Police Looking For Footbridge Flasher

by ARLnow.com November 8, 2011 at 1:04 pm 2,740 30 Comments

Arlington County Police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a teenage boy on a bike path near I-66 and the W&OD trail over the weekend.

The crime happened around dusk on Sunday. The boy’s stepmother sent the following warning out to other local moms on an email listserv following the incident.

Could you let the group know that there was a flasher on the bike/foot bridge over 66. He exposed himself to my 15 year old step-son who was coming from the Westover side. My step son turned and ran back towards Westover. It happened around 5:45 pm. The guy did not chase him, but did lunge toward him. We reported it to the police who checked the park and bridge, but he was gone. Here is a description: white male, 40’s, blond hair with some gray, 6 ft, 200lbs wearing a trench coat. No shoes. Smoking a cigarette.

An item from yesterday’s daily police report provides a bit more detail.

EXPOSURE, 11/06/11, 1500 block of N. Potomac Street. On November 6 at 5:30 pm, a teenage male was riding his skateboard on a footbridge when an unknown male exposed himself to the juvenile. The suspect is described as a white male, 6’, and 220 lbs. with medium length blond and gray hair. The suspect was wearing a trench coat and did not have shoes on.

  • novasteve

    Oh great, he was smoking a cigarette, now even more persecution will come from this for smokers.

  • Patty or Selma

    If they catch him, I’m sure that instead of charging him with indecent exposure, they’ll scold him for smoking on a public footbridge.

    • It’s me

      So a kid gets flashed by a sicko in our neighborhood and “NovaSteve” and “Patty or Selma” have to make it about them and that big smoking chip in their shoulders instead – seriously?

      Stay classy Arlington.

      • Patty or Selma

        Hey–I hope they catch this weirdo and lock him up for a looonnnggg time. As far as a “smoking chip on my shoulder,” I’ve said before that I hate being around smoke. So sorry your internet feelings got hurt. There there.

        • drax

          You still turned it into a smoking thing though P or S.

    • Snokey the Bear

      Smokers are disgusting.

  • Quoth the Raven

    FYI, this guy matches the description of a guy who tried to get a couple of soccer-playing boys to “play with him” a week or so ago. That was at Madison Manor park, just steps from the footbridge. If your kids play in that area, keep a look out –

    • drax

      You should report that to the police.

      • Aaron

        Definitely alert APD about that

        • Quoth the Raven

          Yeah, already done. The kids did a great job running away and telling their parents. Guy was long gone before cops got there, and cops have been alerted to the fact that this latest event could be related. Hopefully they’ll catch him.

          • drax


          • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

            Hopefully a couple of parents will bats will catch him first. Not only should kids and parents be aware, but female, walkers, joggers, cyclists too. Who knows what this loon will try. Be careful on the trails.

          • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

            *with bats

  • Johnny Utah

    smoking? Paging novasteve

  • novasteve

    Maybe he can get a job at Penn State.

    • Johnny Utah

      i thought you said penn station. That place is good, they have the best steak and cheeses…mmmmm

      • novasteve

        No, you probably misheard me as saying the State Pen, given how it’s not that different from Penn State.

  • s

    Thanks Quoth the Raven …

    Assuming there are grown-ups on this blog, you would think there would be more of an attempt to capture/find this person rather than make inane comments.

    C’mon people, this freakshow could really be dangerous.

  • Aaron

    Any idea why all flashers/pedos wear trenchcoats? Is it some unofficial dresscode?

    Arlington PD has done more with less before so I’m confident they will find him, they’ll he learn what it feels like in jail

    • drax

      Trenchcoats make flashers easy to catch. Kinda like on Cops where the guilty party is almost certain to be shirtless.

    • Arlingtron

      Trench coats seem cliche. Since it is a cliche it should put the witness’ statement into question.

  • novasteve

    How about a trenchcoat ban in arlington parks?

    • ConstantCritic

      can we make trenchcoat retailers pay a sin tax?

  • Common Sense

    The police should search for any cars with Penn State stickers!

  • eric

    probably that evan kid on pokemoke.

    • Mitch

      yup, gotta be that nasty lil Evan boy down the road.

      • eric

        he so greasy, i done seen him show his ding-ding to friends at a party. it was crazy, and big.

  • SheRa

    Maybe it’s time to dress as a tween boy and hang on the trails to catch a picture of this idiot?

  • I against I

    Here is a description: white male, 40′s, blond hair with some gray, 6 ft, 200lbs wearing a trench coat. No shoes. Smoking a cigarette

  • D. Snider

    Call For Street Justice


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