Lynn Street Sky Bridge to Be Torn Down

by ARLnow.com November 22, 2011 at 10:32 am 5,502 35 Comments

An aging sky bridge across Lynn Street in Rosslyn is set to be torn down.

The sky bridge, located on the 1700 block of North Lynn Street, will be torn down as part of the CentralPlace development. Demolition permits were filed earlier this month, and are still going through the county approval process.

No word yet on when exactly the demolition work would take place.

Photo via Google Maps

  • NoVapologist

    Where will all the evicted pigeons live?

  • Bob

    Ah, but the ArlNow Facebook page says that the bridge will be town down. Town down! I like it. Good name for a band.

  • wat

    Good, the pigeons wont s— all over my tacos, empanatas, and gyros any more.

  • Arlingtonian

    Is this one of the original Rosslyn skywalks? (from back in the day when Rosslyn planned to have all pedestrians use the skywalks rather than the ground)

    • OX4

      I believe so. An age where autos ruled the world and humans had to removed far out of their way to avoid any potential interference.

      • Rick

        The good days

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Oh – you mean when walkers weren’t so self important and entitled. When I’m in a car and it would be quicker for me cut through an off street parking lot to get where I’m going, I don’t do it because it’s illegal, rude and not particularly safe – can’t see the same attitude in a lot of the peds.

        • OX4

          Ehm…..so you’re angry at pedestrians that cut through parking lots?

        • More Nuance Please

          “walkers weren’t so self important and entitled” – that statement litterally means nothing.

          • OX4

            Peds expect 3,000-pound hunks of environmentally-controlled metal and glass to yield to them while in a crosswalk in the rain. Those self-entitled jerks.

          • wrc3

            Walkers?! Make sure you get a headshot or they keep coming. I aint turning into a zombie!

    • Larchmont

      original = historic

  • Arlingtron

    I think that this was part of the Rosslyn skywalk network. Good idea in theory but not practical in application. Would have been better if shops and other amenities were along route. It was complicated to get to and from the walkways. Years ago I attempted to navigate the entire loop. Hit dead ends at office buildings, segments through dark parking garages and secluded corridors were creepy, not able to use bike (not ADA compliant) since access and connections used stairs.

    • NPGMBR

      True, Developers should have taken ques from Minnespolis. Minneapolis has the Skywalk thing locked down pretty good.

      • LVGuy

        Minneapolis also has another thing that Arlington doesn’t have – 47 feet of snow.

        • Rick

          I prefer the tunnels of Montreal

          • Smoke_Jaguar4

            Is that anything like the Crystal City Underground?

          • Rick

            Similar. It’s better connected and literally underground. Office buildings have negative 2+ story malls in downtown Montreal and they all connect to eachother. Don’t have to go outside for miles on end if you don’t have to. I stayed close to my hotel on St Catherines St, if you’re ever up there check it out.

        • NPGMBR

          Obviously the cold winter temps up there were the motivating factors for Skywalks in Minneapolis but thats not to say that if implemented in the same way that it could not have worked here.

          Then again, given today’s focus on security; the Minneapolis model (if implemented in Rosslyn) would have died with Sep 11.

    • wat

      they would have been, but the 17th/Nash St bridge was deemed structurally unsafe for cars, so it got turned into Freedom Park. When there was no traffic that would be going along the 2nd/3rd floor of the surrounding buildings, it was pointless to open shops there because few people would know they existed, and thus, made the entire elevated city concept evaporate.

  • GetMeOutofHere

    Presumably the building it connects to (1730 N. Lynn) will be demolished in the near future as well. They’ve said they plan to start on Central Place next spring. I believe there’s a nail place and a Mailboxes Etc. there now.

  • Airbalac

    Is Rosslyn just always under construction, or is it me?

    • Gumby

      No, it’s just you that’s always under construction.

      • Airbalac

        O RLY!!!?!?!?!?!

  • charlie

    shouldn’t that be declared historic and not touched?

  • Michael H.

    Rosslyn reminds me why I’m glad I don’t live in New York City. I’m not a fan of the concrete canyons and lack of daylight.

    • DarkHeart

      Canyon creep through C’house, C’don, V2 and B’ston. Several dead spots on Fairfax where my satellite radio gets blocked (I guess it could be some crazy ongoing DARPA experiment).

  • Steve S

    At least temporarily, I bet it will look a lot like what they did on 18th St in Crystal City.

  • sup

    Cool abbrev’s, bro

  • YTK

    I’m not gonna miss it.
    Rosslyn needs a face lift for sure– it has always been the most godforsaken part of town.

  • Smoke_Jaguar4

    Yeah, when I worked in Rosslyn I eventually figured out the entire skyway. It took months. I could get from Lynn St to Pho75 in record time. It was funny watching people play “Frogger” with the traffic below.
    Overall Rosslyn is the accumulation of “Design by Committee” errors. Perhaps my ‘favorite’ is Freedom Plaza, which was originally intended to be an overhead highway until they found it couldn’t safely hold traffic.

    • Daniel Cassino

      Now it doesn’t hold anything.

      • Alec

        Didn’t you see the name? It holds FREEDOM!

  • BookGuy

    Rosslyn has an excellent view of the Washington Cathedral sitting on top of its hill which has its unobstructed view, unfortuantely, blocked at Wilson and Lynn by the skywalk.

  • Arlingtonian

    Just because I am curious, does anyone know where the original skywalks were? Is there a map of the old skywalk system anywhere?


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