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by ARLnow.com November 7, 2011 at 8:34 am 4,314 72 Comments

Mailer Blasts GOP State Senate Candidate — A mysterious last-minute political mailer has been sent to voters in the 32nd state Senate District. The mailer attacks GOP state Senate candidate Patrick Forrest for being “openly homosexual,” supporting “illegal immigration reform” and for supposedly working for President Obama’s transition team. Forrest’s opponent, incumbent state Sen. Janet Howell, spoke out against the mailers, calling them “disgusting and despicable.” The mailing’s return address comes back to a parking lot, and the organization it purports to come from does not exist. [Blue Virginia]

Arlington Man Charged With Murder — A 27-year-old Arlington man has been charged with second degree murder in Hawaii. Christopher Deedy, a special agent with the State Department, allegedly shot a man during a late-night argument at a McDonald’s in Waikiki. [KHON 2]

Post Endorses Tejada, Hynes — The Washington Post has endorsed incumbent Democrats Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes for reelection to the Arlington County Board. The paper’s editorial board called their opponent, Green Party candidate Audrey Clement, “well informed” but “anti-growth.” Clement, meanwhile, is accusing Tejada and Hynes of being “in bed with developers.” [Washington Post]

D.C. Cop Seeks Legal Fees from Arlington Lawyer — A D.C. police officer is asking her ex-boyfriend, an Arlington lawyer, to pay her legal fees (more than $70,000) in a case that included accusations of “attempted stalking,” defamation and civil rights violations. [Legal Times]

Marines Want More Access to APS Students — The U.S. Marine Corps is asking Arlington Public Schools to relax its restrictions on military recruiting at school facilities. While more restrictive than Fairfax County or other local jurisdictions, the school system argues that its rules are consistent with federal law. The Marine Corps says its rate of enlisting Arlington students is far below expectations. [Sun Gazette]

  • Josh S

    “Attempted stalking?”

    What in the heck is that?

  • Josh S

    And as for the Marines –

    their rate of enlisting is below expectations?

    So what? Where is it written that the Marines have to meet their recruitment goals in Arlington (or any other community, for that matter)? As a part of the federal government, does that mean that the IRS, the Commerce Department or NASA should be “given more access” to APS students if they aren’t recruiting enough applicants?

    • Quoth the Raven

      I think the Marines’ point is that the school systems’ restrictions are not consistent with federal law, and as a result their enlistment rate is below expectations. I don’t think they’re saying that “since our rate is below expectations, we should be given more access.”

      • Lou

        Agree, I don’t think they are claiming some entitlement to access. It is just a simple request for more access.

        But that never stopped the commentariat on here from drilling down immediately to the most inflammatory and inaccurate way of looking at something.

        • drax

          How’s it inflammatory?

      • drax

        No, it looks like that’s exactly what the Marines are saying. They don’t claim anywhere in that article that Arlington is violating federal law. They just aren’t getting as much access as they’d like and think it’s the reason for the low recruitment.

      • Josh S

        Gee, it just sounds a lot like that’s exactly what they are saying. Read the Sun Gazette article. They don’t express any opinion that APS provides less than what the law requires. They just compare APS to Fairfax Public Schools and say APS provides less than they do. And they say they’re getting fewer recruits than would be expected with more access.

        To which I say – yeah, so what? I expect that any institution, whether armed forces, university, tech school, community college, etc would say they would probably get more applicants / recruits if they got more access in the schools. Common sense, there. But why do the Marines deserve special treatment? If APS gave the Marines “greater access”, whatever that means, wouldn’t the Army, Navy and Air Force soon come knocking? And then who would come after that?

        It’s not as if there is a general lack of awareness of the armed forces among APS students. With the Pentagon and various other facilities located here and nearby, we are surrounded by people in uniform pretty regularly. Many students have parents or relatives in the service or who are veterans or have friends whose family have military connections of some sort. And APS reinforces all of this with things like the recent drive to send extra Halloween candy to the troops overseas and other similar efforts.

        I just am not impressed with the “our recruitment isn’t where it could be” argument.

        • Quoth the Raven

          The article also says that they aren’t asking for what Fairfax does – they’re looking to put an information table in the school once a semester. Shocking! How dare they!!!!

          • drax

            But you were completely wrong when you claimed they were saying Arlington was violating federal law.

          • Quoth the Raven

            Thanks for pointing that out. I said I think that’s the Marines’ point, and I still do. The article is unclear on this point, but it’s a fair assumption based upon the school system’s assertion that they are NOT violating federal law. I have some experience in military recruiting, and typically the arguments boil down to claims of consistency or inconsistency with the law. So I’m assuming (and I know what happens when you assume) that the Marines are basically saying, “your restriction on our table is inconsistent with what the law requires”, and the school is saying (as the article points out), “Our restrictions are consistent with the law.”

