here’s another one of YHS students having fun http://youtu.be/Kw3wfiZOljk
    Talented – and brave to do this in front of the student body.

  • Graduated

    I’ve seen Chris Connors and Josh Bunch hammered…..lololol the yhs 07′ anti-drinking video was better check it out on youtube yhstvstudio account


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