DCA Metro Station to Be Closed For Beginning of Thanksgiving Travel Rush

by ARLnow.com November 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm 6,121 20 Comments

The Thanksgiving holiday travel rush — an 11-day stretch that’s considered one of the busiest times for air travel around the county — will begin on Friday, according to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

If you’re flying out of Reagan National Airport this weekend, however, plan on the trip taking a bit longer than usual. Scheduled track work on the Blue and Yellow Lines will close the Crystal City, Reagan National Airport and Braddock Road Metro stations from 10:00 Friday night through the end of Sunday.

To help accommodate DCA passengers during that time, Metro will run three different airport bus routes. One route includes stops at Pentagon City station, Crystal City station and the airport. Another runs between King Street and the airport. And the third runs from the airport the Metro Center station. There will also be a bus route between the Pentagon City, Crystal City, Braddock Road and King Street stations for local, non-airport riders.

Metro customers are asked to anticipate about 30 minutes of extra travel time.

“Historically, the weekend of November 18-20 is not an especially busy weekend for Metrorail ridership at Reagan National,” Metro said in a press release. “Metrorail service at the airport will operate normally with no scheduled track work throughout the busy Thanksgiving week, beginning Monday, November 21, and continuing through Sunday, November 27.”

Once you get to the airport, MWAA has a comprehensive list of travel tips to help get you through the crowds and security checkpoints smoothly.

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  • cab driver

    woo hoo!

    • CrystalMikey


      • Tabby

        heh. Exactly what I came here to say–bet the cabbies are thrilled.

  • ArLater

    Seems like ArlNow and Metro have a difference of opinion when it comes to when the busy travel time for Thanksgiving actually begins….

    Facts from either side would be appreciated before one can make an educated opinion about this closure.

    • It was MWAA that said Friday is the beginning of the Thanksgiving rush.

      • ArLater

        Fair enough, maybe someone should forward that letter onto the smart guys with Metro…

        • Aaron

          There can be increased air travel (MWAA is correct) while no significant increase in Metro usage (WMATA is correct). Perhaps those who head out this weekend are more likely to have friends/family take them to the airport?

          Stranger things have happened than two organizations interpreting the same facts differently.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            Be that as it may, why the hell would Metro pick anytime during November and December to close the DCA station? Surely there is other work that could be done now and save this for a less travel-intensive season.

        • Dan

          “should forward that letter onto the smart guys with Metro…”

          It would be returned stamped with “Occupant Unknown”……..

          • damian


    • jim

      When has metro ever made the right decision or told the truth? The correct decision is to distrust everything they say, until confrimed by ouside audit.
      These ARE the same people who just decided they handled the Virginia square closing correctly, and that riders should have better informed themselves.

  • charlie


  • Alex

    This sounds like more “customer depreciation” to me. Thanksgiving shut down at DCA, again? Really?

  • charlie

    yet another reason thrown in our face about why you truly DO NEED a car to exist here. Yeah, cabs are fine but you can park at the Satelite lot for several days for what a cab costs.

    • NorthArlingTim

      + 100!

  • drax

    This is stupid. Metro is stupid.

  • mickey644

    Our Metro system is the worst in the world. Elevators don’t work, escelators are a joke, overloaded, not enough lines, shut downs every weekend which helps tourism, Idiot drivers that don’t speak english…..NOTHING works right

    • CW

      Our metro system is also the only one in the world that is split between three major jurisdictions with entirely different financial structures and conflicting interests.

      Also, ever been to boston? Metro is 100 times better than the T.

  • charlie

    this proves one thing to me:
    METRO is about Jobs and Unions.
    NOT about transporting people much less customer service.

  • YTK

    WMATA – The M stands for MORONS


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