          • drax

            So basically you’re just making up something that directly contradicts the evidence?

            You must have made a good recruiter. 😉

        • Lou

          What would be the harm though?

          • Beth M

            I think APS policy is that recruiters have the same access as colleges. The recruiters can and do come by frequently, but setting up tables in the cafeteria is reserved for career and college fairs and similar events, not ordinary lunchtimes.

    • Mr. Brown

      Never spent a day in uniform, have you?

      It’s not written that they have to meet thier recruitment goals, but I am a little concerned that Arlington is doing something extra to keep the Marines away.

      • Josh S

        Nope, never spent a day in uniform.

        Again, so what?

    • CW

      I would be curious as to what the Marines’ formula for setting enlistment goals from a jurisdiction incorporates. I think that it is no secret or matter of controversy to say that enlistment tendencies correlate with certain socioeconomic indicators. In such an overtly wealthy county, I would expect there to be fewer kids joining up instead of going to a 4-year college. If the Marines are using the same formula here that they would use in, say, a small factory town, then I’d expect them to come up short.

      • R.Griffon


    • N/A

      I say let them in the schools. It’s up to the kids if they want to join the military or not. I think all Americans should be required to serve 2 years in the military before going to college. If you want to live here and have all the rights and freedoms then serve your country.

  • “well informed” but “anti-growth” = good.

    “in bed with developers” = bad.

    Nice job Washington Post….not.

  • Steve

    What the heck is a State Department “special agent”?

  • Steamboat Willie

    The State Department agent article reminds me of the time here when somebody was raving about living in Hawaii instead of Arlington. No thanks.

    • Well

      Waikiki is the most touristy, loud, crowded part of Honlulu, so it’s not representative of the rest of the state. What I took away is two idiot tourists getting into a fight.

      Still, DS needs to vet its people more carefully. Unless this turns out to be 100% self-defense–but even then, hard to see how killing a guy isn’t a disproporationate response.

      • Steamboat Willie

        Other related articles in the embedded report from Waikiki suggest that it was a three against one situation, that the deceased was intoxicated (being Hawaii this could also mean on the crystal meth), and slinging racial slurs (Haole being my guess) in the McDonald’s at 3AM. The shooter reportedly stayed with the victim, applied direct pressure to the wound until EMS arrived, and immediately identified himself as the shooter to the police when they arrived.

        The cities of Hawaii are violent places, and the locals have a violent, fighting culture, especially against non-locals. I’m guessing this was self-defense, and as is often the case in these types of incidents, there is more to the story than has been initially reported. The video surveillance tape will be interesting and likely revealing, as will the victim’s criminal history, if there is one.

        • NrNy2ArlVa

          I see Steamboat Willie and I are on the same page.

        • CW

          I agree with your inference. I wonder how long it will be before State makes this all disappear? Or is this going to turn into the Hawaiian authorities trying to assert their independence? Should be interesting.

        • Well

          SW, you’re right on all counts. I didn’t read the linked story–saw call letters and thought it would be a video (slow-loading, overamplified, fact-free, etc.).

          Sounds indeed like self-defense. Meth loser f–d with the wrong haole.

        • drax

          “The cities of Hawaii are violent places, and the locals have a violent, fighting culture, especially against non-locals.”

          You’re not kidding. I googled “haole” and the second hit is “Kill Haole Day.”

    • Thurston

      Whatever happened to “professional courtesy”?

    • JamesE

      I hope a 20 pc McNugget was involved some how.

  • Joe

    Were people born yesterday? Let’s review very s-l-o-w-l-y.

    The mailer slams Forrest for his sexual orientation, and for supposedly moderate views in the past. But it was sent to people on ACDC, FCDC, and other liberal-oriented mailing lists (MoveOn, etc.). People who would reflexively gag at this, and in light of Howell’s “Republican-lite” campaign, would vote for Forrest to show they are not bigoted.

    So who would benefit from said mailer distributed not to St. Agnes types but to “liberal” Democrats? A mailer that bears all the hallmarks of right-wing nuts but is utterly untraceable? Why, that would be the Republican Patrick Forrest, not his opponent Janet Howell.

    People, it’s really not that difficult to put two and two together. Methinks some aspiring political operatives sat around the bar at Smith Point one evening in August and said “what if we did THIS!”. Just sayin’.

    • Tabby

      Probably correct–and wow, is it pathetic.

      Is being a Va state senator all that?

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Joe – I can’t say if ACDC/FCDC folks received the mailer (you may well have much better info there than I do), but I can tell you that at least some ID’d Rs in Arlington did receive it (I personally did not, but know of others that did).

      • Homeowner

        Agreed. I can guarrantee you that I’m not on either of those lists and I received it.

      • FedUp

        I was told by ACDC members that they received it. It probably came from Forrest’s campaign. Weird.

      • Maeve

        I’m on the D list and I got it. I also got a puzzling robocall claiming to be a gay and lesbian organization that exclaimed very emphatically about Forrest’s gay-ness. It seemed a bit odd, as it said nothing about issues, just gay-ness. I’m confused. My initial reaction was that this was probably from his opponent so I should vote against her just to show my disapproval .. but that would seem a strange technique for gay-friendly Arlington .. now I wonder if it is voter suppression… so I’m just confused.

    • Sue

      I think you’re right. We received the mailer and a robocall saying that Forrest was supported by a Gay and Lesbian organization. I’m a solid Dem and this made me more likely to consider Forrest, not less. I have talked to several friends who said the same thing. It wouldn’t make any sense for Howell to do this, however it could give Forrest a second look in liberal Arlington.

  • charlie

    Tjeda is in bed with Zimmerman. not developers.
    Hynes is in bed with Lyon Village and AHC. not real developers.
    what silly accusations from such a fine media outlet.

  • Homeowner

    I received this mailer and was franky shocked at how threatened Virginia Democrats must be to sink to this level.

    • mick way

      Pretty unlikely that mailer was from any dems. Looks like a voter suppression attempt to me. Pretty much the only way Janet will not win is if dems don’t show up to vote for her. One way to suppress voter turnout is to make the election a disgusting mess.

      • drax

        That explains alot!

    • Steamboat Willie

      I’d bet that this is a case of reverse dirty tricks, along the lines of Karl Rove once bugging his own office so he could falsely tar the opposing campaign.

  • Bleeding Blue Liberal

    The Sun Gazette article states that the Marines would be happy to have an information table ONCE A SEMESTER at a school. ONCE A SEMESTER!

    It is a shame that the schools are not allowing our military access to the schools.


    • Josh S

      A) Why?
      B) What evidence do you have that “the schools are not allowing our military access to the schools?”

      • Beth M

        I’m the mom of a 10th grader at Yorktown, and I can assure you that the Marine recruiter visits the school frequently, at least once a quarter and probably more often. They love the guy. He challenges them to do a lot of pushups and if they pass the test, they get an awesome t-shirt. My son got his this year already.

        I do recall that my son said that he had to go to a different room during lunch to meet with the recruiter; it may just be that they don’t let recruiters into the student lunchroom for that activity.

    • charlie

      once a semester?
      will Harvard get a table once a semester?

      I’m sorry but I don’t want to do anything to support Arlington school kids being sent off to war.

      The military academies and enlistment programs can go to the career fair just like everyone else.

      • Janice Wilkerson

        Freedom is not free.

        Maybe if the military burden was shared by all of America, including Arlington, political wars (e.g., Iraq) would be much harder to start and much harder to maintain. Currently, it is very-small-town America that is supplying troops.

        An earlier post here asked: what is the harm? Other than avoiding military service and not supporting our military, I am not coming up with any harms. For the NIMBYs who want someone else to protect our freedom, the NIMBYs can teach their children about freeloading.

        I agree ‘shame on the school administrators.’

        • Chris

          Trite platitudes, however, are free – but that doesn’t mean you should make such gratuitous use of them.

        • drax

          They’re protecting our security more than our freedom. Nothing wrong with that, but it sounds less platitudinous.

        • Steamboat Willie

          Whenever I see those bumper stickers such as “If you love freedom, thank a soldier” I always want to print one that reads “If you’re a soldier who got paid this month, thank a taxpayer”

          The overmarketing of military appreciation is annoying, especially coming mostly from one political party that has tried to co-op patriotism into a political advantage. My dad served during Vietnam, so I appreciate military service. But I hate the implied tone of most of those messages that suggest the military isn’t supported in the country or that it’s still 1969 and veterans are spat upon by hippies.

          • KalashniKEV

            LOL… you’re a true Patriot, Steamy.

            Thanks for your service, Taxpayer…


          • Josh S

            Now you’re just being an ass.

          • KalashniKEV

            I can’t help it… I needed to sink to his level. I’m weak.

        • I’d

          ALL the people in the military joined voluntarily. The people of small town America decided they wanted to fight in wars. Their choice.

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    Welcome to Hawaii, from reading the referenced article it seems like the victim Kollin Elderts ran into the wrong person, now killing is never the answer, but it looks as if the Special Agent Deedy got hungry keep in mind jet lag and the time change and decided to go out and get a bite to eat, and was being harassed by the locals (i.e. racial slurs), I say locals as in possibly more than one, you may also note that more than one shot was fired (one hit the ceiling and the other hit the wall and of course one hit the victim in the chest) and there was a knife found at the scene, which I doubt belonged to the Special Agent. I see Agent Deedy pleading self defense.

  • KalashniKEV

    Speaking as someone who enlisted split option and did my Basic in between my Junior and Senior years of HS, I can say that regardless of the level of access granted, the antagonistic approach can create a hindrance to actually serving.

    I had to take on the school district single handedly in pre-9/11 NY to get a waiver to miss a couple weeks of my senior year, and if it were not for my guidance counselor, I might not have made it! I felt like I had accomplished something before I even put on my uniform! All the time I was away though, they were waiting to exact their revenge- I was kicked out of all my honors, advanced, and AP courses the day my bald head returned. Sad, but at least my college apps were in!

    There is no reason not to give recruiters the level of access they request. It’s sad when a learning institution is afraid of transferring information.

    • drax

      It didn’t occur to you that a school wanting you to complete your studies is a good thing that is in the interest of students and not the least bit anti-military, Kev?

      Or that your experience has nothing to do with recruiting?

      Oh wait, the fact that recruiters are trying to pull kids out of school early-maybe that has something to do with their resistance.

      • KalashniKEV

        I don’t deny that that is ONE of the issues at play- which is why I offered a such a lengthy, personal anecdote. The other issues are:

        1) Right and Wrong
        2) Suppression of Will/ the Age of Majority
        3) America-hating Liberals
        4) Plotting revenge against a student you have not yet met
        5) Sabotage

        Had they offered a path to meet what they desired, I would have taken it. Because they offered nothing but aggression, the discussion instead turned to “requirements.”

        • drax

          Oh, yes, I’m sure that those other five were really big factors, whereas simply wanting a student not to leave school before his studies were actually finished was just a small factor.

          Seriously, Kev, you see the world through colored glasses.

          • KalashniKEV

            Did you read my post?

            I didn’t leave early. Still enlisted on my 17th birthday. Still shipped on time. Still graduated with my class.

            The issue was entirely one that they created, and without going into great detail in a public forum, there was a HUGE anti-military bias and a definite desire to “get back at me” after they lost. They acted like spoiled children… it was even plain to me at 16.

          • drax

            Yeah, I read your post.

            You are saying you had to get a waiver, yet then said you graduated with your class, then you say they lost and got revenge on you, even though you didn’t leave early. Whatever.

          • KalashniKEV

            I don’t think you understand split-op enlistment contracts.

        • drax

          It’s funny how those “reasons” sound so high school. “I’m 17, I should be allowed to do whatever I want!” (foot stomp) “You’re just a bunch of America-hating liberals!” (other foot stomp) “It’s just no faaaaair!!!”

          Most of us grow out of that though.

        • Josh S

          When I read drax’s post way up above about “So basically you’re just making up something that directly contradicts the evidence?

          You must have made a good recruiter.”

          I winced and did a face palm. Not really a wise arguing tactic to paint all military recruiters as deceiving liars.

          But then I had to do the same thing when reading your list –

          “America-hating Liberals”

          Really? Way to turn off a significant percentage of your audience there. You may even have been on the way to making a reasonable point based on your own experience. But throwing out a bomb like that? Forget it. Might as well go back to talking to yourself….

          PS And I’m sure your 16 year old self was so world-wise as to be able to see through all the adult liberal wusses handling your case. How is it that other people are so blind? Why can’t they see the “truth” like you do, Kev? You’re so unique and astute!

          • KalashniKEV

            I do it for the facepamz. 🙂

            It’s also True.

            I often wonder what they would say if given the opportunity to recant, now that we find ourselves living in the Era of Persistent Conflict.

            The faculty and administration of my HS had an agenda (as was evident not only in this case, but in their curricula as well). They didn’t think they could lose. They did. Because of their childlike mentality (many of them had barely ever left HS, mentally) they wanted their revenge. Did they get it? I’m still not really sure…

          • curious

            Who’s the one who never left HS mentally?

      • KalashniKEV

        My response didn’t post…

  • Soarlslacker

    Military recruiters should have the same access to high school students that college recruiters have. No more and no less.

  • MC

    I don’t think military recruiters should be allowed to recruit anyone under 18. This is not the old days where kids could safely grow up by serving in the army or marines. We live now in a world of constant war with a volunteer army, where recruits are expected to serve again and again in traumatic combat. As tragic as that is (and heroic the people who do it) service is not a decision that minors should be making, any more than voting or drinking are. I think the tragic rates of suicide in the military these days are a symptom that military recruiting doesn’t necessarily provide a realistic set of expectations of what the reality of military service is like today.

  • charles

    Maybe Arlington students are just too smart too volunteer to die in other people’s civil wars, or wars that protect oil companies profits that never actually trickle down.

    • Quoth the Raven

      What an awesome, insightful comment!!!! You’re right, because that’s exactly why people (like me) join the military – because we’re just too stupid to do anything else. Thank you so much for pointing that out!

    • KalashniKEV




  • nota gain

    Recruitment should be replaced by the necessity for all able bodied persons to support the US. The draft should be reinstated.


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